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    Zuluianism is the Economic and Ethical ideology of the YouTuber known as LiquidZulu. LiquidZulu is an Anarcho-Capitalist content creator and debater, LiquidZulu is also a self proclaimed objectivist.

    Zuluianism is more broadly a meshing of Objectivist philosophy with Austrian Economics and more directly Anarcho-Capitalism. Zuluianism is unique in the fact that it attempts to mesh Objectivism and Austrianism, and in this way associates it’s arguments with a more Ethical and deontological intentions. As an example; a common debater would most likely say “Taxation is bad because these studies show it gives people a higher time preference.” But a Zuluian would say “Taxation is theft because it violates property rights and therefore is contradictory and false to ethics.” The ideology is a truth based ideology, meaning it drives itself from ethical truths based in reality. Zuluianism gets its inspiration from figures such as Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand.

    Zuluianism also breaks some ideological ideas of the ideologies it aligns with. Such as being against Hoppeanism on things such as borders and being against objectivism on things such as validity of a government and intellectual property. Zuluianism rejects the idea of the supernatural and “mysticism.” Zuluianism is particularly interesting as it tends to anger both Austrians and Objectivists (Randroids) at the same time.

    Anti pragmaticism

    According to his "These People Are Destroying Libertarianism" video he calls the "Neo-prags" a threat to the Libertarian movement.




    literacy, Proudhon was based though.




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