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    Zionist Nazism also known as Zionazism It was a ideology that was made up by Anti-Zionists of almost anyone to think that Zionists where using tactics from National Socialists to hurt Arabs and Muslims or Zionists where former National Socialists to hide from the justice of The Allied Powers.

    The true ideology of Zionist Nazism means that Jewish people where brothers of The German Race instead of enemies and they point at Arabic Muslims where the real enemies because of British Imperialism and Jihadist violence.

    Zionist Nazism thinks that Nazi Germany will understand Jewish Religion and maybe one day invade Palestine to create a puppet state called Israel so all Arabic Muslims will fall victim under National Socialism.



    • Zio.png Zionism - Everybody thinks you are me but it make me happy.
    • Jnaz.png Jewish-Nazism - You where my best friend forever even you give birth to me.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Even you hate Jewish People but you are fighting against British Imperialism.
    • Kahan.png Kahanism - Almost there to myself.
    • Lehi.png Lehi Zionism - You are just a Nazbol that wanted freedom so go for it.


    • JewTheo.png Jewish Theocracy - Well maybe I can do that even it makes people mad.
    • Trump.png Trumpism - Well you like supporting Zionism so that was great but you insulted Right Wingers.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - I will not replace you instead I will replace Muslims.
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - Please we are white as well.
    • Islamfash.png Islamic Fascism - Why are you being a Muslim in a German country?


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