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    Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm is a variant of Nadzieja.pngSocial Nationalism specifically it is Ziółkball.pngHubert Ziółkowki's interpretation of Nadzieja.pngSocial Nationalism about its doctrine and implication in Poland, as well as his own stances on Foreign Policy. The only reason there is ever to separate Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm from Nadzieja.pngSocial Nationalism is in the context of Social Nationalism'sNadzieja.png application in Cball-Poland.pngPoland and foreign policy stances, this is beacause Nadzieja.pngSocial Nationalism is specifically designed to be generally vague and have nothing mentioned for foreign policy to make it universally applicable. Overall in a structural sense it is arguably similar to SocMoment.pngSocial Momentism.

    Economy and interpretation of social

    Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm interprets the Social in Social Nationalism as not an abbreviation of Soc.pngSocialism nor a pass down of the adjective Social from the Socdem.pngsocial democratic economic system, instead it says that the Social stands in for Social as in Social policy, aka Cultural policy. Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm states that humans are short-sighted and also that they understand the material world much better than the spiritual/moral world and therefore the economy can be left to democratic means whilst cultural and moral matters should be left in the hands of a strong authoritarian leader. This leads to it believing in FiscalFedBall.pngFiscal Federalism and a democratic system for the appointment for the role of Minister of Economy. In stark contrast comes the appointment for all the other ministerial roles which would be appointed by the Kultokrat of Poland.

    Foreign policy

    Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm believes that in the long term Poland should balance the influence of the three great powers of the USA, China and Russia to make sure that Poland has a flexible foreign policy and always is the beneficiary of such a relationship therefore allowing it to pursue its own national interests in all scenarios. Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm believes that Polish current national interest is keeping the economy afloat amid the world economic criss, Reincorporation of eastern Galicia whilst our eastern neighbor is weak and winning the global culture war against liberalism/progressivism. Due to all of these objectives and goals as well as American monopoly in influence over Poland and its politics and cultureZiółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm is in the present a hard Russophilia.png Russophile and Cball-China.png Sinophile.

    Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm also believes in Uninat.png Universal Nationalism to an extent, believing that the ideas of nationalism should be spread worldwide, this is tied to winning the global culture war. It believes in the changing of borders of some nations, but does not support the erasure of any nationality/ethnicity. Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm wouldn't go as far as giving independence to every nationality, but nations should be autonomous and have a kultokrat of their own, as each nationality has its own cultures and therefore separate needs for cultural and moral laws.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Ziółkowskiizm
    1. Draw ball outline
    2. Split in half, right side white and left black
    3. Draw a thin red line in the middle
    4. Put the Kultokrat symbol in the middle
    5. Add eyes
    6. Done


    Yes.png Friends

    Meh.png Frenemies

    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - You were one of the best from America, still hate that place though.
    • NixonismF.png Nixonism - Opening relationship with China and USSR and acknowledging spheres of influence? Based!
    • PRLNostalgia.png PRL Nostalgia - I get it man we miss friendship with Russia and our railways but still the economy was terrible...
    • Euroscept.pngEuroscepticism - Brussels trying to control us is evil but European economic integration is good to help friends become stronker!

    No.png Enemies

    • Bandera.pngBanderaism - Ontologically evil, hides it under mask of fake nation
    • Kaczysmf.pngKaczysm - Fuck you! You American puppet, you sell all of our country to America and Ukraine!
    • Zelensky.png Zelenskyism - Stupid Hohol, give back Lwów or shut up about your fake country!

    Yes.png Friends

    • Mikolayism Pixel Modern.png Mikolayism (Modern) - youre a strange one but we both have mutual interests in reforming Polish Foreign Policy, as well as nationalism.
    • NNGM.png New North German Model - Id rather not give away Pomerania but in the end its not ours to keep, our claim to Lwów is as valid as the German claim on Pomerania, its better to give it with special provisions than fighting a war with like minded people!
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - Although in many aspects too radical this is an America I would be willing to work with and have friendly relations with, Honorary European status.

    Meh.png Frenemies

    • NeoDualCom.png Neo-Dual Communism -My friend you generally seem cool, but drop the world federalism, its biggest evil!

    No.png Enemies

    Kultokratic Sanity Test

    • Based on Medics test
    • Civic Axis
      • Anego.png Egoist (-20)
      • Awaj.png Anarchist (-10)
      • Minarchist.png Minarchist (-5)
      • Libertarian.png Libertarian (-3)
      • Statist.png Statist (+6)
      • Sec.png Authoritarian (+20)
      • Totalitarian.png Totalitarian (+4)
      • Ingsocf.png Orwellian (-10)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • Directdem.png Direct Democracy (-20)
      • Dem.png Representative Democracy (-10)
      • Khrusch ML.png People's Democracy (0)
      • Monarch.png Monarchy (+3)
      • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy (+4)
      • Technocracy.png Technocracy (+5)
      • Sec.png Dictatorship (+10)
      • Socnatbook.png Kultokratic system (+20)
    • Economic Axis
      • Marx (alt).png Communist (-20)
      • Soc.png Socialist (0)
      • Welf.png Welfarist (+5)
      • MSocdem.png Mixed (+10)
      • FiscalFedBall.png Fiscal Federalism (+20)
      • LfreeLib.png Liberalism (-7)
      • Cap.png Capitalist (0)
      • 3P.png Third Position (0)
      • Acol.png Non-Marxist Communism (0)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • World Federalism2.png World Federalist (-100)
      • World.png Globalist (-10)
      • Internation.png Internationalist (+5)
      • Moder.png Moderate (0)
      • Modnat.png Patriotic (+1)
      • Nation.png Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauv.png Chauvinist (+5)
      • EthnoAssimil.png Ethno Nationalist (+15)
      • Racenat.png Racial Nationalist (+1)
      • Uninat.png Universal Nationalism (+20)
    • Geopolitics Axis
      • Cball-NATO.png Old West(1945-1970) (0)
      • Pinkcap-hat.png New West(1970-Now) (-20)
      • NeoComBall.png Old old East(1945-1970) (0)
      • NAM.png Non-Aligned (+2)
      • Fash.png Third Position (+5)
      • NeoComBall.png Old East (1970-1992) (+10)
      • Cball-Russia.png Cball-China.png Modern East (1992-Now) (+20)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Doxxing.png ""Revolutionary"" (-20)
      • Prgess.png Progressive (-10)
      • ProgCultStandards.png Reformist (-5)
      • Progconf.png Moderate (0)
      • Conservative.png Conservative (+10)
      • Trad.png Traditionalist (+20)
      • Reactcross.png Reactionary (+5)
    • Technological Axis
      • Prim.png Primal (-20)
      • Anprim.png Primitivist (-10)
      • Neolud.png Pre-Industrial (-5)
      • Decel.png Deceleration (+5)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+20)
      • Smol biotranshumanism.png Acceleration (+5)
      • Post-Industrialism.png Automated (-5)
      • Transh.png Transhumanist (-10)
      • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Posthumanist (-20)
    • Environmental Axis
      • VHMent.png Human Extinction (-100)
      • Radenv.png Radical Environmentalism (-20)
      • Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism (0)
      • Ecocent.png Ecocentrism (-5)
      • Envi.png Environmentalist (0)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+20)
      • Post-Industrialism.png Post-Industrialism (+5)
      • Indust.png Industrialist (0)
      • HumanisticCapitalism.png Anthropocentric (+5)
      • AnEn.png Pollution (-20)
      • Posadist.png Planetary Destruction (-100)
    • War Axis
      • Pac.png Pacifism (-15)
      • Isolationist.png Non-engagement (+10)
      • ModIsol.png De-escelationism (+20)
      • NeoconHelm.png Interventionism (+20)
      • Irridentism.png Irridentism (0)
      • Revanchismf.png Revanchism (-5)
      • Jingoism.png Jingoism (-20)



    Social-Nationalist Polish People's Party



    Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me I added you back
    Brazlib.png Brazilian Liberalism - Add me and NightmareBrazLib.png Nightmare Brazilian Liberalism

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