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    Zhirinovism is the ideology of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), despite its name, it is very nationalistic and even called fascist by some.

    It supports a mixed economic system while it opposes to Communism & Neo Liberalism and also Vladimir Zhirinovksy wanted to be Tsar that is more authoritarian than ever.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky was a Ukrainian Jew but he supports Anti-Semitism along with hating Asians, Blacks & Muslims but also he wanted Russians to drink less alcohol, smoke less tobacco, eat less meat & less sex and also wanted to ban GMOs.




    • Russian Fascism - Most people acussed me of Fascism well I kinda like even it leads to German Nazism.
    • Putinism - I have supported you in the early years but now it was time to go and let me take power of Russia. Even though your military operation in Ukraine is ultrabased, and I almost predicted the exact day it would start.
    • Anti-Semitism - I am too insecure to answer that.
    • Posadism – We have almost nothing in common but we both like nuking things.

    Bastards, scumbags, rascals and scoundrels

    • Yeltsinism - The reason I hate you because I want to follow your steps without you.
    • Zyuganovism - I have told you Communism sucks in reality.
    • Neoliberalism- You are ruining this country.
    • Hillaryism - Ha ha you have lose the 2016 election with Russian help who are good from hacking into things.


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