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    The Zenith Movement, also referred to as Zenitharianism and Zenitharian Socialism, is an economically left-wing, socially liberal and culturally conservative ideology developed by Jack Hayward.


    The first mention of Zenitharian Socialism was on September 23, 2020, when Hayward uploaded a brief outline of the ideology to the subreddits r/wackyideologies and r/polcompballanarchy under the username u/BeanziesBack1. This crosspost laid out many of the principles Zenitharianism still holds, including non-violent class struggle, anti-automationism, pronatalism and links to the god Zenithar from the Elder Scrolls franchise, although its position of co-operative socialism was later abandoned in favor of individual production ownership. The post also outlined many of the influences on Hayward's worldview, the most significant being Muammar al-Gadaffi's Third International Theory.

    On October 26, 2020, Hayward created a template for grouping ideological principles in r/infiniteaxesmemes, which would be stickied2. On December 1, 2020, Hayward uploaded The Manifesto of Zenitharian Socialism as a series of images, built around his own template, to r/infinteaxesmemes3.


    General principles


    Hayward identifies the Zenith Movement as a Marxist organisation and emphasises the importance of class struggle above identity politics. He advocates control of the means of production by individual producers, rather than by co-operatives or the state, as the tonic to corporate capitalism.

    "We are hurtling towards a system in which only those who enslave other humans at the big box store or manipulate the markets would live comfortably, and this world must be prevented. The tonic is that the workers - not the state nor middle men - will own the means of production at the smallest level. He who kills a cow will sell the meat and make the money."

    In departure from most leftist economies, Zenitharianism rejects the concept of fiat currency and seeks financial independence and inflation control through a "New Pound" backed by gold and untethered to the global dollar. Tax policy in a Zenitharian society would be progressive, with the poorest not required to contribute. While Zenitharianism advocates a strong and patriotic nation state, its disavowal of identity politics extends to rejecting ethnic or religious nationalism in favour of a pancultural identity built upon mutual class struggle. Each culture would have federal representation, and a Zenitharian state would be isolationist and completely self-sufficient.

    "It is moral for our nation to steal medical patents from the elites that gatekeep them with dollars in their eyes, for we must be on the cutting edge of medical technology, able to synthesise and test alternatives with what our nation has available. Any medicine that our nation cannot produce is a poisonous placebo... Anything that our nation cannot create does not belong in our nation."

    Social issues

    A Zenitharian state would be a constitutional, directly democratic federation, in which non-partisan representatives are selected in free elections with strict budgets for each candidate. The constitution would be ratified on the first day of the revolution, and amongst basic freedoms would also guarantee a peaceful transition of power should the Zenitharian state fail.

    Zenitharianism proposes a blend of traditional family roles with modern concepts of gender. It recognises a third gender, while also seeking to normalise the role of one parent as a homemaker and teacher while the other works. Hayward is an advocate of publicly funded healthcare and infrastructure, but not of state education, instead supporting home schooling as the best method of teaching. Pronatalism and the importance of family plays a large role within Zenitharian doctrine. In The Manifesto of Zenitharian Socialism, Hayward proposes that the concepts of overpopulation and anti-natalism are inherently neo-colonial.

    "The influencers and elites have conjured an image of childrearing as an arduous burden, to be bore only in the slums of Africa and the disgusting metropolises of the Han, lest we smother the world in people with the means to refuse corporate servitude. We will seek to reverse this and we will pollinate our nation with our people. They will be all colours, genders, sexualities and cultures, and they will know not of the discrimination that other countries manufacture to divert from class struggle. They will be united by the values of family, freedom, work and nation."

    In the Manifesto, Hayward shows sympathy for the transmedicalist movement and posits that its widespread opposition within the LGBTQ+ community is driven by consumer capitalism.

    "Those who choose a sexuality or gender for political reasons, exploiting the biological strife many of our citizens face daily, do not belong in our society. They are a symptom of the drive by large corporations to create as many artificial niche audiences for their East Turkestan slave-crafted poisonous plastic as possible. There is no moral difference between a faux gay, non-binary or transgender person and he who wears blackface."

    Other social positions of Hayward covered in the Manifesto include public control of the internet, rehabilitative justice reform and constitutional guarantees to the rights of free speech, privacy and the right to bear arms.

    True Populism

    In the Manifesto, Hayward refers to the concept of 'True Populism', a synthesis of nationalism, socialism and civic libertarianism. He argues that when combined, these three ideas form a utilitarian and ochlocratic worldview that would create an idealistic utopia. He theorises that the fascist and communist dictatorships of the 20th Century derailed the realisation of True Populism.

    "The popular convention, crafted in the last century by the neoliberal elites, is that any blend of love for the nation and Marxist ideals must come about at great cost to individual liberty. By subverting this, we will create True Populism."


    The Manifesto of Zenitharian Socialism contains a framework for how a Zenitharian revolution would be conducted. The text advocates for the system to come about through non-violent protest, citing a historic precedent in states being internationally legitimised in this way.

    "At no point in applying our vision are we to use violence. Nelson Mandela and the ANC changed South Africa radically in five years of diplomacy, after failing to dent Apartheid in fifty years of bus bombing and necklacing. Why does history look fondly on Gandhi and Dr. King, but not on Netaji and Malcolm X? Because the world values ahimsa, and we value it too. A cut sustained, a bone broken, a life accidentally sacrificed by the other side will be used to delegitimise and brutalise our movement, to funnel foreign aid and moral support into our oppressors."

    Several times in the text, Hayward reiterates that legitimate self-defence against the oppressing state - and other states that may militaristically oppose the revolution - is justifiable, and proposes the formation of defensive militias for this purpose.

    Anti-PRC sentiment

    The Manifesto of Zenitharian Socialism shows bias towards movements against the government of the Peoples' Republic of China. At several points, the text condemns the PRC without naming it directly. The Manifesto also mentions Xinjiang Province several times under the name 'East Turkestan', as well as naming Taiwan once as 'The Republic of China', although Hayward expresses indifference towards the issue of Taiwanese independence.

    Hayward continuously accuses the PRC of being a willing participant in global capitalism and enslaving 'East Turkestan' to make products for the West. He also accuses the Chinese state of being complicit in the Nixon shock, which he believes followed talks to transfer Western jobs to China.



    • Distributism - To each man, a cow, and the training to milk one.
    • Gaddafism - The Third International never died, it's just sleeping.
    • Titoism - A True Populist utopia ruined by identity politics.
    • Tridemism - Won't the real China please stand up?




    The Manifesto of Zenitharian Socialism, Hayward, 2020Template:Socialist

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