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    Goodbye, Tsar. Hopefully you come back to PCBA soon. You did not deserve what happened. You will be missed. We love you. <3

    I get very deep in my thoughts, so my paragraphs may appear inconsistent or seem to trail. If you catch onto this, please say something to me on Discord! My username is located on my Wiki user page. Thank you. :)

    Zelligism is the self-insert political and philosophical ideology of User:ZelligLover109.
    Zelligism is a form of philosophical, existentialist, and egoist anarchism that emphasizes natural individualism, the non-existence of social ideals, the prioritization of oneself, the freedom one already has, the natural process of Darwinism's application to humanity evolutionarily and behaviorally, the lack of interference with those natural processes, and the hatred of and desire to eliminate self-induced modern society.


    Existentialism's Applications to Egoism

    "What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like and immorality is what they dislike."

    -Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)

    Zelligism takes the applications of Stirner's concept of "phantasms", and goes as far to say that they are not only immaterial concepts that unnaturally change human behavior, but also completely non-existent. This belief comes from the idea that concepts like morals, ethics, justice, private property, the state, etc. can all be dictated by documents that certify them or expectations that society upholds, but in the truest form of reality they are nothing but fiction made in the minds of man. Zelligism pushes its narrative so far, that even basic fundamentals in modern society like language, scripture, physics, and mathematics are fictional to the zelligist. In the grand scheme of everything, no language, math equation, or book truly says anything except to those who understand it. It's like showing an infant that has not learned a single word, written or spoken, a dictionary. The baby does not understand the scripture, therefore the meaning of the scripture does not exist to the child. (Physics is a strange exception, as while the reality of physics is present in our universe through physical means, it is not existent in the terms we use to understand it through equations.)

    Nihilism fits into this since none of the universe has any inherent meaning with no significant cause. As a result, it can also be concluded that such concepts like morals, ethics, writing, etc. are meaningless. Nothing in the universe has any sort of inherent meaning, and believing that any sort of writing or morals has an objective code or understanding is absurd.

    Zelligism finds the concept of an Earth-centered universe that most religions idealize as appalling. Zelligism takes a more external universe approach, and focuses on how the universe is not based on Earth solely. To a zelligist, there is no reason to believe that such concepts like morals are truly an important aspect of life when no such concepts can truly exist anywhere else. Our conscious minds are not an excuse to come up with concepts that can restrict one of their natural universal freedoms.

    Moralism has no place in zelligism, as there is no such thing as objective morality or even the existence of morality. In an alternate universe, murder could be deemed as an acceptable act, while in our current existence it is deplorable. If these ideas can be existentially imagined, it is easy to conclude this means morality is a figment of man's imagination, and therefore unreal.

    Do language, math, etc. shape the human mind like morals do in zelligism? Yes. They do. Language may allow humans to articulate their thoughts, but they can still be shut down if their words are deemed unacceptable by society's (inconsistent) standards. Additionally, it has its limitations that prohibit certain ideas and create positive or negative connotations in the human mind that should not exist. On the other hand, math has allowed people to understand the universe as we know it, at least according to our (not) existing rules, but it still confines the nature of the universe to a watered-down "routine". On top of that, if a concept in physics, for example, does not meet these set standards, it becomes an "un-explainable" exception that needs to be discovered and the rules need to be mended. The universe was meant to function the way it does, and was not meant to be adapted for the human mind to satisfy its own desires, so there is no reason to adjust it for ourselves.

    How Darwinist Theory Can Be Applied to Humanity

    "The world will not be inherited by the strongest, it will be inherited by those most able to change."

    -Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

    Zelligism follows the philosophy of Deep Ecology that humans are no better than any other species. Humans believe that they are inherently superior on many aspects because of their sentience, intellectual advancement, infrastructure, etc., but in reality, humans are just like any other species. As such, due to their imagined superiority, humans are inclined to believe they are "morally" above other species, as they care for each other if one is weaker than the other. Not only is this false, but also flawed. Welfare creates a world where people simply feed off of life with no value, and can even sometimes prolong the suffering of those who are behind evolutionarily. Those whose existences are prolonged and given a chance to "survive" end up hardly, if at all, contributing anything to the natural cycle. Individuals have the given choice to assist another person who may be behind themselves, but it isn't a moral obligation, and welfare should not be present to keep those who are too far gone. There is too much interference with the natural evolutionary and reproductive ways of life, simply because we think it is "morally superior" to allow anyone to survive no matter how disadvantaged they are. Welfarism is not evil, not at all, but it should not exist to interfere with the natural processes of evolution and Darwinism.

    For another perspective that communicates these points (probably better than I ever could), see the Darwinism and Deep Ecology sections on Schumacherianism (////)

    Allowing the individual to do as they please, especially with the abolition of morality, will result in the eventual elimination of the weaker and less adapted. Everyone's natural self-reliance will create a society where the weak are wiped out and all are obligated to care for themselves and only themselves. Caring for others will become an unnecessary factor of survival, and will only interfere with the natural process of selfishness and natural selection.

    I would also like to emphasize that I believe in Darwin's evolution more than the ideas of Social Darwinism, as adaptability is what drives change and survival in species. Strength is an important attribute, but a man's ability to deal with changes and unknown forces is what will ultimately let the evolutionarily stronger thrive.

    Irreverence Toward Religion

    "Even though, there are many who describe themselves as Christian, most do not heed to God's word without subjectivity."

    -Monica Johnson (1946-2010)

    Zelligism is a firm believer that religion is a manipulative, untruthful, and unreal phenomenon that unfairly prohibits one of their natural self-interest and desires. The zelligist has no reason to believe religion is a factual aspect of reality as all written scriptures dictating religion as a "word of the deity" were simply written by man and are nothing but written mythology that plagues modern society thousands of years later. Religion is used to enforce morals on the individual, attempting to prohibit one of their natural desires and ideas, and if anyone has a "wrong" thought or desire that goes against that code, not only will those in the religion shun them and wish upon them eternal damnation, but that person will be disgusted with themselves as well. Even then, the morals and ideas of religion itself are inconsistent, as many people who advocate for beliefs like Christianity will have different ideas of what is right and wrong. Along with that, there are all sorts of religions with all sorts of different truths, that it would be heavily unlikely for any of them to be objectively correct if they were all accounted for. The morals established by all of these religions are simply imagined, which loops back to the existentialist section. Religion also entails an Earth-central universe, which as previously mentioned, is not possible and an appalling thought to believe, as the universe was not created for the sole purpose of satisfying Earthly needs.

    How We Are Already Free

    "Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for oneself."

    -Max Stirner (1806-1856)

    Branching off of the existentialist section, zelligism believes that aside from ideas like morals and property, the state, law, and police don't truly exist except to those who believe in such ideas. In the grand scheme of the universe, none of these concepts truly exist either, and there is no deeply encoded script in the universe that truly dictates these ideas are outside of the human mind, like morals. As a result, zelligism is not only against the state, but also doesn't believe in it. Since the state does not truly exist, it means that people are already free. Other species do not have an established statist system and are as liberated as an individual can become, so it is only reasonable to assume that we humans can be the same. The only limits to the human liberation is how much people will be willing to let these non-existent ideas take a hold of their life and suppress their true desires, which aren't inherently wrong or right whatsoever.

    The Natural Prioritization of the Self

    "Of course, we are all egoists. Egoism is so much a part of our humanity."

    -F. Sionil Jose (1924-2022)

    Following the philosophy of egoist ideas by Stirner and Mandeville, humans are naturally self-interested beings. These self-serving desires and tendencies are limited and frowned upon by society, teaching others that prioritizing oneself over others is morally wrong, especially if it disadvantages others. This should not be the case, as the individual is the most important being to itself, and all other people are underneath. Every person does and should act upon ideas that pleases the ego. One cannot act altruistically without pleasing their own self-interests, but if it pleases the ego of oneself to assist, it is feasible. Individuality and non-conformity are important as they establish the truest form of separation from others. Nothing should be able to restrict the individual, and the individual should be as liberated as possible. Borrowing from Hysteria Thought, there is an illusion of freedom while individuals are still secretly confined, but zelligism differs as it believes these hidden confines are ideas like morals, the state, and even the existence of society. The idea of society is a danger to the individual, and should therefore also be dismantled. Nothing, not even any form of collective, shall prevent the individual from indulging in its true potential. Society does not exist, only individual minds, as society only exists to those who believe in it.

    Why Unreal Phenomena Should Not Be Followed

    "Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time"

    -H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

    It's been established well enough throughout this page that a lot of basic societal ideals aren't really present in our reality, but why should we choose to avoid them instead of accept them? Accepting these ideas prevents one from presenting their true potential. Allowing oneself to become a slave to these inconsistent ideas made up by the minds of man creates unnecessary bonds to fixed ideas. As children, we do not know of the ideas of such concepts like morals and other spooks, it is only until as we grow that we are taught this inhibitors that meld our behavior and mindset into an unnatural form. Allowing oneself to be free and liberate themselves from such ideas creates the freedom one once lost during their childhood. Coming to the realization that the existence of such ideas are simply falsehoods and that in the universe there truly are no such things as these spooks is seen as "enlightenment". Enlightenment is the most elite form of zellgism, and dictates that one has achieved true freedom from the shackles of spooks.

    Disgust With The Modern Sentient World

    "Humanity is a moral disaster. There would have been much less destruction had we never evolved. The fewer humans there are in the future, the less destruction there will still be."

    -David Benatar (1966-)

    The modern world as we know it, filled with nothing but horrible politics, dangerous stroads, overwhelming dopamine killers, the impending adult life of taxes and such, has all been self-induced, and we are simply angry at what we humans have imposed upon ourselves and each other. Some children fear growing up, not because they are aging, but rather because they have to face harsh responsibilities unnecessary for the human life to face since its conception. Some may take this as an opportunity to try and establish some sort of communist utopia without the need for a state or whatever else to harm the mind and physique, but there will still be modern issues we create. Ideally, it would have been best if humans did not evolve and were simply primal creatures like it was before. Even then, despite how amazing that would be, especially because of the absence of things like morals and the state, there would still be some sort of unavoidable evolution, so it may just be better to forget the idea of life altogether and simply leave the universe to atoms and molecular structures. It is all we are composed of, but we are cursed with sentience. Sadly, zelligism knows this is not realistic, but longs for a world where either humans are animals once more or a universe that does not exist at all. Zelligism is also not a heat death accelerationist, as it would be completely nonsensical to try and speed up the processes of the universe. In the end, we have to deal with what we have, but maybe something can happen where we are animals once more. For now, though, I will watch the stars in awe. I still love the universe.

    Agorist Influences

    "The society of the open marketplace as near to untainted by theft, assault, and fraud as can be humanly attained is as close to a free society as can be achieved."

    -Samuel Edward Konkin III (1947-2004)

    As long as there is a group of people, some kind of market force will always exist. The modern economy as we know it does not truly exist with all of its stocks and things, but I don't believe being anti-economy should prevent people from engaging in methods of trade and transaction. These forms of trade can be accomplished through black market methods or moneyless trading and bartering. All of these processes are voluntary, and therefore not a requirement to engage in this system. Voluntary action is an important asset to a zelligist market.

    My Take On Schizophrenic Nihilism

    "Say what you want about the deaf."

    -Jimmy Carr (1972-)

    It is pointless for one to lie to themselves and believe life has some sort of inherent "meaning" that forces them to confine and enslave themselves to ideas that only prohibit them from their true potential. If one enlightens themself to realize that life has no true will or meaning, and that nothing ever has any true reason or purpose, then they can truly achieve the freedom they already have, and take advantage of it. One should immerse themselves in true liberty, and embrace the absurdity of it all. It's quite comforting.

    Post-Modernism, Post-Rationalism, and Beyond

    "All experience the subjective."

    -Gregory Bateson (1904-1980)

    Objectivity is an absurd ideal that is made in the mind of idealists who cope with the fact that the world isn't entirely in their image. Modernism takes too much essence into the "value" of meaning and the objectivity of truth. Whatever truth there is resides purely to individuals, and is subjective. Despite how I personally have an irreverence to morals and believe that they simply do not exist, another may follow the personal notion that they are very real. Subjectivity dictates irrealness. If something is subjective, that means that a lack of objectivity demonstrates it is not truly consistent and/or real phenomena. This can be said for things like moralism, ethics, etc., but can even apply to rationalism. What is and is not rational thought and behavior, like anything else, is a subjective endeavor. Rationalism takes too much time trying to determine objective truths like modernism, and what humans should do is take the time to embrace a reality of subjective reason and understand there is o objective truth to anything. Individuals independently have their own ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, correct and incorrect, truth and falseness, etc. Rationality should not be exempt from such ideas.

    If There Has To Be Someone...

    "I am completely incapable of accepting I have done anything wrong because as I have explained, I am not subject to the usual rules and conventions that bind people like you."

    -H. G. Tudor (n.d.)


    It's All Destined

    "Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills."

    -Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    Determinism is the most logical explanation for how events in the universe occur. Free will can definitely be felt, but it is not present. Simply, free will is nothing but an illusion, and all past events and decisions lead up to the present, and all of the events from the present will have determined the near and distant future. Since the creation of the universe, as the particles violently zipped around the mesh of the quickly expanding universe, everything was on a path that would inevitably lead to where we are now. It's kind of like how in movies with time travel, changing the smallest detail of that time will create a vastly different future. This implies that the circumstances truly determine all of the past, present, and future, down to the subatomic particles. Some free will thinkers like to believe that determinism is valid, but that the human mind is exempt from such concepts. This is simply false, as having a conscious mind does not exempt one from being a victim to the path of physics and the universe. To the natural forces of the cosmos, we are one in the same, free will is all still a figment of the imagination.

    Also quantum theory is bullshit

    State of Nature

    "The condition of man is a condition of war of everyone against everyone."

    -Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

    Hobbes was a man who saw chaos and competition as a negative thing. He was definitely right about the natural behavior humans have against each other, being inherently competitive between each other before organized civilization came, but he was wrong about one thing; that chaos shouldn't be embraced. He was so close yet so far. He wanted to strip humanity from its natural ways and instead force them to conform to an uncomfortable system that would discourage them from engaging in their own interests. While many authoritarians and collectivists will see this as beneficial, it really isn't. Letting the state of nature of humans run free, like any other living organism, will ultimately liberate and remove the worries of being restricted by an unjust authority. Besides, trying to go through the effort of restricting a man from his urges is significantly more challenging than letting him run wild to his hearts content, especially in large groups of people. Humans were not meant to be this way, we were meant to be like any other life form, but instead, we decided to make a challenging life for ourselves, and now we pay the price. Let the avaritions take over, and we can be liberated once more. Not by revolution, but insurrection.

    Yang Zhu's Egoism and Overall Philosophy

    "What Yang Zhu was for was self. If by plucking one hair he might benefit the whole world, he would not do it."

    -Mencius (372-290 BC)






    Anarcho-Egoism - Beautiful, perfection, everything I love. The people shall naturally follow their own ideas without being a slave to anything or anyone, especially the tyranny of the ""state""! Collectivization in anarchy is not true anarchy, nor is privatization. The truest individualism comes from the mind.

    Anarcho-Nihilism - Just as great, if life doesn't mean anything, why should we waste our time being a slave to the government? We shall frolic freely without any restraint! Now, friend, are you going to keep moping around or do you wanna go steal some drugs?

    Existentialist Anarchism - What is admiring anarchy without involving existential implication? To truly understand anarchism, one has to bring themselves to question the nature of their own reality.

    Post-Anarchism - We are already liberated!! I've been hollering this for a long time, and I finally have someone to say it with me. All is subjective and all is without limits. The more people come to this understanding, the more we can establish the world that has existed from the start.

    Primalism - Grerghjaahg! Uhghke, kkrrrAggungrah geurghk gneursk hgurrgen lrragrr!!

    Atomic Primalism - Bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb, bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb. Bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb. Bulb bulb!

    Avaritionism - The weak will inevitably be killed off through full individualism and liberty. Finally, an AnCap who doesn't think the NAP is a valid form of morality. Anyways, I've got 500 (meaningless) dollars, if I hand this over to you will you rob some orphans with me?

    Deep Ecology - Humans are not and never HAVE been superior, the superiority has always been imagined. Someone once told me "Deep Ecology" is surrender, but how can it be surrender when it is a universal truth?

    Gem, with Exceptions

    Social Darwinism I'm not very big on the whole "killing" approach, but to each their own. As long as we continue what evolution has dictated for centuries, I am satisfied. You're cool.

    Kakistocratic Primal Reactionary Nationalist Theocratic Avaritionism - Most of your ideas are definitely great, although if we're going to enforce any form of theocracy, I'd much rather it be an atheist theocracy like State Atheism.


    Middle of the Road


    Unenlightened and Spookified


    Pepper Spray



    Zelligism - It's me. I'm the best. Duh. Gotta get them ego points up.

    My Dad - I don't agree with him on some things, but he's my father, and I love him nonetheless. He works hard for the family and always tries to encourage my interests, even if he doesn't fully understand them. I love you, Dad. :]

    Hysteria Thought - Wow... oh my... this is... a masterpiece. We vary a bit differently, as you are accelerationist and I'm not, but you're practically my soulmate. Can we be like... best friends?

    Gem, with Exceptions

    Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I like this, I really like this generally, although the welfarism, marxism, and transhumanism are definitely not in my taste. I don't agree with the fact that individual needs are an achievement only possible through collectivism, as I feel if all individuals prioritize themselves as they naturally do to begin with, all separately, true individualism can be achieved. Your anti-moralism and your denial of their existence is super awesome, however, and I love many of your philosophical notions. As of me writing this, I notice your praxis isn't complete, so I would like to heavily encourage insurrectionism, as revolution is a waste of time to fight something that isn't even there. I disagree with your notion of preferring to live as a robot. You can't be conscious, your individuality will be stripped of you in the form of machinery! I greatly appreciate your respect towards me, though, and I have nothing but the same for you. I hope we can chat one-on-one more and discuss our ideas further. You seem like a great, well-mannered, and interesting fellow. To the ego!

    Schumacherianism - You have some splendid ideas about social isolation, deep ecology, and Darwinism, which I heavily agree with, but you still support a state with a religious spearhead and despite your rejection of the state's existence, you still choose to support it to a mild extent. Individual freedom can only exist if we recognize state non-existence. Eliminate the weak tho. Self is important.

    Great British New Left - You definitely have some good ideas for our current idea of a society, but we must transcend beyond that and understand what we as people truly have and free ourselves of our self-induced coils. Once this has been understood, we can finally live truly. I quite enjoy some of your concept concerning the idea of "nature" being ever-changing, and basic human rights pertaining to things like the LGBT, but why fight something imaginary for those rights, when you can fight through insurrection?

    Neo-Folkarchy - There's not a lot that's written right now, but based off of what I've read and over-viewing your self-test, this ideology seems promising. I'm gonna put it here for now. Good luck on your writing endeavors, fellow egoist!

    Middle of the Road

    CHROMATISM - This is alright, I don't have much to say. Many of the ideas seem like pretty libertarian-party-esque ideas with a side of transhumanism, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I really don't like the transhumanism, and I feel you could limit the "state" into nothing, as it should be, but generally, this is ok.

    Lycanthropy - Sure, alright. I like how we agree on things through different means, yet still find a way to achieve common ground. I obviously have my differences from you, especially through the economic axis, but otherwise I find it admirable that we compare and contrast so nicely. Ad Astrum should treat you better and should have respected your boundaries, but whatever pleases their egos, I guess. We have no say, and maybe it's simply best we don't. Besides that, you are a pleasure to talk to and I hope we can find more common ground moving forward.

    (P.S. That theory pile is crazy I could never bruh. I'm not a theory person personally so kudos to you. That's admirable effort.)

    Unenlightened and Spookified

    Calmism - A slave to the ten commandments and the state. I definitely disagree with Liberalism like you do, but you are combating it in the wrong direction, my friend. You also seem to have a really strange problem with individualism and egoism that I can't quite wrap my head around yet. Nevertheless, spook. Also, I will gladly appreciate the "Neo-Egoism" title, I quite enjoy it.

    Aploism - Most of this just sounds like the current state of the United States to me. One of my biggest turnoffs from this, however, is how you think an action should be judged by the result rather than the intention. Now, I'm not one for morals, but if actions were to be judged, I would rather go for intention. The intention is more important, as it demonstrates the true goal of the individual, as if the end result was negative but the intention was positive, we can infer the incident was clearly a mistake. Also, Hobbes? The "no state equals chaos" guy? We agree with that notion for the wrong reasons. The goal IS chaos, Hobbes gets it, but in the wrong way. The fact you think technology has made our lives better also baffles me. I often find myself and many other comrades of mine hating technology's advancement and just how complicated it makes everything. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you a small bit like the over-representation of the LGBT, but generally, this is a no from me. Sorry.

    Revmirianism - I don't like much of this. To start simply, let's not ban drugs. I don't like them either but if someone wants to have the freedom to ruin their life then that's their choice, survival of the fittest. I see you are also a hater of existentialism. That's just ridiculous to me, as that demonstrates to me that you appear to be unaware of the rue reality we live in, and would much rather live in your comfy little head with your cute little """state""" and its gun regulation. Maybe it's also just cuz I'm an egoist but Marxism-Leninism is just.. nah. It's hard to work with this because as of writing this (6/22/2024) you don't have a lot written, but I'm doing what I can. I wish you luck writing your ideas though, and I can't wait to read it when it's finished. Remember to have fun. :)

    Ilunaticism - I like that you think that if there was a government it should be run by wise people, but in the end you fail to realize the best conditions would be to realize one doesn't exist and we would be better off without one. I also don't like the welfare, it should be every person for themselves. Why waste your imaginary money? At least you have good intentions of fighting corruption, but the state itself is corrupt as it attempts to limit the individual. We must fight it through insurrection and realize it is pure fiction. I don't necessarily consider myself a fan of the economy, but I also am no regulationist. It's best to let things like trade and such be as free as possible. Despite all of this, I've spoken to you, and you are such a sweet and nice person. Keep being yourself.

     Kuzism - I don't really agree with much of your core ideas besides the separation of church and state. Aside from that, much of this isn't really my thing. Despite this, like Ilunaticism, you're a really nice guy and your art slaps. Can you draw me next? I'll give you bread.

    Neo-Rosism - Pretty opposite from me, with the only similarity being cultural syncreticism/progressive-conservatism. I also agree with the idea that if a society exists it should not be influenced by external countries. Aside from that, this is generally extremely disagreeable and absolutely not for me. Ditch the futurism please, advancement will only hurt us.

    Left Islamism -

    • vine boom


    • vine boom


    • vine boom


    • vine boom

    Still my schmookie pookie dookie tho <3

    Pepper Spray

    Meowxism - Nah. Just nah. The gender abolitionism is cool and all, but this is, no. Sex work is real work and shouldn't be prohibited, for starters. Good luck trying to stop it anyway, as prosties will just rage throughout the streets circumventing your system. Also, the purpose of a big state is to purge oppressors? The state IS the oppressor, LMAO. Ok. And what the fuck is this "you should choose if you wanna transform into your fursona" shit? I'm... lost. This is just unbridled kink projection into politics at this point. You know transfurmation is a fetish... right...? ...RIGHT...???

    P.S. Stalin went wrong when he decided to be a communist in the first place.

    • - Hell yeah pro sex work my man!

    Evenoskyism - HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you're serious? i'll have something better for this in the future it's 2:50 AM as I'm writing this and I'm too lazy right now to completely slander this ideology... thank you for your patience

    The cringest end up here, don't be an idiot, m'kay?


    Tsar - babygirl <3

    Aaron Burr - Literally one of the most underrated politicians in US history. Everyone really needs to quit sucking up to Hamilton so much and feeling bad for him just because you shot him and give you the respect you deserve. You would have had my vote in 1800. (I also have a shirt with your face on it, which is cool.)

    Max Stirner - The self is most important, and we shall accomodate for ourselves and only ourselves. Societal expectations are spooks, and we need to follow to our own accord as we were meant to. I love your point about freedom. While I do believe freedom technically already exists for everyone, the truest form of liberty emerges from those who open their eyes and take it. Rest in piss, gigachad.

    Yang Zhu - Literally me if I was from ancient China. You get me, I wish you could be around so we can have nice chats together. There would be a language barrier though, huh? Anyway, rest in piss to you too, legend. Mencius is a dick who didn't truly appreciate your wisdom.

    Calvin Coolidge -
    >Becomes president
    >Does nothing of significance
    >Economy explodes in success
    >Does not elaborate further
    >Literal Chad

    George Washington - 'Murica!!!

    Gem, with Exceptions

    Grover Cleveland - Pretty based president who could be considered a libertarian by modern standards. I'm only putting you here because even though you were a Chad, it would have been so much super duper uber cooler if you were AnCap or AnCap-adjacent.

    John Tyler - States rights advocate who definitely stood for the best. He was a prime egoist who fought for what he believed in, even at the ridicule of congress. Fuck those guys. My only issue with you is that you supported the Confederacy, which I am NOT a fan of, but again, states rights, not my place.

    Middle of the Road


    Unenlightened and Spookified


    Pepper Spray


    Andrew Jackson - No. Fuck you. You may have eliminated the central bank, but all of the blame for the collapse ended up on one of your best political allies and you forced so many Natives out of their homes. I don't believe in an afterlife in a longshot, but by the extremely miniscule, microscopic, borderline invisible chance there is of one, I hope you're rotting in hell.

    How to Draw

    All color names are from colornames.org, if color is unnamed, I made a name for it myself

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Musty Crusty Dusty Mustard #ffcd18 255, 205, 24
    Azteca Mexican Restaurant #ffe588 255, 229, 136
    Happy Wonderful Delightful Day #fffdbb 255, 253, 187
    Pale Yellow #f8fb8b 248, 251, 139
    Bright Yellow-Green #e1fb65 225, 251, 101
    Neon Green #c2ff36 194, 255, 54
    Blinding Green #83ff12 131, 255, 18
    Minty Fresh #a3ff88 163, 255, 136
    Glaring Teal #56ff88 86, 255, 136
    Uranus #3fffcb 63, 255, 203
    Jmancurly #23fff9 35, 255, 249
    Sky Blue #65c8ff 101, 200, 255
    Alec Lightwood Blue #3491ff 52, 145, 255
    Bluuuuuuue #2751ff 39, 81, 255
    Purblue #775bff 119, 91, 255
    Lavenderish #af77ff 175, 119, 255
    Pink Ditto #df9aff 223, 154, 255
    Danny Devito #f6b8ff 175, 119, 255
    Peenk #ff77e7 255, 119, 231

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Cupcake Frost Pink #ff4acb 255, 74, 203
    The Hottest Pink #ff32a3 255, 50, 163
    Basic White Girl Nails #ff1969 255, 25, 105
    Feminist Soviet #ff0733 255, 7, 51

    1. Create a blank tall monolith
    2. Add 5 eyes, all in their proper places and sizes according to the icon
    3. Start with the first yellow surrounding the eyes, and continue to create the rings of color outward in order
    4. The consistency in size and shape of the color rings does not matter whatsoever, the inconsistency is beautiful
    5. Not all the colors have to be used, if you only make it to the 16th color, that's ok
    6. You did the thing

    User Test

    Pick only 1 for each section

    • Civic Axis
      • Chaoist (+30)
      • Anarchist (+10)
      • Minarchist (+1)
      • Libertarian (0)
      • Civically Moderate (-10)
      • Statist (-50)
      • Dictablanda (-100)
      • Authoritarian (-400)
      • Totalitarian (-600)
      • Orwellian (-1500)

    • Type of Rule Axis
      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (+30)
      • Direct Democracy (+15)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (0)
      • Representative Democracy (-5)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-20)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-50)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-100)

    • Economic Axis
      • Marxist Communist (-30)
      • Socialist (-40)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (-90)
      • Mixed (-30)
      • Liberal Economics (-20)
      • Capitalist (-10)
      • Darwinist (+30)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (-100)
      • Anti-Economy (+50)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (-10)
      • Fiscal Federalism (+5)

    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (+50)
      • Dirigisme (?)
      • Regulationism (-50)
      • Mixed (0)
      • Liberal Economics (+5)
      • Free Market (+10)
      • Laissez-Faire (+30)

    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarchy (+40)
      • Autarky (+5)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (-20)
      • World Federalist (-100)
      • Cosmopolitan (?)
      • Internationalist (-5)
      • Moderate (10)
      • Civic Nationalist (?)
      • Patriotic (0)
      • Nationalist (+5)
      • Chauvinist (0)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-500)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-1000)

    • Geopolitics
      • Western (-10)
      • Western Adjacent (0)
      • Non-Aligned (+100)
      • East Adjacent (0)
      • Eastern (0)

    • Cultural Axis
      • Revolutionary (-40)
      • Progressive (-30)
      • Reformist (+1)
      • Syncretic (+50)
      • Conservative (+1)
      • Traditionalist (+1)
      • Reactionary (+5)

    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (+35)
      • Primitivist (+10)
      • Pre-Industrial (+5)
      • Deceleration (+1)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (0)
      • Automated (-10)
      • Transhumanist (-100)
      • Posthumanist (-1000)

    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (+30)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+5)
      • Eco-Fascism (-40)
      • Ecocentrism (0)
      • Environmentalist (+5)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Post-Industrialism (-5)
      • Industrialist (-10)
      • Anthropocentric (-150)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-100)
      • New Mass Extinction (+10)

    • Neurological Axis
      • Anti-Praxis (-40)
      • Utopian (+20)
      • Dogmatic (+10)
      • Idealist (+5)
      • In Between (0)
      • Realist (0)
      • Pragmatic (0)
      • Rational (+10)
      • Dystopian (0)
      • Anti-Theory (-10)

    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (0)
      • Non-engagement (+30)
      • De-escalation (+10)
      • Intervention (-10)
      • Irredentism (-35)
      • Revachism (-60)
      • Jingoism (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (-10)

    Template:Dectroianism (-828/565)


    • "Freedom already exists for everyone, but the freest are those who recognize and take advantage of it"

    - Aaron Carter

    • "Everything we are politically enraged about has all been a result of our own undoing."

    - Aaron Carter

    • "Life means nothing, and that's okay."

    - Aaron Carter

    • "Even when we classify an object with our meek definitions and words, we can never truly describe what it actually is."

    - Aaron Carter

    Questions and Criticisms

    Have any questions or criticisms of my ideas? Feel free to put them here, signed with your ideology, and I will be sure to respond as fast as I can.


    Here are the general icons for my ideology. You don't have to use all of them, you can pick whichever 5 you like.

    Zelligism (////////////)




    • Evenoskyism - Are you ever going to finish adding me?
    • Evenoskyism - add me?
      • - Done, but a work in progress as of now. (July 8, 2:51 AM EST)
    • - i added in more info. now can you add me? i've waited for a while now srry shfnjdfkms
      • - You've been added, finally. Thank you for your patience. Add me back if you want, or don't, haha.
    • Esaism - Can you add me?
      • - There isn't really enough info on your page for me to make a thorough critique or analysis of your ideology. I definitely will later on though! You're on my list. :]
    • Savoinism Savoinism - add me, I'm sure you'll put me in the same category as Evenoskyism
    •  Infastroism - you’re kinda based. also nice page
    • Rojoism - add me aarooonnn!!!!!! pwease??? :333
    • Mellontikism - you can add
    • Xenocommunism Add me.

    Art Gallery

    Art of my ideology would be so amazing!! I will appreciate it eternally. Send it to me through Discord and I will add it with credit to you. Don't forget to give me your PCBA username!!

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