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    Zelenskyism is the ideology of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and his policies. It is a liberal, capitalist, and populist ideology. The party with pro-Zelenskyist positions is named Servant of the People (Sluha Narodu). Zelenskyism is also regarded as culturally progressive and Atlanticist .

    Zelenskyism has been accused of Nazism, and substance abuse by Putin's regime and its supporters. Such claims are quite debatable and are often seen as a Russian disinformation campaign against Ukraine and the West.


    Servant of the People is a Ukrainian political party, which is holding the most seats in the Ukrainian parliament since 2019. It is characterized as radical centrist, social liberal and at first libertarian and liberal socialist. Overall, the party eventually settled on Centrism, but remains populist at its core.

    SotP's former leader, Oleksandr Korniyenko said:

    We are patriots and even nationalists when it comes to protecting the borders of our country. We are humanists when it comes to protecting human rights. We are libertarians when we open markets for land, alcohol, amber with transparent rights for all. We are statesmen when it comes to tax discipline. We are liberals when we defend human property and economic freedom. We are socialists when it comes to protecting and providing for pensioners, veterans, everyone who needs it.

    Some of the members have even expressed pro-Russian views, but were either expelled from the party, changed their minds or immigrated to Russia after the 2022 invasion.


    Zelenskyism believes in an authoritarian democracy, where pro-Russian parties would be banned, and power is to consolidate under his rule, as well as a progressive society. Zelenskyism wants integrate into the EU. Zelenskyism is also known for being pro-west at large.



    • European Federalism - I'm glad it looks like we're finally moving towards joining.
    • Bidenism - I cannot thank you enough for your help. We'll beat that dictator together. You're doing the good fight, and if we do our homework, that bastard will be done for.
      • - No problem Jack!
    • Anti-Imperialism - We must resist the invasion of our homeland.
    • Neoconservatism - And thank you for your support! After this is all over, hopefully I'll join you so this never happens again..
    • Populism - I am the servant of the people! (Ukraine is totally not the most corrupt European country I swear!)
    • Progressivism - We're pretty much the same in terms of social issues.
    • Borisism - Based and chad. I am the Ukrainian version of you, and I love your arms deliveries and your trips to support my country's independence and sovereignty from Russian imperialism.
    • Satirism - I was a comedian, but now I've moved on to serious politics.


    • Gun Rights Advocacy - I used to support gun control, but the situation has obviously changed.
    • Poroshenkoism - Bad at rap battles lmao get owned dumbass. 73% supremacy
    • Azovism - I am against far right and Putin uses your ideology as a straw man calling Ukraine Nazi, but you are permissible as long as you defend our country.


    • Putinism - Stop invading my country! Also,before you call me a Nazi just look at the number of ultranationalists in your country.
    • Lukashenkoism, Juche, Ba'athism and Afwerkism - Stop supporting the invasion in Ukraine, Goddamn it!
    • Russophilia - I'm very "sorry" that Medvedchuk, Yanukovych and other "Ukrainian" Russophiles got arrested for treasons. Just accept their punishment! Also, I will never sell my country to Putin and I will keep defending my country and my people until I die!
    • Syndicalism - Since the end of June I have offically banned labour laws for workers.
    • Kaczysm - Fuck you for blaming us for wanting to poison you! Ignore you literally bend to us.


    Further information

    1. Russian state media (as well as other opponents of Zelensky) have depicted the president to be incompetent, fickle and addicted to drugs, in both satirical and serious contexts.
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