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    Zaniumism is a ideology which describes the beliefs of the twitter and discord user Zanium, aka Van Kakberg, aka Me.

    I hold broadly civic nationalist , Classical Liberal , Market oriented , Capitalistic , industrialist and Meritocraticview points which can be summed as National Liberal


    General Summary

    I believe that goods and services should be able to be exchanged rather easily. I believe in the lowering of taxes and decreased business regulations, I also support the defense of private property rights. Overall, I am learning more and more about the Austrian School of Economics

    Regulation and Business Freedom

    I support nearly completely deregulating corporations. I believe that the market leads to far more freedom and innovation if left mostly unregulated. The division of labour (individuals being able to specialise in what they wish) is also a requirement. I believe that free markets are indeed the best way to distribute goods, services and allocate natural resources. I also believe that the market is in itself mostly self-regulating via the consumer. The consumer votes with his money on what goods and services are to be made, the entrepreneur has to fulfill the consumer's demand in the quickest and most effective way possible, and the businesses that adapt succeed, and those who do not adapt to the consumer's demand often fail. For this reason, I believe the market is self-regulating.

    On the topic of monopolies, I highly doubt that in a true free market can monopolies rise. Monopolies exist due to excessive government protection of said monopolies.

    On the topic of the minimum wage, I believe that it should be abolished. The employer has bought the employee's money from a subjective price, so why should the government intervene in said transaction? Of course, the role state in the protection of contracts is a must, and every civilized society needs some minimum bureaucracy. But the question is, why should the government create unnecessary bureaucracies that hinder business and consumer autonomy? I personally do not think they should, the free market does wonders for individual freedom by removing barriers, so why put barriers in, it defeats the whole point of a free market society.

    Of course business owner's private property should be defended.

    Private Property

    I believe that private property rights are essential for any society to function. One of the government's main responsibilities should be the defense of property rights. Some may ask that private property led to the housing crisis, I have one response to them. deregulate zoning laws.

    But what is private property?

    In my view, it's things people can claim or purchase, like land, capital, housing, assets, and even miscellaneous objects. Private property is the property which is owned by individuals, things which the individual holds dear.


    I believe that high taxes discourage individuals from making a living, Taxing the wealthy wouldn't encourage income equality, actually it will encourage the opposite. It basically tells people and businesses that if they make too much money, it will be taken away. Why should we disincentivize people from moving up the economic ladder? For this reason, I support the abolishment of company income taxes, and the introduction of a 17% flat tax, or a LVT





    International Trade


    Social Views

    General Stances

    Overall I support that individuals should be free to live their own lives as they choose, as long they do not hurt another individual.

    Civic Policy


    Diplomatic Policy


    Ideological Relations

    Based Homies

    • Krafarism Based Russian, my ideological counterpart in Eastern Europe
    • Floism A based social liberal I can talk to from time to time. Very epic!

    Very Based ideologies, literally me

    • Classical Liberalism: One of the main pillars of my ideology. MY LOVE FOR FREE MARKETS, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, AND LIMITED GOV COMES FROM YOU. Literally me!!
    • National Liberalism: I love South Africa and classical liberalism, and you're literally me!
    • Civic Nationalism It doesn't matter if you're black, white, gay, trans, christian, atheist, whatever... We're all South African!!
    • Helvetic Model very similar principles.
    • Federalism The only way to save my beloved South Africa❤️
    • Anime, my beloved
    • Liberal Democracy My favourite system!!
    • Men's Liberation Yes, I took the bropill
    • Milton Friedman You influenced my economic beliefs greatly china, Dankie.
    • Hayekism Another great man who influenced not just my economic beliefs, but also my beliefs on globalism. You sir, are a legend!

    So close to greatness

    • Conservative Liberalism Fellow classical liberal, I like your style, but sometimes you are not cool and you say demeaning shit to my homies Men's Liberation, but overall you are based!
    • Libertarian Conservatism A more anti-state version of above. I really do like you, Sowell is a based legend! But plz Calm down with abortion :(
    • LibertarianismA great friend of mine! Sometimes he can be a bit too crazy, and he will never be as good as him
    • Liberaltarianism his right-wing variant is very based, SaS is the most based party in Europe. But his left-wing variant is kinda bringe bro, ngl.
    • National Libertarianism You are based, and we share a lot of principles. I am sorry that they butchered you into a pulp :(.
    • Ordo-liberalism and { Social Capitalism you are responsible for the German economic miracle and the good times under Mbeki, but sometimes you go too overboard with the welfare. But overall BASED
    • THE ONLY FAIR IS LAISSEZ-FAIRE. Sometimes you go a bit too overboard though, but you are better than social capitalists. Sorry bro

    Mixed ngl

    • Social Liberalism Average “Muh welfare” idiot, however, we both support freedom, progress and liberal democracy. Just be more like him and less like them then we’re all good.
    • Neoliberalism Your economics is often based, but your modern followers have become too supportive of open borders. You also support too much foreign interventionism for my tastes. But I think we should continue to sanction Cuba though, so we agree there.



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