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    Zamasuism is the ideology of Dragon Ball character Zamasu. He believes that mortals are a disaster to the universe and all other life in it, and they need to be exterminated to extinction, and for it to be replaced with a peaceful utopia of immortals. This ideology can be combined with any other ideology as long as it allows for mortals to be extinct.

    How To Draw:

    1. Draw a circle
    2. draw three horizontal spikes for hair
    3. draw two eyes
    4. color in the ball lime green, and the hair white
    5. Done!


    Zamasuism is very narcissistic, and will often speak highly of himself, calling him self a "god". He also speaks very formally, almost like a philosopher. He hates mortals, and often calls them "Ningens" which is a derogatory term.



    Voluntary Human Extinction: You... Agree with me? I am happy to know that you are willing to exterminate your race for the greater good, however this way of extinction is very slow, and i prefer more... violent ways.


    Almost every other ideology: Seems like it would work... Although most of them haven't been applied to a immortal society, as most of these are made with you Ningens in mind, so i'm not sure if these could work in my new Multiverse.

    Post-Humanism: While yes, all mortals are dead, i don't think machinery and AI would be much better.


    Pronatalism: You think making more mortals is the answer? That more people, making more waste, killing more people, doing more sin, is a good thing for life? You sicken me.

    Fascism: This, this is the true nature of mortals. They box themselves off from themself, killing their own for silly labels, having pointless wars over pointless land. This ideology, is what all Ningens truly are. All religious ideologies: You dare follow false idols? Think that if you do something, that you will be saved and be brought happiness? Sacrificing your selves for some mythical perfect messiah in the sky? This is all pointless. No god, not even a god of destruction, can save you all from annihilation.


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