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    The Yves-Nicholas Thoughts is the self-insert Ideology of Yves221197 (Yves-Nicholas in real life), usually a Totalitarian Ideology and Culturally Pragmatic (but deep down Culturally Traditional in mind), besides the Totalitarism, the YNT seeks to build loyality based on trust rather than fear (only with the possibly the most troublesome individual) the Whole Ideology in general is not Universal but only for the country of Brazil on the Interpretation that Brazil has only worked under Authoritarian Regimes (which is seemly a truth)


    the Yves-Nicholas Thought is Often Sad and somewhat Serious, in his free time he likes to read history and do some Worldbuilding


    the History of the development of the YNT is quite recent, as the 2020 decade once Yves began moving towards left but keeping the Social Right Wing tendencies, have him passed over several ideas from Stalinism to Libertarian Left, until then Yves decided to go on his own Direction, at first he thought on Fascism as inspiration but quite possible it wouldn't be good for Public Image so then decided to be more original with some thoughts and so.


    the Government within the Yves-Nicholas Model would be...so uhm Very Authoritarian those officials wouldn't be elected by people but rather appointed based on Skill and Talent, the "Supreme Leader" would have his own Power above the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, being the ultimate balance of all 3 powers but also the Supreme leader wouldn't be any Average Joe to be entrusted to rule the nation, to rule the nation, your skill and talent rating must be high enough to be approved, but before being appointed the aspirant leader must pass a ruling and governing exam and once this exam is done with a high rating then the said Individual becomes the Supreme Leader, along with the oath to the nation and God

    the term would last 30 to 40 years


    the Economy within the YNT would be mainly planned from down to top, but with different delegated groups (the Corps) to do different function in the economy from primary resources to industrial resources tariffs would be high for exported resources to incentivate internal growth (except for exported ores for national production of industrial and eletronic goods) within the Economy class collaboration would be incentived for the sake of balance and mutual good, as unions also would be allowed, in a limited sense Georgism would be applied to avoid land monopolization and grant ability to move to new places which helps them in their workplace, and the land tax would be paid into the state and return as divident and services (from schools to hospitals among others)

    Society, Culture and Religion

    Society within the YNT would be mainly focused on Community and the Great Collective that forms it, each individual and their needs matters for the welfare and stability of the state, the main focus of the Society would to keep and uphold the Good Traditions (the ones that is shitty can be thrown away) for the stability (no crazy or unhinged Moviments like the actual SJW moviments within there )

    the Culture of the nation matters to keep cohesion, but troublesome sub-cultures (like Slum and Gangster Sub-Culture) should be ousted for the Worker's class own good

    Religion is inseparable from Society, both publically and privately and it shouldn't be really separated, for the Government Christianity would take a major role (since Brazil is majoritary Christian), but the government won't be a Iranian Type of Government or a Papal State instead the Government would (and should) work together with the Church in a equal weight (like the Eastern Orthodox Symphonia), but other Religions than Christianity wouldn't be shunned or opressively repressed like on a "typical" Sterotypical Theocratic Totalitarian state, people would be free to worship but still people should convert to Christianity (or just expand the Christian population through fertility and populational growth programs) BUT FUCK THE MORMONS

    • Technology and the Future

    besides all pessimistic personal thoughts i have about the future, would be foolish to think everything will be bad (and few things will be indeed bad if you don't act before anything)

    The YNT have a highly favor view on technology and how it helped Humanity to achive new heights but not on the point of transhumanism, with technology we can get new methods of gathering resources or even making it by reorganizing atoms

    on the Environmental matters, for the YNT the Amazon Rainforest is the biggest treasure for our Great Nation and should be protected at any cost from the hungry eyes that lies within our own north

    • YNT Position on Queers and etc

    Ah yes another new fresh controversial and totally homophobic take on the Gays and Others...just kidding like any other Human that is a sinner, deserves redemption just like the worst of all murderer or robber, and so (unfortunately) you have to respect this person choice (but who knows they may leave said lifestyle as part of the change) in any way needless persuction of Homosexuals will not happen under the YNT even Civil Unions might be allowed but Marriage in Church, never

    • Sexual Equality within the Yves Model

    as the YNT upholds and seeks to achieve a sane but also traditional society, "roles" also shall be preserved.

    But also needless opression of woman also shall be avoided at any cost, societal norms like Modesty will be upheld (at least don't use a oversexualized outfit, but also the same rule applies to man such as don't lust after any other woman), Woman shall have access to have any career she wishes, but mainly so the main role will still to be Motherhood

    As for Men, Men isn't above any rule and they shall follow it tightly, sustain your family and be loyal to your Wife (same for the Woman be loyal to your husbands), and if Domestic Abuse arise from both sides both Man and Woman shall be accountable of their acts

    • Racial Issues

    the best solution for racism is to not view the person based on their own color but see the person itself as your own brother no matter what, should we remind what Christ says in Galatians 3.28 "here is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."

    Diplomacy and External Trade

    This Ideology is mainly so focused on Internal Building and Reform, therefore is naturally Isolationistic, but the nation will be open to trade

    Relations and other Odds


    Orthodox Theocracy - My actual Church, it is really very sad what is happening right now

    Patriotism - i really love my nation, but in fact we should focus on it's issues first

    Technocracy - the very idea of Government of the most skilled (or fit) sounds like a really good alternative for the current system.

    Meritocracy - Same as Above, the Exam System is just Perfect on it's own structure

    Corporatism - Class Collaboration rather than Class Conflict? that's a explendid Model, along with a coop Market

    Market Socialism - you Worked well in China so i wonder why it wouldn't work there

    State Capitalism - And so this is how we ran the Industry


    Totalitarism - We should have both control and Focus but i prefer to use the Moderate Version of you and build loyalty of the people based on trust rather than Fear

    - Heretics, i don 't really want any bad from you guys but all of you should be Eastern Orthodox -

    - Heathens, same about above, but Neo-Paganism is cringe

    Reactionarism - The love for culture and tradition of the past are indeed good things to keep cohesion in society, but you're a little bit too mean, and for me you're not a flower to smell

    Fascism - Nationalism, Corporatism, Order and Efficience everything about it is really good, but things you made in the past and him made you look awful, and i don't want to be associated with you

    Machiavellianism - Yeah, yeah i don't really disagree with you that the Reality is very much amoral hungry with power, but for my rise you will be just a tool after it, you shall be thrown (and any other opportunist like yourself will be hanged, i'll make sure of that)


    Marxism-Leninism - you Opressed my brethen in Russia and other Eastern European Countries and infiltrated and corrupted the churches there, fucking go to the Hell, Antichrist!


    Conservatism and Progressive - You both ruined the west, and you both are going to ruin Brazil!

    Islamic Theocracy - No ill feelings about Muslims themselves, but denying Christ's Divinity, Taxing and Conquering my Brethen weren't nice and one day, you will pay for this.

    Jewish Theocracy - Christ Killers! all of you fucking Pharisees in the modern days are just Larpers! the actual Israel is the Church!

    Nazism - you're a fucking awful Idea executed by a bunch of fuckheads

    Esoteric Fascism - memes about you are pretty funny but you in execution is a nightmare so big NO

    Revolutionary Progressivism - I, by heart i'm really pacifist, but you don't seek peace but conflict for you pitful Super Zoomer Duper Progressive and destructive views, if Death is what you want, then Death is what you will have!

    Very Positive



    National Fracturism Micronational Socialism, actually quite based that we share opnions on Government of the most Skilled, and yes we agree that preserve nature is important, but on other social matters we kinda disagree a lot.

     Serbian Socialism - It's good that you love your nation and also i like Serbia...but you're too progressive, too "Prottie" and just a little too Commie for me... 


    Aurelianism - You got some really interesting takes on Citizenship and and Taxes which is likeable but you're thad too Egoist and Materialist for my taste. Plus not everything that is opposite to Usury is Gnosticism duuuuude.

    Rayonianism - to be honest, the whole ideology is rather cringe from Religion to certain Social Views, but the Artwork in the page is pretty good.

    Bourgeoisie destroyerism - It's good that you're a devout Christian like me, however Pennerialism and Primitivism and Racial Supremacism are things i can't really agree and they're quite cringe on their own.

    BERNHEism - We both agree with the idea of the Government of the Most Competent and also we share disdain for Identity Politics, but when it comes to Social Care and to Care about the least Fortunate within society you're a tad too Edgy to be fair, also Post-Humanism is also almost a collective Suicide considering the true self that is you is dead while you new mechanical self is just a copy, your take on Christianity kinda suck tbh, of course people will remain believing I've seen Atheists becoming Christian and i see no reason to limit my thoughs only to Physical Matter.

    Full Disagreement

    Neo-Kiraism Having Leninism, and Marxist-Leninism as Influence plus Ultra-Progressivism views is super cringe, but opposition to corruption and the porn industry is based-ish however

    Plenderplarism - Super Duper Giga Cringe, fuck off and Religion isn't meant to Brainwash people you moron (Also you're probrally not even serious.)

    Hydra'ism - some poor delusional polish guy with a Libertarian National Socialist Fantasy, overall everything i've had read there is cringe.

    Aldathism - Dude is a Gay Nazi Neo-Pagan, total Hot Mess Not going to lie

    Ganzism - You're both a Primitivist and Racist, and your page is mostly Highly Cringe so is your Anti-Christianity, but Discord Interactions are mostly peaceful and we agree that there's no Moderate Solutions for serious Issues like Corruption.

    Brazilian Liberalism - Yikes dude

    Brazilian Progressivism - Twice Yikes

    .dotdotdotsam Thought - your First Sin, being Marxist Leninist, your second sin... you're a unhinged Progressive who want to erase the Family Unit because of muh Patriarch, pathetic attempt at Atomizing the very first Human Collective and yes i equate Black Nationalism with White Nationalism, because both are based on Racial Supremacy.

    Neo-Glencoeism - the Economic Takes are quite Agreedable, but Social and Theological ones are just "OH HELL NAW" level, also you scored me low and called me nasty, so keeping shortly fuck you


    This goes for the "Is this even a Ideology?"

    Majority of the Vast Majority of the Egoist Self Insets of this site

    Comment here

    .dotdotdotsam Thought - add me Serbian Socialism add me.

    Neo-Glencoeism- add me

    Neo-Glencoeism- I have added you add me

    • Serbian Socialism I added you now you can add me
      • done.
        • I have became a bit more moderate about progressism.

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