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    Yuri Fascism It is a culturally left-wing and authunity ideology that is very similar to weeb fascism, only that it defends the massive expansion through the force of yuri, seeing yuri as something sexy and exciting and practicing it, being similar to homofascism, due to this it is sometimes called lesbofascism


    she looks like a totalitarian, fascist, anime girl obsessed with yuri and anime, and is always seen watching yuri-style anime or playing yuri visual novels

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball and add the lesbian flag
    2. add the italian fasces in the center
    3. draw the fez cap with a pink heart as a shield
    4. Add the eyes.



    • Showa Statism and State Shinto - great traditionalists!, Banzai!!!
    • Lesbiarchy - we are almost identical!, only that you should pay more attention to the anime
    • Animeism - what inspires me the most and keeps me happy!
    • National Animeism - just imagine yuri among girls germans, based!
    • Weeb Fascism - almost identical, only that I am more of a yuri
    • Fascism - my father who surely would have supported me!
    • Yaoi Fascism - We have similar tastes except that you are yaoi and I am yuri, but I can still tolerate it
    • Alt-Right - some of you like yuri so it's alright
    • National Feminism - Women Power!
    • Yandere Fascism - a bit extreme but some of you might be yuri like me


    • LGBTism - lesbianism is based, but most of your community are degenerates



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