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    Yukarian System, or Yakumo System, is an extreme, rather authoritarian, economically right, culturally extremely regressive, anti-Enlightenment and largely dystopian ideology.

    She is partly based upon the famous character, Yakumo Yukari, in the 2003 game Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. She is actually based upon many "dark, deep and cruel" fan-fictions of the Touhou Project video game franchise. Of course there is no such wacky ideology in the original Touhou works, but as Zun, the creator of Touhou Project, is very tolerant and supportive towards all kinds of fan-art, dystopian versions of Gensokyo may exist alongside utopian versions of the same place.

    For other Touhou-based Ideologies, see:

    Seijaism: Anarcho-Communist, maybe utopian, a bit wacky.

    Undead Socialist Humanism: A very utopian but somewhat strange ideology. (Yet to be created)

    Gangster Kleptocracy: Quite dystopian, but might seem more "normal". (Yet to be created)


    The Touhou Project happens in a fictional isolated place called Gensokyo (literally Fantasy Land) which is full of things forgotten in our world, such as extinct species, traditions, ancient gods, and most notably, Youkai. People there live in a largely traditional way, without much influence from the modern "Outside World". For aesthetic purposes, the entire cast are mostly girls in Touhou, but this is not very important on this page. Youkai are a bit like demons in western culture, created on the basis of people's lack of understanding and fear of the natural world, thus possessing supernatural power. Therefore, Youkai (at least in theory) feed on humans' fear because it is fear that gave birth to them. In the original stories, most Youkai live harmoniously with the ordinary humans, (This harmony is the basis of more Touhou-based utopian ideologies.) though occasionally surprising or frightening them with a little stunt, but there are exceptions. A few exceptions in the original stories typically provide proper reasons for a LOT of exceptions in fan-fiction. In early games some youkai did eat humans, (though it should be emphasized that now youkai are officially banned from hurting or killing humans) so obviously it became the basis of more fan-fiction in which humans live at the mercy of the domineering youkai. It is also the basis of this very ideology.

    Yakumo Yukari is a powerful "gap youkai" and one of the sages of Gensokyo. She is often the guy "behind everything and every evil" in fan-fiction. Her Gap is like a hyper-dimensional space which is able to travel among time and locations. Therefore, she can teleport as much as she can, as well as possessing many other abilities. In fan-fiction, she also has an entire army of muscular Sin Sacks, furiously crazy and definitely loyal to Yukari.


    (1) Goals: Yukarian System does not have a ultimte goal or something. Instead she just wants to conserve and protect the Land she "loves" in its very origins.

    (2) Horror Theocracy: To maintain the order of Gensokyo, people (especially humans) must always be kept in fear of youkai and others. Otherwise, the youkai will have nothing to live on!

    (3) Authoritarianism and strict social stratification: However, the youkai must depend on humans, for if there are no humans there will be no fear at all. Therefore, the ruling class should have a tight grip on the humans, and ban the transformation into youkai or other races entirely.

    (4) Anti-Enlightenment and Traditionalism: The knowledge and technology since the Enlightenment lead to the decline of unknowing and fear, so these things should be strictly restricted. Humans should be kept ignorant of modern technology and scientific knowledge, and be kept in low living standards.

    (5) Class Privilege: But non-human races don't rely on fear at all, so they are allowed to access some modern technology and devices, much better living standards, (and also a pretty avatar.)

    (6) Cannibalistic Aggressionism: In order to maximize people's fears, youkai are free to eat humans as many as they can. This will not only add to the fear of the person to be eaten but also that of all humans because that means they are almost kept under house arrest.

    (7) Balance: If the youkai eat humans anytime and anywhere, the humans will be eaten up! Therefore, in the Human Village a Shrine Maiden should keep the humans safe (at least in the day) and purge all youkai in sight. This keeps the Land in good balance.

    (8) International Ethno-nationalism: Most importantly, in order to keep the Land in its very origin, the HATE between ordinary lower-class youkai and humans should be maximized in terms of cannibalism and youkai purges listed above. However, the ruling class don't worry about being killed, so the ruling humans and youkai (largely the Shrine Maiden and Yukari herself) are in good relationship so universal totalitarian control can be implemented.

    (9) Esotericism: Not necessarily Japanese folk religions such as Shinto, but people must believe in something. Atheism should be banned because atheists have no fear of anything! Personality

    Yukarian System is extremely secretive and introverted. She seldom participates in the conflict among other ideologies. However, she attempts to achieve domination by opening the gap behind those she hates and ambush them with a surprise attack.

    She talks quite softly, and in a literate way. Also, she hibernates more than 15 hours a day, and leaves most of the work to be done by her minions.

    How to draw

    Draw a ball.

    1. Fill the inside with a lighter shade of black, around RGB(20,20,20).
    2. Draw a large purple inverted triangle in middle of the ball.
    3. Draw a large rugby shape in the middle and fill it with red.
    4. In the rugby draw ONE round eye and add the pupil, and you are done!
    5. (Optional) Add a pink cap.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Purple #3C003D 60, 0, 61
    Red #EC1B24 236, 27, 36



    • Showa Statism - Reimu is the wonderful Shrine Maiden of our paradise.
    • Reactionarism and Authoritarian Traditionalism - Based. The Enlightenment will threaten the very existence of the youkai.
    • Horror Theocracy - Based. It does not matter even if the fear interferes with productivity. For productivity is the source of enlightenment and all the factors that lead to instability.
    • Esoteric Fascism and Burgundian System - Based. But with more Touhou characteristics.
    • Ingtrad - I don't have such strong control over people like you do, but I don't need to.
    • Dystopianism - Fear is also a kind of suffering.
    • Primitive INGSOC - Stone age is not necessary, especially for the Class Privilege to be effectively implemented.


    • Ingsoc - Socialism? Big Brother is not a youkai!
    • Gerontocracy - Well, I am old in fact, but the people who wrote this need to be ldksngfmsejklegn wajkognas3oigj4 * Put their faces on the keyboard *


    • Seijaism - Your rebellion is overthrowing the very foundation of our beloved Land! Only through inequality and hate can I keep the Land from crumbling.
    • Flandre Scarlet - Other Scarlet!
    • Remilia Scarlet - How does it feel to press your face on the keyboard?


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