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    The Yuan Order, also known as the Yuan System is an ideology that has formed before the fall of the New World Order under the Bourgeois System. The ideology bases itself under the idea that the classical Bourgeois System did not go far enough in its political goals of cultural liberation and white-asian-jewish supremacy and especially state profit. The ideology strongly supports state profit over populist ideals. Its founder Beitzig Khan sought to use technology to conquer the universe as well as attempting to find other universes to conquer if they do exist, and then reset everything all via extreme pollution and dirty_bombs combined with repeated nuclear attacks, while engineering the human specie and useful objects and luxuries to protect them from the dangerous radiation and then repopulating the entire existence (the universe or all universes) with true humans (Whites, Jews and Aryans) while erasing every other human races and other species from the memories of the people. The Yuan Order believes that the planet is heading toward misanthropy, eco-fascism, stereotypes and "hideous" culture, such as miscegenation and the genocide of the "true humans".

    Under this absolute order, everyone who refuses to believe in its own immoral and lawless variation of Judaism, everyone who has more than one single ethnic root, anyone who eats too much (food intake is limited to only once for two days), transgenders and some others will be either die impaled or work as slaves until they die. The other people will live under an almost lawless society in which the only law is 1: not eat too much and 2: don't oppose the state. Otherwise the people have to kill each other for the profit of the state, which owns everything including the people, the people have the right to kill, rape, steal, [REDACTED], torture, fetishism, destroy anything they want and basically any other atrocities possible, the only purpose is to serve oneself by fighting against everyone else and in the name of Beitzig Khan, those who are deemed physically appealing enough, no matter how fat, have the right to escape chaos and be under state protection. Its ultimate goal is to rebuild society without morals, not even empathy other than empathy for those in the state or under state protection. Discrimination is legal as long as it does not offend any state official. Education and school are also not mandatory as human liberty is more important.

    Personality and Behavior

    The Yuan Order, despite its ridiculously severe obesity, eats extremely little, his weight actually symbolizes his greed. He despises everyone including his father, the Bourgeois System.

    How to draw

    • File:The Yuan System flag.png
    • Draw a big fat blob
    • Make it either absolutely black or a very dark shade
    • Draw one large moon in the middle and a smaller moon inside of it
    • Draw a Star of David on the right of the symbol
    • Draw a big red cyborg eye with a goddamn pipe with smoke emulating from it
    • Draw a smaller normal eye and you're done




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