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    Yori Model is a reformist ideology, patriotic, culturally left and economically left that believes that workers must own the means of production through workers' cooperatives in a Marketsoc.png socialist market economy. Yori Model also defends a parliamentary Republicanismpix.png republic and that Soc.png socialism must be achieved through Reform.png reforms and not revolution.


    Marketsoc.png Economy Welf.png

    Economically, Yori defends Marketsoc.png market socialism, that is, workers owning the means of production through workers' cooperatives in a market economy. Yori also advocates Welf.png welfare, a type of government support created to ensure that members of a society can meet basic human needs, such as food and shelter. He advocates Regulationism.png economic interventionism, in order to protect consumers and fix market failures, and he also advocates a Georgist.png land value tax, but still believe that other taxes are needed as he does not believe that LVT alone would be sufficient. He also defends World.png free trade.

    Reform.png Reform Dsa.png

    Yori Model argues that the best way to achieve Dsa.png socialism is through Reform.png reforms and liberal Dem.png democracy. Yori advocates a slow transition through Marketsoc.png employee funds, a socialist version of SWFs.

    Prog.png Culture PROG.png

    Culturally, Yori is Prog.png progressive PROG.png, defending Gay.png LGBT rights, Fem.png gender equality Menslib.png , racial equality, Abort.png reproductive rights, replacing punitive justice with restorative justice, reforming the police system and decriminalizing soft drugs. Yori is also a Patriot.png patriot, being proud of the country where lives, but is against Jingoism.png fanatic nationalism, respects other countries and thinks that Patriot.png patriotism and Internat.png internationalism are not inherently opposed.

    Republicanismpix.png Goverment Dem.png

    Yori Model defends semi-direct Dem.png democracy and a parliamentary Republicanismpix.png republic. In semi-direct Dem.png democracy, representatives administer daily governance, but citizens keep the sovereignty, being able to control their governments and laws through different forms of popular action: binding referendum, popular initiative, revocation of mandate, and public consultations. A parliamentary Republicanismpix.png republic is a Republicanismpix.png republic that operates under a parliamentary system of government where the executive branch (the government) derives its legitimacy from and is accountable to the legislature (the parliament). This ideology defends the parliamentary Republicanismpix.png republic because it believes that it is more stable than the presidential one, because the prime-minister generally agrees with the parliament and it is easier to govern.


    Yori is generally Pac.png peaceful and doesn't like political and religious fanaticism. Yori wants people and their choices to be respected but not to force others to think that is correct, rejects ideas that are very utopian, such as Awaj.png anarchism and some forms of Soc.png socialism and hates Sec.png authoritarianism regardless of the political side. Yori is jewish.

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