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    Yoda8soup Thought is a form of Neo-Marxism and Democratic Socialism that is economically Left wing (incorporating both planning and regulated markets with democracy in the workplace), civically Semi-Direct Democratic, culturally progressive and inclusive( While still preserving harmless culture and tradition).

    The ideology is opposed to Anti-LGBTQ+, free market capitalist, monarchist, imperialist, racist, and (most) authoritarian ideologies.

    Favorite Parties/Movements



    I'm a Democratic Socialist and Neo-Marxist with added elements. In essence, I want a society where everyone can live a dignified existence free of the oppression of capitalism, imperialism, authoritarianism, and bigotry, in a clean green world.


    To describe my ideal economy I would say, it's a form of Cooperativism that involves a Regulated Market with a Welfare State that would cover things like Universal Healthcare, Public Housing (Specifically Viennese Style Public Housing), Public Transportation, etc. Funded with Progressive Taxation. As well as Partial Democratic Computer Planning of the economy and Workplace Democracy in various forms ranging from complete (100%) to partial (50%) including Cooperatives, Strong Worker Unions, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), and Board-Level Employee Representation (BLER) to establish a fair, equitable, sustainable, and realistic system.


    As an Eco-Cooperativist I strongly advocate for Environmentalism, I believe that unchecked Capitalism is eating the earth alive with wasteful resource extraction and consumption, I see the Green New Deal as a good first step to solving this. But ultimately dismantling Capitalism is an integral step on the road to a sustainable green environment, I think that another integral part of dealing with climate change is developing new Green Technologies, for example in Japan they are developing biodegradable plastics made using seaweed, this would be a big step towards sustainability. Along with new technologies the government should regulate carbon emissions this could be done with a carbon tax among other things. As an Eco-Cooperativist I believe that cooperatives and other forms of workplace democracy play a key role in environmental sustainability, A great example of this is Welch's, They practice environmentally sustainable farming because it is in the best interests of the farmer-owners, whereas in fully private business the corporate owner doesn't care about sustainability, only their own profits.


    I believe that everyone regardless of identity should be Equal in opportunity and socially and that as a society we should abide by the Harm Principle and a general philosophy of Inclusion while preserving Harmless Cultural and Traditional Practices. I also believe in a Wildean style of Individualism in which the community and society support individuals, creating the ability for everyone to enjoy their individuality while still having a productive and cooperative society. I also enjoy Existentialism, and the Gramscian theory of Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony. We must build counter-hegemony. This cultural counter-hegemony pushes out the corrupted capitalistic aspects, to oppose and combat the current ruling class hegemony on culture, build strong class consciousness and solve the subjective aspects of revolution.


    I believe in a Semi-Direct Democracy in the framework of a Federal Republic with some Parliamentary Elements where people's votes and referendums actually count unlike the current American "Democracy", I believe this federal system could be paired with a Communal Government on the local level similar to Rojava. I also believe in having a Constitution to protect Civil Rights and Liberties, and prevent corruption.


    I want to see Neo-Imperialism done away with and replaced with Global Cooperation and Democratic Self Determination. I believe in using left-wing policies to make my country one worth being proud of making me a kind of Left-Patriot. And like most Alter-Globalists I advocate for Fair Trade policy.

    Road to Socialism

    When it comes to achieving socialism, I agree with the Centrist or Kautskyist approach of reforming and using Labor Organizations such as Trade Unions, and Worker's Parties to help the worker's condition in the present, while at the same time using those organizations to build Class Consciousness, Popularity, and Revolutionary Momentum to eventually culminate in a popular revolution led by the proletariat. A part of achieving this in The United States is fostering cooperation between the pro-worker parties in the US, including the Vermontese Progressive Party, Congressional Progressive Caucus, GPUSA, and DSA.

    Influences and Inspirations

    I take heavy influence from Dr. Sun Yat-sen, his revolutionary struggle to overthrow the Qing and his Three Principles of the People, Nationalism, Democracy, and Socialism, he was truly one of the greatest leaders in history with his fiery and pure devotion to his people. On the topic of taking heavy influence from history, I have to mention Red Vienna and the Austromarxists as a whole, their welfare programs and devotion to workers were great, but what I admire most is perhaps their longest standing work, that being the Gemeindebauten. These community homes are incredible, they are accessible to all, they are beautiful, they provide good quality housing, and support working-class folks, and they've survived the test of time and still operate today. Another great influence from Europe is Antonio Gramsci, Gramsci's involvement in and coordination of the Turin general strike was inspirational. But perhaps Gramsci's greatest achievement was his prison notebooks that wonderfully analyze social issues and introduced the theory of Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony, truly one of the greatest Marxists in history. Robert M. La Follete is another big inspiration, his policies as governor established direct election of senators, citizen referendum, and protecting workers' unions and cooperatives, all in all an incredible guy who stood tall fighting for the working-class in America. Another big American inspiration is Eugene V. Debs, Debs fought hard for the proletariat and made socialism popular in the States, he strengthened trade unionism in America and was instrumental in winning better conditions for workers. W.E.B. Du Bois was key in the founding of the NAACP and the good that they do to this day, his sociological analysis of racial disparity and capitalism in America was flawless making him an influence on my political thought. A modern progressive I take inspiration from is Bernie Sanders, he has spent his whole life fighting for working folks, his work reducing economic inequality in Burlington and consistently standing up for what is right in Congress and the Senate is an inspiration. Perhaps one of the US's greatest reformers, Martin Luther King Jr., is an influence on my beliefs, his fight for and successes in civil rights forever changed America for the better. Going north of the US, another inspiration of mine is Tommy Douglas, Douglas's establishment of a Universal Healthcare System in Saskatchewan was a massive win for the working people of Canada, and his involvement in the CCF and later in the founding of the NDP are inspirational. One of my greatest inspirations from Latin America is Evo Morales, during his presidency poverty was halved in Bolivia, he codified Native Andean and women's rights, and passed laws to protect the environment. And despite being ousted and replaced by a neoliberal puppet, a year later his vice president, Luis Arce, would be elected and allow Morales back into the country, and to this day Morales's party and policies continue to be implemented and are successful in Bolivia. The Japanese Communist Party's use of unions specifically doing production control strikes and using a mix of revolution and reform to make gains was inspiring, and they would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids. The agrarian cooperatives and devotion to land reform of Emiliano Zapata is truly inspiring, fighting until his dying breath for the common folks of Mexico. Other leaders whom I take inspiration from are, Rennyo Monshu of the Hongan-ji, Dekanawidah, Toussaint Louverture, John Stuart Mill, Hastiin Chʼil Haajiní, Ferdinand Lasselle, Eduard Bernstein, Karl Kautsky, Keir Hardie, James Connolly, Rosa Luxemburg, Hồ Chí Minh, John Curtin, Ben Chifley, B. R. Ambedkar, Sanzō Nosaka, Soong Ching-ling, Kenji Miyamoto, Tetsu Katayama, Salvador Allende, Gough Whitlam, Nelson Mandela, Alexander Dubček, Mikhail Gorbachev, Patrice Lumumba, Olof Palme, Ralph Nader, José Mujica, Jeremy Corbyn, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Cornel West, Jacinda Ardern, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Gabriel Boric. Some honorable mentions for figures who weren't politicians/leaders but still influenced my views, Socrates, Plato, Robert Owen, David Ricardo, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Oscar Wilde, Daniel De Leon, Herbert George Wells, Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, Pete Seeger, Howard Zinn, Stephen Hawking, Hayao Miyazaki, Richard D. Wolff, George Lucas, and Greta Thunberg.


    • AshleyHereism: You were one of my first friends on the site, you are a real one, and you won't be forgotten. :)
    • Third Aquarian Model (///): Very based, your more radical than me witch honestly with your views is good. She is great politically, but she is also just a wonderful person, and is very kind. (Also thank you for doing my avatar art its incredible.) :D
    • Market Syndicalism (///): Pretty great not much I disagree with, the only thing I'll say is to embrace centrist marxist democratic socialism and accept some revolution, and you'll be perfect, but all in all very based. :D
    • Corpotarist Kemalism (//): You're like Quasi-Fascist Kemalism, which is mid, and Zionism is terrible so overall pretty bad but not the worst.
    • O'Langism (///): You are officially the radical version of me, so, based! :D
    • Neo-Glencoeism (///): No! a tragic turn of events, you and Tiberius have become the Judas of PCBA. Not the worst some of your ideas like destroying PWA are good, but capitalism still leads to oppressive class structures, and neoconservatism is mid. But you're a nice guy so we're cool. :)
    • Torontoism (///): Very based, your similar to me just a tad bit more moderate, but all-around superb ideology. You make good music and are a very nice person. Also, DemSoc gang! :D
    • Jefbol Thought (///): Pretty based my only issues are that you are too radical and too anti-reform for my taste, but you did influence me to embrace more revolution, and you're a great guy so I'd call you a comrade. :)
    • Mr. V Thought (///): Very based we are pretty similar, you are much more libertarian than me witch I have no problem with, so overall based. You're also a very nice person and I'm pleased to call you a comrade. :)
    • Erissky (///): This just seems like edgy anarchism, also "there is no such thing as 'harmless culture and tradition'" go touch grass. Good luck getting any support for this ideology.
    • Karmaxylism (///): Too moderate and authoritarian, but other than that your cool. :)
    • Meowxism (///): Pretty good, not a huge fan of ML though. You are quite nice though and I appreciate being called PCB Ralsei. :)
    • Neo-Rocksism (///): This guy's great, super nice, a great friend, and he's super based. He influenced me to be more sympathetic towards Libertarian Socialism, so overall very based! :D
    • Omegaism (///): Too moderate but not the worst.
    • Tomjazzism (///): Quite good, we are pretty similar so based.
    • WaffeniKism (///): Fascism is cringe and there is a lot going on in this ideology.
    • Kaylo Liberalism(///): Pretty good just way too moderate, also I visit Albuquerque often and I live in Colorado, so hey neighbour! :D
    • Minnesotan Communism(///): Very based you are just me if I was less revolutionary and more religious so you're uber based! :D
    • Baixian Federalism: Ok wow, there are some good things but they do not make up for being reactionary and ethnonationalist.
    • Aceffism (///): Good for a Capatalist but capitalism is pretty bad so you know.
    • (////): Similar to above but worse because of Free market capitalism.
    • Meridionalism(////): Pretty good Southern Democratic Socialist comrade. :)
    • Kalayaanismo Doctrine(///): Honestly one of the best MLs on this site, you have commitment to democracy in the governance and workplace. And I am a fan of Luis Taruc. :)
    • Evolutionary Socialism(///): Very nice. We are so close to the same your just more reformist than me. :) So, I'm happy to call you a comrade!
    • Rigby Thought (///): Cause Bolsonaro wasn't corrupt at all. Anyway, you're the average authoritarian conservative, your beliefs represent everything wrong with both the US and Brazil, Capitalism, Neo-imperialism, Plutocratic Democracy, etc. And you're a eugenicist? Yikes. the only redeeming qualities are supporting lgb rights (Sucks that your "Skeptical of the T."), and welfare.
    • (////): Not much better than before, but it's an improvement, I guess.
    • Gooberism (////): Honestly quite based, my biggest grievance is your social policy.
    • Socialist Third Way (///): Very based, I'm glad to see you've joined the Eco-Cooperativists that I started. :) Not sure about the socialist hawkism but most everything else is quite good.
    • (Mainstream Hard Left(///): You're pretty based you're a tad moderate and your opposition to referendum and semi-direct democracy is a bit strange, as well as supporting Starmer is a bit of an L, but outside of that you're extremely based. :)
    • Tiberius Thought (///): You're definitely to the right of me but I do like that you are favorable towards cooperatives in some sectors of the economy, and you're a great guy. :)
    • Neo-Optimateism(////): This looks like the definition of Uber-Capitalism, so not great.
    • Deo-Autonomism(////): Way too radical for me but you are definitely not bad, and you seem nice as a person. :)
    • Mordecaism (///): Your not terrible, but Liazzes-faire will never work and interventionism is just neo-imperialism. I do like civil libertarianism though. :)
    • Owfism (///): We've definitely drifted apart, but I do like the Georgism, welfare, and environmentalism. we have quite a lot of disagreements but you are still a cool person and a friend. :)
    • German.red.patriot Thought (///): One of The problems with ML is that this enlightened few in your vanguard as you put it "professional revolutionaries and Marxists" sometimes choose to cling to power, think Stalin, how after Lenin died he purged the party and made a sort of oligarchy. After that point the Soviet Union became a degenerative worker's state, the workers themselves had little to no power, doesn't sound too terribly socialist to me. I don't like totalitarianism. But I do like the patriotism and the opposition to imperialism. you have some good ideas, but we definitely have our differences, but I think finding common ground between leftists is good, so thanks for engaging with me. :)
    • (////): Pretty good overall, I like the mixing of cybersocialism with market socialism that plays into my economics as well, so we are similar in that regard. :)
    • Proto-Socialist Third Way (///): I definitely prefer current Socialist Third Way, but the ideology isn't terrible just too capitalistic and hawkish.
    • Schumacherianism(/////): I like that your progressive and an environmentalist, but I'm not a fan of free market capitalism, slight gender conservatism, and sociopathy. I'm also not sure what "Right-Green Syndicalism" entails, but I'd be interested to find out. Also, don't hit on people on this wiki It's not a dating app, it's politics, and it's just a bit creepy.
    • Julianism (////) - Pretty good, a bit too libertarian and radical, but otherwise great. I'm not opposed to world federalism I'm just weary of it because if not done right it runs the risk of turning into a form of neo-imperialism and I believe the most practical foreign policy right now is alter globalism and when that is established then I'll be more comfortable with moving to a form of world confederalism/federalism.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism (////) - Pretty cool honestly, I'm not a fan of egoism, but we agree on quite a lot even though you are more radical than me I wouldn't mind considering you a comrade. I also admire that you aren't just a senseless revolutionary, as you put it "I'm not against the idea of small reforms, such as preventing reactionaries from getting in power or achieving better welfare. For I am not an Accelerationist, it would harm human conditions further than it already is to accelerate capitalism. However, reform will never achieve socialism as long as capitalism exist." And I actually mostly agree with this statement. :)
    • Artelordism (////) - Pretty good, your quite agreeable just embrace Workplace democracy and you'll be awesome. Also, you seem quite nice. :)
    • (////) - Great ideology, my only real grievance is that your far more accelerationist than me, witch honestly is not that bad, also you formed Artel which is amazing so thank you for that comrade. :D
    • Comrade Ivanoff Thought (///): Honestly, you're a pretty good ML, I love me cooperatives and your advocacy for worker self-management, your culture stances are good too, my problems are that you are a bit too planned and authoritarian but overall good, comrade. :)
    • Council Marxism (////): Very radical, but not bad my biggest issues are with some of your influences like Gonzalo, Hoxha, and Stalin. And anti-revisionism can often be too exclusionary to other leftists, but other than that, you're not bad just very radical (Also I'm not fully a reformist). :)
    • Blue Nephalemism - (////): Exquisite, my only critiques are your a tad too moderate and reformist but that's ok. I would call you comrade any day of the week, comrade. :)
    • - (////): Not bad, the Yellow Socialism and conservatism are cringe but everything else is alright.
    • Uzarashvilism -(////): Ayo! Welcome back tea comrade, you're quite based, co-ops, semi-direct democracy, anti-imperial, and overall quite nice. :D
    • (////): Pretty good, I'm not crazy about technocracy and you are a tad moderate in some areas, but everything else is an absolute chef's kiss. :)
    • - (////): You're a real one, pretty good all around and mostly the same as me also a Kautskyite comrade. :) (Take the Neo-Marx pill brother :D and thank you for the art, it's fire!)
    • (///): You just seem like your average Democrat, so I mean we mostly agree socially but economically... not so much. (Also brother; Status: I have a life outside PCB)
    •  Niiloism (////): This ideology is all over the place, and you support the Blue and Black Movement, yikes. Fascism is terrible.
    • Ego-Stalinism (////): Ok this is just bad, it's so out there I can't tell if this is a larp or something else, but wow if this is genuine, good luck finding anyone to support your movement.
    • Pensamiento de Champi (////): Muy buena ideología. Sin Embargo, es un poco moderado, pero me gusta tu ideología.
    • Brazilian Liberalism (): I mean you're an imperialist capitalist Lib, you are practically the worst aspects of the Democratic party rolled into one ideology.
    • Gualguainism (////): This just seems like a capitalist dystopian tailspin. Granted, there isn't much to go off but what there is to go off is just not it.
    • Schumacherianism (////): Similar to the above. This is just the maximum economic suffering in an ideology. Also, Don't be that guy who uses the idea of skinwalkers without actually understanding what it means, it's just in poor taste in my opinion. Also, don't call Libertarian Socialists "Oxymorons" while having a section unironically called "Alter-Globalist Neo-Libertarianism", don't throw stones in a house of glass.

    What Political Figure Do I Remind You Of?

    Best and Worst Parts of my Ideology?



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