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    Yockeyism is an economically left-wing, culturally far-right, and authoritarian ideology. It is meant to represent the views of writer Francis Parker Yockey. Yockey was heavily influenced by Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola, and Ernst Niekisch. He supports a 'red-brown alliance' (red being communists, brown being fascists), which would synthesize the two ideologies, and create a world order in his view of the West. Its support for aiding the spread of communism also takes an accelerationist view on communist states, believing that their conditions are more ripe for the rise third positionist/fascist states than the liberal West, and their spread can only aid such movements.

    Francis Parkey Yockey has founded a political movement called The European Liberation Front in 1948 after it have been split from The Union Movement that is lead by Oswald Mosley and in 1949 a book that was created called The Proclamation of London who is written by Francis Parker Yockey himself but also The European Liberation Front has ended in 1954 with about 150 members in it.


    Yockeyism is based on the thoughts of America political figure Francis Parker Yockey.

    He was born at Chicago, Illinois, United States of America on September 18th 1917 and he was the youngest of four siblings in a Catholic bourgeoisie family of Irish & German descent but there is a rumour in which Francis Parker Yockey was one-quarter Jewish according to a biographer named Kevin Coogan. He was moved to be raised in Ludington, File:Cball-Michigan.png Michigan and he learned classical piano while his father was a stockbroker.

    Francis Parker Yockey has studied for two years from 1934 to 1936 as a undergraduate at the University of Michigan but later moved to Georgetown University and he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona. Yockey has been attracted to Socialist/left-wing movements in his early life but then supported Adolf Hitler and National Socialism during the 1930s while in the colleges or universities supported Oswald Spengler & Carl Schmitt in which he lead himself being accused of plagiarizing. Yockey did not see race as strictly biological definition but as a spiritual definition in which he paired with German general Karl Haushofer's geopolitics and he joined up with the Silver Legion of America 1933-1941 & the German American Bund 1936-1941.

    In 1938, Francis Parker Yockey wrote an essay called "The Tragedy of Youth" in which it was published in a political journal called Social Justice known for publishing Far-Right stuff to be distributed by radio Priest Charles Coughlin and in 1939, Yockey spoke at a Silvershirt gathering. Yockey began to study law in the Northwestern University but later at De Paul University and he graduated from the Notre Dame Law School in 1941, but he declared himself not to dine with Black, Communist & Jewish students in those schools.

    In 1942, Francis Parker Yockey enlisted in the U.S. Army serving in an intelligence unit but he went AWOL from his camp in Georgia in November 1942, for a mission to Texas and Mexico while the rumours according to the same biographer named Kevin Coogan suggests that Yockey secretly helped German Nazi spies who had landed in North America. In 1943, Yockey received a discharge from the U.S Army for "Dementia Praecox, paranoid type" after suffering a nervous breakdown or feigning it one but after that he is placed in a government list of Americans suspected of Pro-Nazi or Pro-Fascist views and in 1944, he just became an assistant prosecuting attorney for Wayne County, Michigan, but then got bored by the work leaving it in 1945.

    In 1946, Francis Parkey Yockey got a job with the United States War Department in Wiesbaden, Germany as a post-trial review attorney for the Nuremberg Trials and moved to Germany with his wife along with his two daughters while the rumours suggests the fact that Yockey may have tried to help accused German war criminals including SS General Otto Ohlendorf by sharing top-secret documents with German defense lawyers in which led him to be fired in November 1946, for the "abandonment of position" by helping German National Socialists. After Yockey got fired from his job he agitated against Allied occupation of Germany while accusing the Nuremberg Trial for bias and then later he worked for the Red Cross in Germany but abandoned his post that lead to the U.S. intelligence try to track him down from 1946 to 1947 in which lead Yockey to left his estranged wife along with his two daughters in Germany for his exile in Brittas Bay, Ireland.

    In 1948, Francis Parker Yockey wrote a book called "Imperium : The Philosophy of History and Politics" in which about a Spenglerian critique of 19th century Materialism & Rationalism while it scorns Democracy & Equality, praising Nazism, deny the Holocaust, fulfil the Roman role of uniting Europe into an empire and blame the Jews for the various problems of the world. Yockey mailed the copies of the book to far-right figures from Europe to America and the views expressed in it were endorsed by German General Otto Remer, Revilo P. Oliver & Julius Evola.

    Francis Parker Yockey became embittered with Sir Oswald Mosley after refusing to publish or review Imperium upon its completion after having promised to do so and then Mosley punched Yockey in the nose during a dispute in London's Hyde Park. After that Yockey along with small groups of British Fascists including Guy Chesham & John Gannon formed the European Liberation Front 1948-1954 as a alternative to the Union Movement and it has ties with old German Nazis along with other fascists while the newsletter of the organization was named "Frontfighter". In 1949, Yockey published "The Proclamation of London" in which called for a reinstatement of National Socialism in Europe it was an Anti-American, Anti-communist and Anti-Semitic text. The European Liberation Front was opposed by Leftist groups, Liberal groups & other Neo-Fascist groups and in 1954, it was dissolved due to 150 members being alienated by Yockey's imperious personality.

    In 1950, Francis Parker Yockey moved back to the United States in which he travelled into File:LA.png Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco to collaborate with Far-Right activists according to the FBI and he spoke at the 1950 Christian Nationalist Party convention in Los Angeles organized by Gerald L. K. Smith while also spent time in New Orleans writing propaganda for use to Fascists in Latin America even his intercepted letters to sent were often signed "Torquemada" after the torturer of the Spanish Inquisition. In 1951, Yockey was approached by the group of Anti-Communists and he was asked to ghost-write a speech for U.S Senator Joseph McCarthy in which tell the importance of greater friendship between America & Germany but McCarthy never delivered it as the theme of the speech when it was announced that cause a great deal of controversy.

    In 1952, Francis Parker Yockey collaborated with the Soviet bloc intelligence to travel behind the Iron Curtain into the Soviet Union, East Germany & Cuba while he wrote an approval of Anti-Semitic purges in the Eastern bloc countries and he travelled to Prague, Czechoslovakia to witnessed the Prague Trials while it asserted that they foretold a Russian break with Jewry but with that He became a Czech Secret Service courier. In 1953, Yockey went to Cairo, Egypt in which he met President Gamal Abdel Nasser whom he called a great vigorous man and then worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministry by writing down Anti-Zionist propaganda in the Arab world while he made contact with German Nazi exiles including Otto Ernst Remer & Johann von Leers even Yockey reportedly tried to persuade Nasser to finance development of a cobalt bomb by Ex-Nazi scientists.

    In 1957, the FBI have rumoured about Francis Parker Yockey being a womanizer while assessed that he was living in Los Angeles as a pimp or a gigolo and had written pornography for money including a sadomasochistic booklet called "Arduous Figure Training at Bondhaven" even it was later found in his suitcase. In 1960, Yockey was finally arrested in the location of Oakland, California after returning to his home country after a trip but his suitcase in which had either been lost or had broken open at the Dallas airport and the authorities found several of Yockey's falsified passports with some birth certificates that later to be reported to the federal government. Yockey was sent to prison in San Francisco in which visted by Willis Carto who later became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey's ideas. In June 16th 1960, Yockey was soon after found dead with an empty cyanide capsule in his jail cell under FBI supervision leaving a note in which he claimed that he was committing suicide in order to protect the anonymity of his political contacts and the San Francisco Chronicle declared him "as a important figure in world Fascism as we now know."

    George Lincoln Rockwell who is leader of the American Nazi Party 1959-1983 that have rejected Francis Parker Yockey due to his Anti-American attitude and willingness to work with Anti-Zionist Communist governments or movements while Colin Jordan disagreed with Yockey's views on race while saw him as advocating a new type of Strasserism in which would undermine Nazism.

    Yockeyism had a greater impact in the Europen Far Right including figures like Aleksandr Dugin, Jean Thiriart, Alain de Benoist & Guillaume Faye who praise Francis Parker Yockey for his ideas and Dan Burros, James H. Madole, & Carl Schmitt had a copy of his book called Imperium.

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