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    Yelvianism it's a political ideology based on the user Yelvia, supports the creation of a strong Jewish state under liberal, conservative and atlanticist ideological principles

    Main Belifies


    Anti-Zionism is ultimately denying Jewish identity, anti-Zionism by anyone is admitting that Jews have to live in the diasphoria and never establish their own state where they can live in conformity. Yes, there are simply cases of anti-Semitism in the world. We ourselves have to have our own state to be able to organize ourselves

    But there are a lot of many bad cases that we should recognize about the topic:


    Zionism is defined a nationalist movement that emerged in the late 19th century with the goal of reestablishing a homeland for the Jewish people in their ancestral lands. At its core, it was a response by a stateless, oppressed minority to the relentless waves of anti-Semitism, expulsions, pogroms and violence they had endured across Europe and the Middle East for over a millennium. After the Holocaust, which saw 6 million Jews systematically exterminated by the Nazi regime, the need for a safe haven where Jews could live free from persecution became even more urgent; the unified cry of "Never Again" fueled Zionism's rapid growth as a liberation movement. Israel's establishment in 1948 realized the dream of national self-determination and security.

    Too often, however, Zionism is willfully mischaracterized and demonized by those seeking to delegitimize Israel and perpetuate anti-Semitic narratives. The movement is smeared as a racist, colonial ideology used to justify violence against Palestinians. This is a slanderous inversion of Zionism's truths and objectives. Zionism's roots lie in the generations of hatred, expulsions and atrocities visited upon the Jewish diaspora when they lived without self-governance or a nation to call home. Far from being a modern colonial ideology, it harkens back to the Jewish people's ancestral origins and indigenous ties to the land of Israel over 3,000 years ago.

    It was dispossession and persecution, not dispossession of others, that motivated Zionism's growth as an activist movement for cultural restoration and safety. The vast majority of Zionists never sought to displace or dominate local Palestinian Arabs, but rather sought to live in peace in a society guided by Jewish values alongside their Abrahamic cousins. While conflicts and injustices have occurred due to the complicated realities and violence has tragically arisen on both sides, the idea that Zionism is inherently used to justify murder is a vile distortion. The Israeli forces and militias that have caused civilian casualties in places like Gaza have done so in stated defense against terror groups like Hamas that indiscriminately target Israeli population centers.

    Zionism itself is a beautiful expression of a stateless, nomadic people's yearning for belonging, heritage and human rights after centuries of displacement and devastation. Its ethics are rooted in creating a thriving cultural homeland in the Jewish people's indigenous territories, not the ethnic subjugation of others. Recognizing this makes clear why anti-Zionist activists equating it to racism, apartheid or genocide are not identifying real injustices, but using disingenuous rhetoric to assault Jewish identity and legitimize the age-old propaganda of anti-Semites. They draw false parallels between Israel's self-determination and unspeakable historical atrocities to invalidate the notion of a Jewish nation-state entirely.


    A lot of people to mask their anti-Semitism, many people claim they only hate “Zionists,” “Israelis,” “colonists,” or “settlers,” not Jews, but these are only euphemisms. Opposition to the Jewish state has become a socially acceptable way to express anti-Jewish attitudes.

    Israel has become the pretext [for anti-Semitism]...All the unsayable things, all the things they know they can’t say about Jews in a post-Holocaust liberal society, they can say again now. Israel has desacralized the subject. It’s a space in which everything is allowed again.

    Anti-Semitic hatred has no place in our world, and it makes no difference if it is disguised as anti-Zionism or whether it comes from far-right or far-left extremists or from Islamist and other religious fundamentalists. We cannot stay indifferent in the face of increasing anti-Semitism.

    Not all Jews are Zionists, just as not all Jews observe the Sabbath or adhere to kosher dietary rules. However, just as it is anti-Semitic to attack, harass or discriminate against Jews on the basis of their Sabbath or kashrut observance, so, too, is it anti-Semitic to attack, harass or marginalize Jews who advocate, express, or support the Zionist part of their Jewish identity.


    Palestine is a failed state due to its attempt to govern the territory that is brutally divided between Gaza (controlled by Hamas) and West Bank (controlled by Fatah), which due to the different measures taken when giving a solution on the issue of treatment towards Israel, Fatah accepts the possibility of the existence of both states in a peaceful manner, which is why the main problem is not because of them but because of Hamas.

    Hamas by some people is described as an organization that seeks the liberation of the Palestinian people from "Zionist oppression", nothing could be further from the truth, Hamas is simply a terrorist organization that has been in charge of promoting not only anti-Zionism, but also Anti-Semitism worldwide is being supported by the other leaders of other Muslim countries, and therefore we must know what the limit is between a liberation organization and a terrorist one.

    In studying the methods of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Haganah, the Irgun, Lehi, and the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, observations can be made. Terrorism, as the word suggests, hopes to invoke terror to coerce an entity, such as a government, to behave in a particular way. In the case of a group such as Hamas, for example, the explicit goal is to provoke such a state of terror among Israelis that they will flee the country. The goal of terrorism is political coercion. It is to provoke a response. While resistance is oftentimes, if not always, political, unlike terrorism, resistance is not about provoking a response but rather about the preservation of human life. It is extremely hard to argue that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, for example, prioritize the human lives of their own, when they store weaponry in schools and mosques, fire from densely populated civilian areas, and recruit childrentals as child soldiers.

    Even if the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were remotely comparable — which they are not — the claim that Palestinian terror groups behave in a manner similar to how the Jewish resistance did during the Holocaust is not only incredibly inaccurate, but also deeply offensive. During the Holocaust, the Jewish resistance employed several methods, such as:

    (1) the spread of information, such as publishing underground, illegal newspapers in the ghettos

    (2) smuggling of food and other resources

    (3) smuggling and hiding children

    (4) direct confrontations with the Nazi and collaborator forces (e.g. the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)

    (5) sabotage, such as by destroying (or attempting to destroy) the gas chambers and crematoria

    (6) escaping and helping others escape from death camps and ghettos

    (7) battles with the Nazi and collaborator forces, such as in the forests, where much of the partisan fighting took place

    The Jewish resistance during the Holocaust did not aim at civilian targets. The most important objective for the Jewish resistance was the preservation of Jewish life, so much so that they oftentimes suspended operations which they deemed would have taken too many Jewish lives and reaped minimal benefits against the Nazis. By contrast, Palestinian terror groups go through no lengths to protect the lives of their own civilians; in fact, they frequently endanger them in their methods. Resistance is about preservation of life. Terrorism is about the destruction of life to coerce an enemy for a political goal.

    Comparing the Zionist resistance during the period of the British Mandate for Palestine to groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad is, once again, an erroneous comparison - even taking into consideration that two Zionist paramilitaries, the Irgun and the much smaller and more fringe Lehi, did engage in terrorism. From the outset, the Zionist movement aimed to achieve independence through political means, so much so that it was decided at the First Zionist Congress: "Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Eretz Israel [the Land of Israel] secured under public law."

    Similarly other Indigenous minorities across the Middle East and elsewhere have long tried to fight for independence through diplomatic avenues (e.g. the San Remo Conference). Violent resistance is never meant to be the first choice; it's meant to be a last resort.

    Contrast this with the Hamas Covenant, which clearly states: "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors." Similarly, the Palestine Liberation Organization rejected all diplomatic solutions until 1993.

    Time and time again, the Palestine Liberation Organization has walked away from political resolutions to the conflict. It's National Covenant even states: "Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. This it is the overall strategy, not merely a tactical phase."

    For the Zionists, independence was a matter of urgency as Jews were mercilessly slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands, particularly in Europe. This urgency only increased with the Holocaust. The Haganah, the main Jewish paramilitary organization during the British Mandate period, exercised its resistance through putting political pressure on the British, as well as through smuggling hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees into British Palestine, saving countless Jewish lives.

    Hamas is far from the only Islamist organization characterized by antisemitism, homophobia, intolerance, misogyny, religiously motivated violence, and other illiberal traits. It has all this in common with the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, and many other groups. One must either recognize that the Hamas pathology is part of a more general phenomenon, or indulge in full-throttle paranoia by blaming that transnational pathology on Zionism,

    Article 11 of the Hamas Charter proves the genocidal intent behind this phrase: "The Islamic Republic Movement [Hamas] believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered; it, or any part of it, should not be given up." These activists, who often describe themselves as "pro-Palestinian," have a very surface level care about Palestinians or "freeing Palestine." — it comes across as performative activism. You don’t call for better opportunities for Palestinians. You don’t call for a Palestinian governance that is less corrupt. You don’t call for equal application under Palestinian leadership of the rule of law. You don’t call for women and children's rights, and freedom of speech, assembly and the press — which has been proven to be a death sentence in Gaza. Hamas has explicitly stated they do not want peace. Articles 13 of the Hamas Charter openly advocates the use of violence to kill Jews and eliminate Israel: "There is no solution for the Palestinian question expect through Jihad [holy war]."

    We must also be aware that all types of extremists must be avoided in this conflict due to the toxic behavior they promote and that the only thing it causes is a further unnecessary lengthening of the conflict. Obviously there are radical Zionist factions that must be removed from the case. and one must be aware of this, the difference is that between the Israelis and the Hamas military, the former are generally more moderate and willing to take a more peaceful solution, while with Hamas it's IMPOSSIBLE to seek a method of peace due to its religious radicalism, unlike Fatah, which is why it is necessary by all means to eliminate Hamas as an organization and subsequently annex Gaza to integrate it into the state of Israel with the same rights as an Israeli Jew.

    Here some videos who proves my evidence:

    https://twitter.com/i/status/1780629482359210093 https://twitter.com/i/status/1423577333508808704

    I simply hope that once you have read to the end, you have been able to understand the reasons why Zionism is necessary for Jews today and you can think and reflect on it in a better way.

    Personality and Behaviour

    How to Draw







    • Arab Socialism - Political ideology simply stupid and without much success, also anti-Semitic hidden under the banner of anti-Zionist
    • Pan-Arabism - It's funny how you're basically the one on top but much more honest in your hatred of us
    • Baathism - This is literally Arab fascism, no matter how you look at it, an ideology that is not worth testing because it is excessively authoritarian and very unsuccessful
    • Hezbollahism & Khomeinism - Imagine that instead of focusing on improving the conditions of your citizens, you bark at Israel to simply propagate terror for an entire population, undoubtedly an efficient government...
    • Marxism–Leninism - Hypocrisy at its maximum splendor, you don't care about the jews or their living conditions, you simply don't care because you prefer PFLP for your ideals and why Stalin decided in the end not to support us, you don't care about Russia's illegitimate invasion of Ukraine or directly support an invasion by China to Taiwan, being a direct form of violation of the national sovereignty of both countries for ideological reasons, or directly want the balkanization of the United States, support the independence of Scotland, Irish unionism in the United Kingdom, Catalan separatism and Basque in Spain, Breton and Corsican separatism in France, or Quebec in Canada, which are totally democratic and understanding countries with these minorities, you only do it because you hate the West, when in truth it is the most beneficial political model for humanity, nothing matters, in essence since the communist failure
    • Jihadism - The worst thing you can find today in the Middle East, they are literally declared anti-Semites who want to kill all the Jews they can and without necessarily any repercussions in this regard, a piece of shit that does not need conversation but immediate destruction
    • Caesarism - Because of you, the whole problem started, the expulsion of millions of Jews just for the sake of it and everything that has led to what it is today is simply disgusting and I sincerely hope that you are rotting in your grave for basically creating the diasphora and that we are discriminated against because of who we are
    • Nazism - One of the worst things that Germany has created without a doubt, simply a racist ideology with hardly any basis that tries to justify its acts of genocide of Jews, but not only that but of gypsies, homosexuals and Slavs for the simple fact of being so, believing that it is something legitimate, in the end everyone knows how this regime ended XD


    Pretty Based

    • Opkedism - You're pretty cool honestly, but seems that you don't like me so much for being a zionist or whatever, you're fine
    • CHROMATISM - I don't know you very well, but from what I've seen in general you have a good political ideology, even though I'm not a fan of transhumanism


    Pretty Cringe


    • Left Islamism - I think you won't be surprised to see you here xd, but honestly knowing that you are an islamist, anti-zionist and especially adding socialism, I'm sorry but no
      • Cant say im surprised, eventually ill convince you islamism is good smh


    • - Add me?
    • CHROMATISM - Addedede
    • Add me?
    • - add meeee

    Zelligism adddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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