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    Yellow Turbanism was the ideology of the Yellow Turban Army of the General of Heaven, Zhang Jue.


    The Way of the Taiping originated in the reign of Emperor Shun of Han of the Eastern Han Dynasty (126-144). A Fangshi named Gan Ji (Some later histories referred to him as Yu Ji) claimed that he received a divine book called the Taiping Qingling Shu (太平清領書) from a pond in Quyang County, and thereafter started to build elaborate temples and established rituals like the burning of incense and the reading of Taoist manuscripts. He also treated the people's (Baixing) illnesses with burnt Fulu mixed with water, and he became very popular amongst them. According to the Book of Later Han, during the reign of Emperor Shun (125–144), Gong Chong (宮崇), one of Gan Ji's disciples, submitted the Taiping Qingling Shu to the emperor, but did not receive substantial attention. Gong Chong's disciple Xiang Kai tried the same, but his efforts also faltered. Later on, the book fell into the hands of Zhang Jue, who established the Way of the Taiping.

    Zhang Jue proposed the slogan of "Cangtian (heaven, blue sky) is dead, the Huangtian (yellow sky) has been established, the age is at Jiazi (184AD), tianxia experiences great fortune" (蒼天已死,黃天當立,歲在甲子(184年),天下大吉), and theorised that of Zou Yan's cycle of five elements (Wu Xing), the Earth (Yellow) element was to replace the Han Dynasty's Fire element. Zhang Jue's followers wrote the slogan in the capital and yamen walls of the provinces and prefectures, and planned for the leader of the large Fangs Ma Yuanyi to lead the tens of thousands of followers from Jing Province and Yang Province to rise up on the 5th of March 184AD. Ma went around the capital and nearby cities to prepare for the rebellion, and had officials within the Palace walls as spies. But the central government caught wind of the conspiracy, and Ma was torn asunder by chariots for treason. Emperor Ling of Han ordered the arrest of Zhang Jue and his followers, and this prompted Zhang to initiate the Yellow Turban Rebellion in February, with the scale of the rebellion shocking the court. New followers flocked from all over the country to join the Way of the Taiping.

    Within the same year of the uprising, Zhang Jue died from an illness, Zhang Bao was killed, and Zhang Liang fell in battle. The Yellow Turban Army still resisted in various locales for the next ten years, and many joined Cao Cao's army later on, and some surrendered to other warloads until Three Kingdoms Period. The Way of the Taiping survived in a different form, even after the Jin Dynasty, in the worship of the Taiping Di Jun(太平帝君).


    Zhang Jue used a form of Taoism that healed the sick by making them confess their sins and by faith healing. The ideology of the Yellow Turbans was based on the belief in an apocalyptic change to the world was coming and, in the jiazi year, the Han Dynasty would fall and the sky would turn yellow. The peasants started wearing yellow turbans around their heads to show that they believed in Zhang Jue's ideology. All of the practices of the religious sect were done communally, with all members of the community taking part, including women and those who were perceived as "barbarians". Many Xiongnu warriors would join the Yellow Turbans and the Xiongnu supported Zhang Jue.


    Yellow Turbanism likes meditating with his best friends, Taoist Anarchism and Pagan Theocracy.




    • Cao Cao - You sided with the corrupt and decadent Han to suppress me, but after the collapse of the Han we sided with you.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - GREEDY PRO-LANDLORD DECADENT FIL- Wait you hate taxes as well?


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