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    Yellow-Jacketism or Gilet-Jauneism is the ideology of the yellow jackets movement, a populist protest movement that was essentially active in France during Emmanuel Macron's mandate, especially the first half. While it was first deemed as apolitical by many Yellow-Jackets, it gradually became more left oriented as the claims of the movement centered around economic and fiscal justice and democratic progress.


    The Yellow Jacket movement advocates for :

    • Increase in the minimum wage
    • End to austerity measures
    • Improved standard of living
    • Government transparency and accountability
    • Improved government services for rural areas
    • Constitutional proposal for a Citizens' initiative referendum, including constitutional, legislative, abrogative, recall initiatives

    They act through weekly protest in both urban and rural areas, occasionally gathering from all over the country to protest at the capital city, often attacking symbols of power.

    Aside massive protests, Yellow-Jackets' groups occupy public places such as roundabouts.

    The movement is very decentralized and voluntarily devoid of hierarchy. Yellow-Jackets also refuse to officially nominate leaders, representatives or spokespersons.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Yellow-Jacketism

    Movement design :

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it yellow.
    3. Draw two horizontal lines in grey in the bottom half.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Fluorescent Yellow 210,255,0 #D2FF00
    Light Grey 204,204,204 #CCCCCC




    • Syndicalism - You can come protest with us, but don't try to take the lead.


    • Macronism - Macron, destitution! Macron, décapitation! Macron..! P*tain... EXPLOSION!

    Further Information


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