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    Hi welcome to my ideological page, this self-insert belongs to the user Yanilord. It is an individualistic and nihilistic ideology that rejects things that only hold back people's self ownership, such as: morality, religion, tradition, government, ect.



    • Anti-Humanism
    • Nihilism
    • Individualism
    • Egoism
    • Moral Nihilism
    • Gnostic Atheism
    • Metaphysical Materialism
    • Skepticism
    • Anti-Foundationalism
    • Post-Structuralism
    • Post-Modernism
    • Constructivism


    • Anti-Democracy
    • Union of Egoists
    • Self-Rule
    • Political Abolition


    • Anti-Progressivism
    • Anti-Conservatism
    • Anti-Idpol
    • Anti-Religion
    • Anti-SJW
    • Post-Feminism
    • Queer Nihilism
    • Sexual Freedom
    • Unconditional Pro-Choice


    Ideological Beliefs



    Culture is oppressive to one's individuality regardless how much you try to "reform" it, therefore it's better to abolish cultural issues all together. In this regard, I oppose both modern day conservatism and progressivism. Woke moralists want to impose pseudo egalitarian social norms onto you, while conservatives want to impose imaginary values onto you, both are the same and should be rejected for cultural nihilism.

    Sexual Freedom

    You should be allowed to sell your body for sex or pornography, even if I don't personally use these I wouldn't stop others from using them since I don't personally care if that wasn't obvious. Also, abortion would be legal with no exceptions.

    Live and Let live

    This is a bit of an expansion of the previous part above, you should be allowed to do whatever you want with your own body. Such as getting euthanized, victimless crimes, ect. Your body is your property and what you choose to do with it is nobody's business but your own.

    Anti-Liberal Individualism

    Liberalism is oligarchical and elitist, therefore making it detrimental towards the individual worth of a person. My form of individualism rejects liberal thought entirely if it wasn't obvious.


    They are just people and shouldn't be discriminated against because of their sexuality, honestly this issue shouldn't even be an issue to begin with. Although, the current LGBT community is neckdeep in idpol and SJW culture which isn't good, but the individuals should be allowed to do whatever they want. As for transgenders, they should be given the help they need, gender is only a cultural concept and doesn't exist in reality. You should be allowed to identify as anything you want, although the gender binary shouldn't be abolished, if someone wants to identify as a man or women voluntary that's fine.

    Gender Issues

    Gender issues don't matter, if someone wants to conform to societal norms then let them choose to or not, although I do have ideological criticisms of feminism because of its excessive focus on meaningless things like culture wars and woman's "rights" (I don't believe in rights to begin with), my ideal form of feminism would be individualistic and nihilistic.


    Anarchist Anti-Democracy

    Democracy is just another form of mob rule that strips you of your individuality through being controlled by a few people, a direct democracy isn't much better since the issue still hasn't changed it's just that it's a lot more people. So therefore, the rejection of governmental systems is the best.

    Union of Egoists

    There would exist such unions made up of fellow egoists which would be all voluntary associations that would not be put above the individual will of the people, making this way of organization a way of keeping one's individuality.

    Philosophical Beliefs


    If it wasn't obvious, I'm an atheist. More specifically, a positive gnostic atheist. Which just basically means that I hold 100% certainty about god and the supernatural not existing while knowing those don't exist. I have to clarify this because gnostic atheism and positive atheism are two different things, as positive atheism is only a positive disbelief in god while gnostic atheism is making a knowledgeable claim to god's nonexistence, to which I am both.


    I'm a materialist, we're just atoms bouncing around in space with no reason or purpose so therefore anything that isn't material doesn't exist. Along with this, humans do not have free will.


    I'm a moral nihilist, actions aren't moral or immoral because morality as a concept is vague and doesn't exist. Morality as a concept only holds back individuals and isn't even a good way of gauging whether or not actions are good so it should be rejected as a concept.


    I'm an individualist, simply put. Don't care what other people, be yourself. People are different and that's a good thing. No matter if it personally disgusts me, I'm not a tolerant person but I don't believe I'm of any authority to tell you otherwise.

    Ideological Relations


    • Anarcho-Individualism - If I have the right to govern myself, all external governance is tyranny. Although, some of you guys are spooked by morality, which is cringe for me. Just don't be moralistic and we're good.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - I get some of the ideological critiques of egoism from a post-left perspective, but this is still a good ideology none-the-less.
    • Post-Leftism - The left shouldn't be relied on.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - Nothing matters.
    • Catgirlism - You really understand me, nyah~


    • Anarcha-Feminism - I get ideological inspiration from your post variants, but many of your followers are culture war idpol obsessed SJWs as well. Just don't rely on culture and you're good in my books.
    • Social Anarchism - The least worst economic system, better than capitalism but socialism is still dumb although this would be better than the status quo.
    • Anti-Liberalism - Liberalism is gay as shit but so is fascism, just quit the fascism please.
    • Anti-Environmentalism - Environmental ideology is completely bogus and there is nothing we as humans can do to stop it, but please don't oppose the actual environment because preserving it from the industrialist system is important.



    • Manosphere - I get your ideological critiques of feminism, but it's not oppressive and hating women is bad.
    • Capitalism - Capitalism is in no way individualist and is oppressive.
    • Socialism - Collectivistic mob rule, you should know how I feel about this.
    • Progressivism - "Progress" doesn't matter.
    • Conservatism - Your values are imaginary and don't exist.
    • Religions - Your delusional fairytales have caused nothing but death and destruction, your "objective" morality doesn't exist.
    • Humanism - Another religion.
    • Nationalism - Imaginary lines on a map do not suit my needs.
    • Globalism - Globalism is totalitarian and gay.


  • Autistic Esoteric Post-Leftism - We have a lot of ideological overlap and we're both individualist anarchists which is based, but your rejection of egoism is cringe but not cringe enough for me to rank you lower. Also, why are you spooked by morality? Outside of these nitpicks I have of your ideology, I think it's pretty solid.
  • Floofel's Thought - Besides the very minor ideological disagreements we have that aren't really worth mentioning, I don't see anything wrong with your beliefs.
  • Good

    • Ego-Progressivism - I'm personally neutral over existentialism and post-leftism is always appreciated, but your reliance of progressivism and other things like transhumanism aren't. Drop the progressive stuff and realize that culture itself is the thing you need to oppose.


    • Super-Market-Capitalism - Individualism, atheism, opposition towards religion, opposing conservatism and democracy are based. But that is overshadowed by your capitalism, progressivism, internationalism, and zionism, and monarchism. Overall bad but not enough to be put in the rank below you.
    • O'Langism - I'm honestly unsure were to put you so you'll being going here for now. As for your ideology, being an anarchist and individualist is mucho basedo, but progressivism and internationalism aren't. Your ideology would be an improvement over the status quo we are currently living under, but, you gotta learn that a lot of the stuff you're fighting for is ultimately pointless.



    • Yani Nihilism - If you want to be added to my page or make a comment on my ideological beliefs than do so here.
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    • - Oh, great, that you added comment section! So my letter has reached you.
      • Yani Nihilism - I was gonna add comments regardless.
        • - Also good. I have a question - what do you think about such a thing as ethical egoism?
    • HelloThere314 - Add me?
    • Neo Post-Left Autism - Could You update me? There is enough information on my page. Also I removed my old comment if You don't mind it.
    • Schumacherianism - add me? :D
    • Ego-Stalinism - a d d m e , m y n i h i l i s t " c o m r a d e "