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    NOTE: Please note that this page is subject to change. YTrojanism reflects YTrojan's current views, and thus, can change at any moment. Thus, the page can be considered a permanent WIP.

    NOTE 2: This page will continue to be current for a "Sane" YTrojan. YTrojan's actual ideology is now Esoteric YTrojanism.

    YTrojanism is an Authoritarian Right, Culturally Syncretic (but Right Leaning), Economically Third Position ideology. It abandons many Ba’athist policies, like Anti-Pornism. It represents the realistic outcome of YTrojan taking control of a nation.


    YTrojanism's actual policy can best be described as a mix between Saddamism, Salazarism, and Xenogenderism.


    YTrojan's cultural views are mostly similar to Saddamism, but adapted to American values. This makes it a rather conservative ideology.

    Still, YTrojanism abandons some of the policies it deems to be "un-American," like Anti-Pornism.


    The one place where YTrojanism isn't traditionalist is LGBT rights, especially Xenogender rights.


    YTrojanism is Corporatist in nature. It takes the Salazarist approach to economic policy.


    YTrojanism is extremely militaristic.




    • Brazilian Liberalism: Aren’t you just Neolib but more Pro-LGBT?
    • Brazilian Progressivism: Just Brazilian Liberalism but slightly worse.
    • Erissianism: I like your position on LGBTQ rights, but Order is preferable to Anarchy. Also, Corporatism is superior to Socialism.
    • Saddamism: The Closest thing to me in real life. But why are you so sex negative?
    • Neoliberalism: The Status Quo. Progressive, Democratic, and Capitalist. At least you like LGBT rights.
    • Neo-Kiraism: I like your ideas on gender, but what do you have against Saddamist Corporatism or the Porn Industry?
    • File:Nickfuentesfanhat.png Nickfuentesfan Thought: I like most of your ideas. Cool it on the Homophobia, though.
    • SJW: Why do you hate me? I am secular, Anti-Islamist, Pro-LGBT, and support Xenogender Rights.
    • Serbian Socialism - I don't like commies. At all. At least you support LGBT rights!
    • MugiKotobuki8814ism: Drop the Homophobia, please. Other wise, BASED!
    • Esoteric YTrojanism: Oh my god, WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!


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