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    "People can really believe anything these days!" - Ismism
    This page is meant to represent RonaldMcTroll's political views. Please do not make any major edits without their permission.


    Xirlan Thought is an ideology that is culturally traditional Trad.png, civically authoritarian Sec.png ideology which is also moderate for freedom Liberty.png, that advocate an authoritarian democracy Authdem.png with a SemiAuthPar.png dominant-party system, and economically capitalist Cap.png being economic right, by being moderate interventionist Necon.png and moderate non-interventionist Antiwest.png (50/50), and nationalist Nation.png. This ideology is placed on the right unity Rightunity-yellow.png zone leaning on the authoritarian right side Authright.png on the political compass.

    Xirlan is inspired by the ideas of the Caudillo of Spain Franco-alt.png Francisco Franco for the power of the minister except that it replaces the function of Caudillo for the regime of Xirlan, and he is also inspired about the ideas of Gaullismicon2.png General De Gaulle when he was a Monarch.png monarchist, Cball-Bourbonism.png legitmist, especially for his Conservative.png conservative ideas, while also drawing inspiration from the legitimist patriotism of the first and the LouisXVIIIBall.png second restoration of the monarchy in France, which is a form of french patriotism while also being inspired by the FrenchRoyalist Patriotism2.png legitimist patriotism of the LouisXVIIIBall.png first and LouisXVIIIBall.png second restoration of the LouisXVIIIBall.png monarchy in France which is a form of french patriotism and is also inspired by the constitution of 1814 in France but with some modifications. Xirlan in conclusion wants a semi-constitutional monarchy which is democratic with civil liberties but which is predominantly leaning towards authority and who is also inspired by the constitution of 1814 with some aspects of Francoism and some conservative ideas of Gaullism as well as his Monarchism during his childhood.

    He is against Leftunity.png economic leftist, Republicanismpix.png republican (mostly left-wing forms), World.png globalist, Transh.png tech extremists, Anprim.png anti tech extremists, Awaj.png anarchist, Totalitarian.png totalitarian, SJW.png wokeist, and Ultraprogressivism.png radical progressive ideologies.

    Cap.png Economy - Companies - Services Markets.png

    Xirlan says that economic liberalism Econlib.png is a very good economic system. He believes in the combination of a capitalist economy Cap.png with a market Markets.png activity where the state does not intervene in some things in the economy in addition to advocating the free market, and which does not does not control companies, it supports a free market and an export economy with some minimal regulations Regulationism.png. He wants to monopolize trade and prices, Xirlan wants to renegotiate free trade agreements for the free market in terms of trade because he mainly wants to increase trade with the allies of France, from Europe to North America mainly to maintain good relations while lowering the price of goods a little bit. He says that trade with China is still necessary but need somes minimals regulations for trade and that France must trade with allied and neutral countries to then balance the relations there for a positive trade. He says that concerning some countries having negative relations with France will still be able to trade but under some minimal regulations Regulationism.png, like China for example on trade with them, and that extremely hostile countries such as for example in 80- or 90- relations, will simply not have no trade with France, which is a form of protectionism Protect.png. He also wants to reform the labor code which penalizes companies on certain things, also wanting to lower taxes while giving more freedom to companies in particular, he wants to remove regulations in the labor code to encourage companies to hire. Xirlan promotes the privatization of private banks by also supporting the right to private property. Xirlan wants to abolish the minimum wage to push people to work even harder to succeed in life, which increases social cooperation. According to Xirlan, some schools may be public and free and other schools may be private. He also wants public transport to no longer be free.

    Xirlan on social ideas, wants to end the health insurance monopoly, people will be able to insure themselves with private companies. He supports the protection Protect.png of French companies which will be put in place by the State against certain foreign investments such as China Cball-China.png when they trade with China for example or other countries with negative relations with France, which is an another form of protectionism, and the State will only be able to protect French companies from certain foreign investments which are also often hostile, which means that the State will be able to protect French companies but not control them. Freedom of trade and industry will be inscribed in the new French constitution, the law will draw all the consequences. The constitution will cap income tax and corporation tax at 20%, wealth tax at 0.5%, and abolish inheritance tax. Public expenditure will be reduced to 40% of GDP (currently 57%). The contract may derogate from the labor code, the collective agreement, the company agreement, which will no longer be binding on it. Derogations modifying the labor code must be implemented with respect for the fundamental rights of individuals. National preference will be put in place for employment, housing and public contracts. He wants non-European immigrants to pay a tourist tax when they go on vacation to finance the public debt. If they are not solvent, then they will simply be expelled. Xirlan wants to grant the birth of a first child a bonus of 900€ per year until he turns 18 to boost the birth rate. He also wants to open 250,000 additional nursery places. Xirlan concerning schools wants public schools which are religious or not and private schools whether they are religious or not to coexist without ensuring that the school is mainly paying or not, other religions such as Orthodox Christianity, Judaism messianic and non-practicing, as well as non-extreme Islam will not have religious schools for their own religion, they will have the choice of going to a non-religious public school or going to a private school that is not not religious by learning the values ​​of France without spreading their religion. Xirlan proposes and supports these economics and social reforms.

    Cball-France.png Diplomacy - Trade - Alliances Nation.png

    Xirlan on the subject of diplomacy wants France Cball-France.png to leave NATO Necon.png but leaving only the integrated command because he still wants to stay in NATO against Socialism Soc.png and Communism Commie.png without being controlled by the Zionists Zio.png, he wishes to maintain with the United States Cball-US.png good relations which will be +35, he wants to have negative relations with Russia which will be -35 Cball-Russia.png.

    Xirlan is a rattachist, he wishes the attachment of Wallonia Cball-Wallonia.png by a referendum for the Walloons and the French, which gives a form of irredentism Irridentism.png.

    On the subject of trade, Xirlan would like to continue trading with China Cball-China.png, saying that it would make France Cball-France.png too dependent economically in terms of imported products, but wishes to protect French companies against Chinese investments when they trade with China, with some precautions and some protective measures such as minimum regulations, Xirlan wishes to trade with several countries with mainly the classic allies of France Cball-France.png which are Western Europe for free trade which include Spain Cball-Spain.png for natural resources such as food, Italy Cball-Italy.png for manufactured goods, United Kingdom Cball-UK.png for natural resources but there will be balanced relations on the subject of diplomacy with the United Kingdom which will be +25 (the relations will be balanced), Norway Cball-Norway.png and Sweden Cball-Sweden.png for industrial resources but moderate on some points. Germany Cball-Germany.png for diplomatic management and consequent industry, but again like the United Kingdom Cball-UK.png, relations will be balanced and will be this time +20, for Eastern Europe he also wants to trade with the necessary materials, with NATO Necon.png and EU Cball-EU.png members in Eastern Europe, for example, Poland Cball-Poland.png, Hungary Cball-Hungary.png, Romania as well as the rest of the materials provided by Eastern countries that are in the European Union and NATO. Outside of Europe, trade will take place in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In North America, trade will be with the United States Cball-USA.png and Canada Cball-Canada.png for natural resources as well as other materials by exchange. In South America, Xirlan says that Panama will be helpful in providing access to its strait for trade which is the Panama Strait as well as other countries. In Africa, Xirlan wants to trade with the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) for uranium, Morocco Cball-Morocco.png for gold, diamonds, coal, as well as the naval trade which also gives access to the Pacific, Egypt and Ethiopia because they have a lot of influence in Djibouti, and South Africa Cball-South Africa.png as strategic points like the straits or the canals, Uganda and Tanzania for oil as well as other countries. In Asia, Xirlan wants to trade with Saudi Arabia Cball-Saudi.png, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, these Arab countries will be helpful when it comes to trading minerals and minerals. other forms of natural resources such as oil for large partnerships for oil gas or even large investments for France which will ensure that relations will be at +10 to give a balance, elsewhere in Asia, Turkey Ottoman.png will be useful for certain strategic points in straits or canals for trade with +10 relations, India Cball-India.png for petroleum oil and bituminous minerals (other than crude oils), fiber optics with fiber optic cables as well as fiber optic bundles, switchgear with sectioning and protection, connection , the connection or connection of electrical wires such as switches, switches, relays, circuit breakers, wave spreaders, plugs and sockets, junction boxes for voltage, except cabinets and desks, new rubber tires will also be necessary in trade with India, as well as trunks, suitcases and briefcases, briefcases, items of jewelry or jewelery and their parts made of precious minerals or hidden or lined, and more. Indonesia Cball-Indonesia.png will also be useful for minerals and for certain resources, Malaysia Cball-Malaysia.png will be a second strategic point in Asia also for straits and canals as well as other countries on the subject of straits and trade in Asia. In Oceania, Xirlan wants to trade with Australia Cball-Australia.png for minerals and resources. (The countries mentioned that France trade are countries as well as others will be chosen on the idea of ​​trade, and all the products have not been mentioned for each country because there are many, but this gives some examples of countries which should trade or which always trade with France or which do not have certain similar products mentioned all the time, but this is a summary of it on the trade of what Xirlan wishes to make on this).

    Regarding alliances, Xirlan wants to stay in NATO Necon.png but simply leave the integrated command because France is easily controlled by the Zionists when it is in the integrated command. He agrees with some NATO orders but he also opposes some of their orders. He still wants to stay in NATO despite this to fight against Communism and Socialism.

    Outside of Europe, Xirlan only wants to ally with Armenia Cball-Armenia.png.png, Brazil Cball-Brazil.png, Australia Cball-Australia.png, New Zealand Cball-Newz.png, South Korea Ilminism.png and Japan Cball-Japan.png. Xirlan wishes not to get involved in some conflicts around the world like some in the Middle East for example but he also wants to stay in some conflicts like the war in Syria Cball-Syria.png against Bashar-Al -Assad and others, Xirlan is then moderate on the idea of ​​intervening or not abroad. But Xirlan wishes to interfere only in certain Third World conflicts. Whether for NATO or not, he is against the Islamic State Cball-Isis.png and Al-Qaeda Jihad.png, receiving funding from NATO (not all the time) of the civil war but just by eliminating the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, Xirlan wishes by confronting the jihadists in the four parts of the world to save the Christians persecuted by the Islamists and to protect them from all forms of chaos in their countries in a safe zone, but if the safe zone is compromised the non-French Christians will join the French army which fights abroad, the men will fight, the women will fight and those who are pregnant will be protected, the children will also go to fight while the weakest will remain safe at the Front from all this, when a conflict ends in victory, foreigners will have to leave the French army and create their own army according to their country of origin. where they show up and the weak will have better conditions ons of life after the conflict and makes reparations, but if the conflict ends in defeat, the French army will have done its necessary in the conflict and will have to withdraw, the non-French Christians who died will have fought against the jihadists but those who survived will have support from a distance and also to hide the weak if the country is occupied by jihadists. Xirlan knows that ISIS Cball-Isis.png and Al-Qaeda Jihad.png are linked to the Zionists Zio.png on the fact that they were financed by them, but he will not physically declare war on the Zionists, but will simply fight against the Islamist movements to save (if Xirlan can) save the Christians persecuted by them.

    Conservative.png Conservation - Royalty - Community Community.png

    Xirlan wants a return to a conservative and a patriotic society, by preserving the history of France and showing the patriotic values ​​of France to the people, by also ensuring that Christianity is the majority religion in France, and that its history is learned, but Xirlan respects the choice, Christians will have the right to keep their religion but to be practicing or also non-praticing, a program showing the history of religion in France will be shown to those who do not believe in God, they too will have the choice not to be all Christians, but will be able to stop hating the Christian religion which is one of the origins of France while being aware that it is their story. Xirlan says that the Christian religion must be the majority in France, but not everyone needs to be Christian for some who are Orthodox Christians, Mesiannic Jews and non-practicing Jews, and non-extreme Muslims, Xirlan wants to summarize the return of the Christian majority and not a forced conversion to Christianity. Xirlan also says that the people must learn the history of France and french culture to know it better on many aspects concerning all of the timelines as well as the truths which must be showed to them.

    Xirlan has respect for Gaullismicon2.png General De Gaulle who had good relations[1] with dictators like Franco-alt.png Francisco Franco for example, he also wants to keep the legacy of Gaullismicon2.png General De Gaulle, knowing that Gaullismicon2.png Charles De Gaulle who had saved France was actually a hidden royalist and who was influenced by Charles Maurras on a form of French patriotism.

    On the subject of the state, Xirlan wants to abolish the republic and restore the French monarchy, a semi-constitutional monarchy where the king has some powers with the prime minister and similar to somes aspects of Francoism Franco.png and the French Monarchy of 1815 during the reign of LouisXVIIIBall.png Louis XVIII in terms of ideas. Xirlan says that the Republic is dividing France and its people that what the Republican Education said was formatting as well as manipulation that seeks the destruction of France by pulling the French people by the strings as the monarchy united the people and made France strong and left people free without dividing them against left-wing and ultra-progressives ideas.

    Xirlan on the subject of the order supports an authoritarian democracy Authdem.png, saying that non-authoritarian democracy slows down France and that talking nonsense wreaks havoc on the intelligence of the people. Xirlan wants the State to have authority over justice, the police, as well as national defense which is the army and to entrust the rest to the private sector, some of whose management would be effective.

    Xirlan supports and advocates a conservative freedom, he supports free speech for the people but wants the people on certain topics to know what they are saying because Xirlan supports free speech, but wants the people to know what to say because Xirlan can't stand people talking nonsense about certain topics. He also opposes the censorship of the media who want to be truly neutral for some and of those who are on the right. Xirlan says that people who are politically neutral or right-wing will have the right to hate him if they want, except that the slightest attempts to overthrow the government under Xirlan's ruling will be severely punished by law, but Xirlan does not force people on the right to be from a political party and neither those who are neutral, for people on the right they can be independent if no political party adheres to their ideas or does not suit them. Xirlan wants to ban left-wing propaganda as well as what allows the left to influence certain people to follow their ideas, he wants people who follow left-wing ideas to become bona fide again by being neutral or being right-wing by stopping to advocate the ideas of the left, if they have done a negative act that supports the left, they will have the right to three chances of rehabilitation and that if they exceed the three chances that will have been given to them, they will have to face justice French and will suffer heavy consequences such as the death penalty if the act that exceeded the last chance was very serious. Xirlan regarding the three chances of rehabilitation says that this will also be the case for inmates who have done a not very serious or a little serious crime, and also for some inmates who have committed serious crimes who can be rehabilitated while for others criminals who have committed serious acts which are not forgivable will not be rehabilitated and will have to face the consequences depending on the act they have done.

    Xirlan supports the French community of each region and province on their national values ​​and their external well-being rather than submitting to a total collective advocating requisition. Xirlan sees individual and community interests as ultimately complementary, because according to him it is necessary in the best interests of individuals to participate and align their lives with society, such as coming together to form a conservative and right-wing community opposes to a division because of left-wing propaganda. In this way, Xirlan is not fundamentally anti-individualistic, but rather believes absolute individualism is harmful when it contradicts the common good at specific times.

    Xirlan wants to bring back the French nobility in its physical form with their inheritances for some but will not have privileges, the titles of nobility will be back physically but will only be incidental and will be transmitted in terms of inheritance for each family but that will depend for some.

    SemiAuthPar.png A Semi-Authoritarian Democracy and a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy SemiConmon.png

    Xirlan, declaring himself an opponent of republican rule and indirect democracy, declares that this form of democracy is in reality a bad dictatorship with the majority of the members having power including their adherents who are protected by the government.

    Xirlan finds it useless to elect a person with political opinions too different from others for a limited time, he says that this form of system weakens the people by dividing them. He favors a dominant party system with other small political parties present, he will be in power for 5 years and will ask the people if they want to be reelected when the time comes, but if he does not want to be reelected, Xirlan will always have the choice to refuse to be reelected if he wants by his will while leaving the other moderate right-wing and far-right political parties by letting them still exist for the Chamber of Deputies and Departments with the Chamber of Peers without them being in the majority since his dominant party will have another successor since they will decide for themselves, he tolerates the other political parties which are center to center right and center-right to the far-right, but not the political parties of the left-wing side, because he says that we can have various ideas but not the bad ones and he does not say not that because it is his opinion but because it is simply a hard truth to admit when it comes to a political family which is the left-wing opposing the right-wing with "egalitarian" values as they do the contra go in many forms. Xirlan does not force people who have rightist ideas to belong to a political party nor those who are neutral, for right-wing people they can be independent if no political party adheres to their ideas or does not like them.

    For Xirlan, the French people must not interfere less in the politics of the country but will have the right not to interfere completely, they will only have to elect the deputies whether they are those of the majority or not in term of political parties which are center-right to the extreme right and then end up debating in terms of conservative ideas with their fellow men and their relatives and friends who are interested in this in their social life. Xirlan wants people to sometimes care about their daily lives. Xirlan sets up "La Nouvelle Liberté" in the villages, they will be able to vote in the elections on all that is management of the trades, taxes, management of the schools, jurors, magistrates, deputies by looking at the programs of the political parties which they will read for then go to the prefecture of their city, their commune and their village to elect the mayor of their city, their commune or their village, and also to vote in the natinonal elections when the 5 years of mandate of the Primer Minister pass. There will also be a parliament which will be composed of two chambers, The Chamber of Deputies and Departments (which is also the Lower Chamber and the one which will vote the laws located in the Palais Bourbon in Paris) which will be elected in each constituency by the people who are in different right-wing political parties which are center to center-right and center-right to the far-right or may for some be right-wing whether moderate or extreme while being independent, Xirlan will want the people to choose their representatives by being in each political party or may be independent in terms of voting if not many political parties is similar to their ideas for some, while being on the right without being in a political party, the Chamber of Deputies and Departments will also be used for the legislative elections in France for the deputies of each party politicians from the moderate right to the extreme right or also who are independent. The Chamber of Peers will be a bicameral assembly (which is The Upper Chamber being located in the Luxembourg Palace), where the Head of State will be the King and who will name the President of the Chamber of Peers and the President of the Senate who has majority votes compared to the other candidates that he may have dominated in terms of votes, the legislature will be unique on the categories of the appointment, and a very long time ago by an ordinance of August 13, 1815, Louis XVIII gave up appointing peers for life, instituting in practice heredity of the peerage and just after, each peer is most often attached to a noble title. The members of the chamber of peers will be classified into three types of peers which will be the peers of right, that is to say the Fils de France, the Petits-Fils de France and the Princes du Sang, the ecclesiastical peers, and the peers hereditary. The peerage will have to be exclusively for life and the King will not attach any title of nobility to it because the privileges of counties are abolished, the titles of nobility will only be incidental in the eyes of the government and the State, but the inheritance will always be present. Citizens will be forced to vote in national elections for the new Prime Minister advancing the right to vote to the age of 25, but citizens of voting age will not be forced to vote in legislative elections, they can vote but it will be their choice, and this time the property tax vote will be present with 17,40€ in taxes.

    Xirlan wants the return of the LouisXVIIIBall.png French monarchy by reusing the constitution of 1814 which was written by LouisXVIIIBall.png Louis XVIII, with some modifications, such as making that Christian religion in France in majority whether practicing or non-practicing Christianity, the Prime Minister and the King will tolerate these religions such as Orthodoxism, Protestantism, as well as Non-Practicing Judaism who is also Ultra-Orthodox and Messianic for Judaism and also non-praticing Judaism, but Talmudic Judaism will be banned in France, Non-Extreme Islam, Shintoism, Messianic Judaism, will be allowed without showing in public, religions related to Christianity like Protestantism or Orthodoxism under other branches will not have the right to abuse showing their religion too much sometimes, They will be able to show it sometimes but will not have the right to abuse when they show it, and will not have the right to influence people to be of their religion like what it will be for Muslims, non-practicing Jews, some of whom will be Messianic, ultra-Orthodox, and non-Talmudic, as well as Shintoists forbidden to propagate their religion, non-believers and atheists who can follow the program of the Christian history of France will be aware of their story on the subject of religion also without being Christian because they will have the choice to be Christians after they are aware, they can also become agnostic, which means to believe in God but to be not a part of any religion. Fakes religions such as Satanism will be banned and atheism will often be reduced in France, there are still other examples which will slightly modify the constitution of 1814, the chamber of deputies will be able to discuss certain things to be changed in the constitution only if it is necessary.

    Unitary.png Moderate Centralization and Moderate Cultural Regionalism Region.png

    Xirlan opposes total centralization by saying that total centralization destroys regional traditions as the Republic did after 1789 concerning the sovereignty of regions in cultures. Xirlan would also like to put in place the regional cultures and languages ​​in the appropriate regions to be learned second from where he comes from, but that French is also learned first mainly at school.

    But on the other hand, Xirlan supports a centralization but moderate, where each local government in each provinces is under the orders of the State, the governments will not have the right to upset the regional cultures which will be minority but a little shown in secondary before the French culture, which gives a moderate centralism in terms of regional culture for France but which will not be in the majority because French will be the first language in each provinces. Local governments will set up proposal voting prefectures such as living conditions as well as surveys for each city, town and village for the inhabitants, municipal elections for mayors elected in terms of political parties or those who are independents also in terms of political parties, the national elections for the next prime minister every 5 years.

    Xirlan also says that there should be national laws and regional laws, local governments that obey the state will have to listen to this setting up laws placed the on location but not in other places for some, which makes the still moderate centralization.

    Heart-Integralism.png Counter-Revolution and Reactionarianism Reactcross.png

    Xirlan notably states that the French revolution was a disaster for France, even stating that the revolution is anti-French for its massacres in Brittany and Vendée Heart-Integralism.png and other regions. Xivan wants the return of the Bourbon monarchy, declaring that without a King, France is falling into disaster. Xirlan being French, is the ideas of Jacobins, Babouvists, Girondins, Plaineists, Feuillantists, Bonapartists, and others Jacobin.png Girondi.png Plain.png Feuillant.png Bonaparte.png who are responsible for this.

    Xirlan speaks of a sphere regrouping several branches of the New World Order (NWO) Illum.png, including the branch of French republicanism Republicanismpix.png which was the beginning of a disaster for the future of the current world it crosses in these 3 following anomalies: Atheism, Formatting, and Falsehood. What forms the Republic, as well as its illegitimacy and decadence as well as the spread of its ideas throughout the world.

    Cball-France.png A Sovereign France and a Moderate Euroscepticism Euroscept.png

    Xirlan wants France to remain in the European Union Cball-EU.png because it is optimal for the economy and that France leads everything that is the market, according to him a return to the French currency which is the franc would be literally impossible in view of the value of the euro and the dollar which is only increasing, he agrees with the idea of ​​strengthening European cohesion between countries. But Xirlan wants France to stay in the European Union by reforming it because the current system is leading us to a Federal Europe European Federalism.png, which is horrible. He wants to speed up the statutes of candidates within the EU, to create an enlargement for the countries which wish to enter the European Union and this enlargement would aim to help the countries to develop in order to become able to enter the EU. He also wants to reorganize the Schengen area and restore border control, he also wants to renegotiate free trade treaties because France buys much more than it sells. Xirlan is in favor of the suppression of reforms which have no use and which are ridiculous, such as the reform of the horse, the reform of the coopa law and other reforms which are against the sovereignty of France. In summary, Xirlan wants France to stay in the EU but be against some European reforms without leaving this Union, which is therefore a moderate euroscepticism Euroscept.png.

    File:AntiNazism2.png An Anti-Nazism File:AntiNazi2.png

    Xirlan is against Nazism and Neo-Nazism. Which is linked to the paganism of Heinrich Himmler and the pan-Germanism of Adolf Hitler. Nazism being anti-Catholic of the branch of Himmler and anti-France for its German nationalism is hostile to Xirlan and his thought.

    Neo-Nazism is, according to Xirlan, "Gogols-88" which seeks to destroy the image of nationalism, conservatism, sovereignty, traditionalism, as well as religion. He is also against their anti-Semitism saying that most Europeans are descended from Jews, he is on the other hand anti-zionist expansionist Antizion.png. He hates Zionist Jews who want to take over the world and who destroy the image of Jews who are isolationist Zionists and others who are not Zionists and who did not ask for anything in their plot.

    Indust.png Industrialization and Technology ReactPix.png

    Xirlan wants productivity and industry to be reduced, factories and nuclear power plants will be put far from cities, towns and villages so as not to pollute and not to rot the possibility of breathing the air quietly. Xirlan is not against the idea of ​​using technology, he supports the idea of ​​improving the technology of the army mainly as well as the security systems for the stability of the country. Xirlan wants to improve some electronic devices. He wishes to improve in technology what is useful compared to the modernism of our days which improves everything and anything. Xirlan wants to create technological products that can be environmentally friendly at the same time. Energy, in particular electricity, will be used in moderation depending on the situation or a moment, including the daily life of people in their free time on certain things.

    Envi.png A Moderate Environmentalist protection Envi.png

    Xirlan is not against the idea of ​​using wind turbines, he is also not against nuclear power but is in favor of the use of wind turbines. While using wind turbines and nuclear power in moderation, ie equally in each corner depending on where it should be placed. He wants private companies to respect the environment and also wants to penalize those who do not respect the environment.

    Xirlan absolutely wants to protect nature as much as possible while producing but respecting nature. He also wants to return to traditional breeding and put quotas in slaughterhouses.

    Xirlan wants to do all of this across the country depending on the location.

    ReactPix.png Use of Technology for Ecology Envi.png

    Xirlan wishes to use technology in preserving Earth's natural habitat by creating better technology in moderation to continue humanity's pursuit of achieving space colonization and environmentalism. Xirlan does not want to colonize space for territories, but for resources including minerals, ect. Xirlan wishes to preserve the traces of the history of France by using technology for ecological methods on Earth, such as devices used which plant trees in the right places, which can make drinking water, etc.

    Gay.png LGBTQIA+/'s Rights SJW.png

    Xirlan hates the LGBTQIA+/ community by including transgender, pansexual and others. Xirlan seeks to privilege heterosexuality Straight.png mainly without threatening homosexuals and bisexuals, but obviously they will not have the right to make propaganda against heterosexuality and heterosexuality will not have not the right either to make propaganda against homosexuality and biesexuality, he says that humanity needs in particular to live genetically and under biology to build a stable family which lasts and exists for several generations. But on the other hand, Xirlan has nothing against homosexuals Gay.png and bisexuals Bix.png because he said that at the time in past centuries, like for example Antiquity, the Middle Ages, or the Renaissance and Modern Times (Not to be confused with the Contemporary Age), some people were homosexuals and bisexuals in the past but did not get killed all the time in some countries, in France there were some restrictions concerning homosexuals and bisexuals during the Renaissance period in France for example. He says anyone can become homosexual by loving a man and bisexual by loving a man at the same time of loving a woman at any time. He says that gays and bisexuals can live their lives as long as they confess in church when they have had sex with someone of the same sex. Xirlan wants to ban PMA for the biology and genetics of PMA, he also wants to ban gay marriage but even if he does nothing to them he want to ban gay mariage because he does not want to ruin the churches for this kind of marriages. And he's also against left-wing homosexuals and bisexuals who are socialists, communists, and antifa. By making sure not to mix everyone in the same pile. He wants people to know the difference between gays and bisexuals who are not from the LGBTQIA+/ community which destroys their reputation, and those who are gay and bisexuals but who are part of the LGBTQIA+/ community which gives a bad image of these people.

    Fem.png Women's Rights Radfem.png

    Xirlan opposes the feminization of jobs, and would like the return of traditional gender roles Mat.png where the woman takes care of her children while her husband works. But there is one thing that changes, and that is that the woman can work from home and can go out for her work when necessary and when the children are responsible for themselves when their parents are not present.

    Except that, Xirlan does not oppose the idea of ​​the right to vote for women because under the Old Regime women had the right to vote for the elections of communes, and town halls, and villages. Which was also a reform of Louis XVI Cball-FranceKingdom.png

    Xirlan strongly opposes abortion, Xirlan says abortion is not a women's right. But it's a horrible idea that leads to the extinction of humanity and blinds women. He also says that the fetus argument that says the fetus is not alive and not yet ready to come out of the mother's womb is a meaningless argument that makes no sense, because if this logic is followed then no one exists because for a human being to exist in the world, the fetus must exist. This means that the fetus is then alive. Xirlan says that if a pregnant woman after being raped wants to have an abortion, then she is making a big mistake, a mistake that if the mother has an abortion, her memory of being raped will remain in her thoughts and will never be forgotten. Xirlan says women who have been raped should give birth and put the child in an orphanage, but on the other hand Xirlan authorizes abortion if the woman was raped only by a non-European man to abort the baby who is mixed race.

    Childism.png Education and Schooling Childism.png

    Xirlan wants to sort children who have good behavior and bad behavior. He says that parents should adapt to the functioning of their children according to their behaviors and to be stricter according to their behaviors on certain things, parents must take into account certain disabilities that children may have, such as by example dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysorthographia and still other disability disorders including autism as well. He wants children to have their freedoms in their lives too when their parents get along well with them and their children do the same with their parents or when their parents trust them if the freedom is great.

    Xirlan in terms of schooling wants the return of the patriotic school, he wants the children to be patriots of their Nation as well as of their values. Xirlan on the subject of religion wants everyone not to force the other to change religions because they are what they want but something only meant, Xirlan on his program for the school is also to show history Christianity and Christian France in its history so that children can be believers for Christianity, but can also have the choice to believe in God but not to practice this religion by being a Christian, what makes a non-practicing Christian or to be a Christian by practicing the Christian religion or to believe in God by not practicing any religion and being aware of their heritage and their history, Xirlan wants children who are Orthodox Christians, Messianic Jews and non-practicing Jews, as well as Muslims do not flout the Christian values ​​of France, he wants all children whether they are believers or not to recognize the history of their heritage which is also religious. Xirlan also wants to create special schools for disabled children with a triage of their disabilities with an understanding of their troubles for them, and strict schools for those who don't make an effort and are troublemakers like in schools more strict lesson hours when the limit is reached for them, by getting up very early in the morning for example.

    Ethplur.png Immigration Pan-Africanism.png

    Xirlan would like to re-emigrate all foreigners who are Arab, black, Asian, as well as those who are criminals in prison, those who are unemployed, and all those who do not serve the country (they can support the country without being in France), Xirlan says that immigrants should return to their country of origin. The purpose in which France is not greatly replaced, what is called ethno-pluralism Ethplur.png without being racist. Xirlan would also like to limit the rights of foreigners when they go sightseeing when they go on vacation and also renovate cities to make them much more normal neighborhoods.

    Xirlan by remigrating non-European and non-white foreigners (without being a white supremacist Whitesup.png), says that only European foreigners who will not be in the majority will be able to assimilate to the French culture according to their origins in Europe without showing the culture of their country of origin too much.

    StratoHelm.png Militarism Mil.png

    Xirlan wants France to become a great defensive military power again.

    Xirlan would like to restore military service, the length of service would be 1 year. Xirlan would like to modernize the army in several categories by modernizing the Army, the Air and Space Force, and the Army and the National Navy. The Army would have changed its name, the Army would be renamed "l'Armée Royale des Terres Françaises", the Air and Space Force would be renamed "La Royale de l'Air et de l'Espace". The French Navy would be renamed "La Marine Royale" hence its nickname in the history of France "La Royale". The Gendarmerie will also be modernized and renamed "La Maréchaussée".

    Xirlan would also like to create overseas armies and army regiments from different regions such as communal militias which will be in charge for this in the first security measures in each region under the control of the regional system, the second measures of security will be the reinforcement of communal militias, the third security measures will be the arrival of the Maréchaussée.

    Xirlan wants to do all of this by strengthening the French army and improving it for the country in case of aggression. Xirlan does not want to invade Europe or be expansionist, he wants to strengthen the French army for defense without attacking any country and by strengthening french patriotism and to be part of the great powers without attacking anyone by defending themselves only militarily in the event of aggression while being defensive.

    PolState.png Justice, Security, Police PolState-Car.gif

    Xirlan would like the death penalty reinstated. And that the prisons are less comfortable for the most dangerous criminals, Xirlan wishes several forms of cells with regard to the dangerousness of the criminal. Xirlan especially wants to build many cells in prisons in police stations and penitentiaries.

    Xirlan wants to allow self-defense for citizens in case of aggression or if there is an intruder who enters the private property of the citizens. The police may intervene if the intruder is still in the building or in the citizen's house or apartment. Citizens will be able to defend themselves while the police arrive when they are called by the citizen, if the police arrive too long and the situation escalates in the citizen with the intruder, he will be able to shoot him in self-defense. If the citizen does not manage to contact the police, he can shoot him if he is attacked by the intruder but will also have the choice of knocking him out to bring him while waiting for the police or to bring him back to the police. to the police station, he can kill the intruder if he can't knock him out and if he has no choice but to kill him, the citizen will have evidence or will have to take photos with traces or recordings or also to do this well before the intruder takes action so that the citizen can then show all this evidence to the police and that if the intruder manages to escape from the home or the building like a apartment or a house in terms of domicile too, the citizen can follow him if he wants to testify everything to the police. In conclusion, the citizens will be able to kill the intruder only in case of defense, but they will mainly have to bring him to justice.

    Crimes with firearms will be severely punished on innocent people killed for example due to shootings or robberies and also for terrorist attacks, hostage-taking if this happens, only one chance will be given to certain people who have committed murders or other illegal activities. If the convict destroys this chance which was granted to him with certain other people, will suffer the death penalty if the last crime he would have done would be very serious but it will be according to the act which has been done on the subject of the death penalty, if the crime he did by destroying his chance that he was granted was not very serious, he will be sentenced to several years in prison and will not be able to use weapons when he is released from prison.

    Xirlan supports divorce between a man and a woman when it is necessary as for example if the man lives badly with his wife or if the woman lives badly with her husband.

    Xirlan on the legalization of cigarettes is always for legalizing cigarettes for people who are in this addiction and with the warning of the cigarette for those who will want to test the cigarette.

    Xirlan on the subject of drug legalization is for legalizing drugs but not hard drugs, he wants to allow soft drugs only, but which will have the same use as alcohol, ie the moderation of drug use, he agrees on legalizing marijuana which is a plant that can also save people from cancer.

    Xirlan allows prostitution for men who can't have wives and can't stop their hormones, because without prostitution men who can't stop their hormones can sexually assault non-women. prostitutes, Xirlan wants to legalize prostitution to avoid rape on non-prostituted women, men will have to confess if they are Catholics or if they are from another religion that has been tolerated.

    Xirlan in terms of security wishes to advance the installation of cameras in cities, towns, and villages for the protection of citizens, as well as putting much more advanced cameras in Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, and Public Squares.

    Xirlan also wants the police to be authorized to shoot a person deemed wrong. Xirlan wishes the police were much more armed and equipped.

    LGRights.png Legalization of Weapons GRights.png

    Xirlan wants to legalize guns on certain conditions.

    For starters, Xirlan wants people to do a mentality test if some want to have a weapon.

    Xirlan also wants to create the firearms license. The permit will have several stages for the different classes of weapons for the smuggler.

    Weapons will be classified into 5 categories:

    -> Class A: Pistols
    -> Class B: Assault Rifles
    -> Class C: Submachine Guns
    -> Class D: Shotguns
    -> Class E: Sniper Rifles

    Xirlan would like the weapons to be legalized for some likely to have self-defense among the population. And weapons will be very expensive.

    Xirlan will be against the legalization of grenades or bombs deemed too dangerous for the public, any form of explosive projectile will be prohibited, he will also ban the use of the rocket launcher which he believes is too dangerous for the population and that it can create damage in someone's home if someone buys a rocket launcher.

    RightPop.png Populism or Oligarchy ? Oligarchy.png

    Xirlan wants a government close to the people with communitarian Community.png and elective ideas of the national term and also regionalist for their culture which are linked to French culture in their history for large and small municipalities. Xirlan wants the French people to be more and more awake against those who want to destroy their history and France in its culture such as the left and the centrist wokes, but Xirlan knows that the old and "conservative" left-wing exists, but he says it's a ridiculous project to create a "conservative" society that uses socialism because the Soc.png socialist or Commie.png communist ideas are utopian for some are not compatible with Conservative.png conservatism when you look at the history of this ideology in some countries he opposes this on an example which is to commandeer companies, not all the time respect private property, put taxes on the rich while the left claims to be Equality.png egalitarian, because we cannot tax one social class and not tax another because otherwise it is unequal , and that even if this is a system or it does there are no social classes, it remains unequal because the traces of social classes in their origins remain engraved, which is therefore not possible.

    Xirlan wants the French people, by waking up to the manipulation of those who seek to destroy France, to be on the right-wing but not necessarily on the right-wing or on the far right, they can be on the right-wing while also being moderates, centrists who are center to center-right or who are center-right, with the aim of unifying the people by making them adhere to conservative right-wing ideas on social and economic freedoms and also authoritarian if some want, while maintaining conservatism in life of each French as well as their usual life and their hobbies as well as their family ties for their families.

    Xirlan opposes an oligarchy Oligarchy.png because according to him, it is too distant from the people and it is very individualistic and it is not communal enough. Xirlan agrees that there is good oligarchy and bad oligarchy, but even if in that oligarchy there are good people in that elite, that doesn't solve anything. Xirlan says conservative elites had a good side but didn't go far enough on how to run society, and progressive elites like today's neo-liberalism want to destroy cultural and national institutions while supporting wokism through the progressive oligarchy. But Xirlan who uses neo-liberalism for free trade in economics says neo-liberal elites who are progressives of the 2000s have betrayed the real neo-liberalism which was basic conservative in the Cold War era with some variations. towards the end of the cold war which was used by conservatives who were for some populists like Reagan.png Ronald Reagan, Pinochet-hat.png Augusto Pinochet, or also Fujimori.png Alberto Fujimori. Xirlan supports the neo-liberalism of the conservatives of the old time and not the one who advocates SJW.png wokeism by being often progressive in the current era.

    Cball-FranceKingdom.png Legitimism or Orleanism ? Cball-France.png

    Xirlan wishes for the return of the French monarchy with his royal highness to the throne, Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, known as Louis XX Cball-FranceKingdom.png to legitimists. He wants Louis XX to come to power knowing that he admired his great-grandfather Francisco Franco Franco-alt.png, he opposes the Count of Paris known as Jean d'Orléans or also Jean IV Cball-France.png because he says that the Royal House of Orléans is too close to Emmanuel Macron Macron.png and Freemasonry Freemason.png.


    Mega Yes.png Based

    • Monarch.png Monarchism - Your majesty, one day you will reclaim your throne, you are our emblem in France.
    • Gaullismicon2.png Gaullism - You are an example for the French people and your real ideas must be discovered to them.
    • Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - An authoritarian government can of course coexist with the economy without interfering too much with it.
    • PNL(France).png Integral Neo-Darwinism - Your program for France as well as your political ideas are extraordinary for France, such as reviving Gaullism in France by supporting Christian civilization is a very good option.
    • Franco.png Francoism - Your authoritarian regime worked very well, you are an example for the Spanish people. And you are also a great inspiration for some people in the world (including me) to take inspiration from you for France.
    • Pinochet-hat.png Pinochetism - Operation Condor was a great event for you to save Chile from the Socialists, obviously you are the democracy of your country.

    Yes.png Good

    • Videla.png Videlaism - Another anti-communist chad, too bad that you were supported by the USSR during the Falklands War, but it was worth it to be against the United Kingdom.
    • Reagan.png Reaganism - Your presidency was really good, as well as for diplomatic relations while avoiding direct conflict with the USSR. And you were much better than Bush.
    • Hoppef.png Hoppeanism - Despite your opposition to the state and democracy, your ideas about society are valid, including the monarchy, and you're not a real anarchist, which is good Troll.png.
    • LDP(Japan).png Japanese Liberal Democracy - May Shinzo Abe rest in peace, he was a very good Prime Minister for Japan, concerning your ideas you are well on the subject of ethnic nationalism for some of you and concerning monarchism even if it is a system which is fair constitutional it's very chad but nevertheless there are some points with which I do not agree on the economy such as Keynesianism for example but apart from that you are a very good ideology for democracy and the preservation of your values for your society.
    • Ilminism.png Ilminism - You are the true Korea, South Korea is based and ParkChungHee.png Park Chung-Hee is based.
    • EndecjaPix.png National Democracy - Chad polish conservative and democrat, all I can say is that you are based.
    • Trump.png Trumpism - In reality you would have won the 2020 election, Joe Biden cheated the election and he re-controlled the media and that's fine having hidden intimate secrets about Emmanuel Macron but apart from all that I see that you have divided the American Jews and those of Israel, but the problem is that these Jews whether they are in Israel or in the USA were for the most part Jews supporting the Talmud, and you recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but apart from that you were a very good president for the USA and your relations with Putin.png Vladimir Putin were just to lower the tensions of a planetary conflict.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Free trade is very convenient for some resources of our country, you were conservative in reality, but now your successors who are progressives have made a variant of you called "woke capitalism" which is really awful for destroying the image of an ideology that was used by a lot of chads in the cold war and post cold war era.

    Meh.png Meh

    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - You are a good alliance when it comes to the subject of defence, but it is better for France to leave the integrated command of NATO but still remain in the alliance, and it's too bad that many of you support Israel.
    • Thatchericon.png Thatcherism - Some of your ideas were good, but Churchill is better than you.
    • Church.png Churchillism - You got on well with Charles de Gaulle and you fought on the side of France during the Second World War but you betrayed him after the Second World War, and what is also unfortunate is that you are a Zionist and that you supported the unions.

    No.png Bad


    Mega No.png Cringe

    • Putin.png Putinism - Many people who are right wing are trapped by your political ideas, you don't want to bring back the Russian Empire but you want to bring back the USSR under another economic system, most people who are socialists and very authoritarian who are on the left wing also support you. The argument that there are Nazis in Ukraine is not an excuse because yes there are Nazis among them, but also in your army with regard to the military Wagner movement, people who are religious, for example some Christians, some Muslims, or especially many Jews who are for the Talmud, also support you without knowing the reality of what you are since you are discreetly allied with Zio.png him. You say that communism is very much linked to the ideas of the Bible as well as in your lyrics you also said that Vladimir Lenin Orthlen.png was a Saint of the Bible, which is very insulting and very offensive towards a community originating in Europe during its history for countries in Western Europe and Eastern Europe. To conclude, you are not from the right, but are a hidden nostalgic of the USSR and an unshown socialist.

    Relations (Organizations)

    Mega Yes.png Based

    • PNL(France).png National-Liberal Party - The PNL (Parti National-Libéral/National-Liberal Party) is one of the parties closest to me except with certain things, but you are one of my favorite political parties. Emmanuel Macron blocked your candidacy for the 2022 presidential election out of fear that you would awaken the French people from their tyranny to make France great again, if only you could have been president to fix the country.

    Yes.png Good

    • FranceNationalFront.png National Front/National Rally - I really appreciate the period of the National Rally when it was called the "Front National" at the time, Jean Marie le Pen is a real chad, just like his daughter Marine le Pen who is strategic in convincing the French people, even if I does not agree 100% with your all your political ideas you are a political party of chads, and it's good to pretend to be poutinists so as not to have big world tensions, at least fortunately you are not really putinists.
    • LDP(Japan).png Japanese Liberal Democratic Party - There are some war crimes that didn't happen, but other war crimes did happen. Nevertheless, you are the ones who have always stabilized Japanese society, including under Shinzo Abe.

    Meh.png Meh


    No.png Bad


    Mega No.png Cringe


    Relations (Self-Inserts)

    Mega Yes.png Based


    Yes.png Good

    • Jd2824.png Jd2842ism - Monarchism, authoritarian Democracy, traditionalism, and capitalism is chad, but even if we have somes differences, you are based. (Except for appreciating Napoleon and republicanism)
    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Despite some differences in this and other things, we agree on the legalization of firearms and on supporting individual liberty during the covid-19 pandemic (even if I for one am a moderate on that), the importance is to be conservative, good thing, you are a conservative. Also your anti-heterophobia is based.
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Despite your anti-authoritarianism, you are against cringe movements like Black Lives Matter or also the LGBTQIA+/ community. Your system passes well on the subject of the capitalist economy as well as your conservative values.
    • Noelism-icon.png Noelism - Despite your support for Russia and Vladimir Putin, your view of conservative values ​​and your opposition to wokism is positive, you want reforms for your democracy but which is unfortunately liberal, but nevertheless it does not change that there are chad aspects including on the legalization of weapons which is moderate, all I can say is that your ideology in addition to being chad forms a Malaysian Social Capitalism about your economic liberalism which is accompanied by some regulations, but other than that you're chad.

    Meh.png Meh

    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - I like your traditionalism and your militarism, but you are a corporatist and a nazi.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism - Monarchism and nationalism is good, but you are a socialist and a syndicalist.
    • Casagonism2.png
      - A constitutional monarchy is useful, and legitimism is chad as well, but you are too authoritarian and you support class cooperation with the fascist ideology in a form of syndicalism and anti-capitalism, which is bad.
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Your anti-Zionism is fine, despite supporting Palestine because you should be neutral about this conflict like me, and you know the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. On the subject of abortion, compared to other people it's similar to some moderate conservatives, but despite some differences we want to ban it apart from the fact that you are anti-statist, but why do you appreciate this form of economic system Socdem.png ?
    • InexistentIcon.png Inexistent Ideology - I understand that you hate Macron.png Emmanuel Macron and his french politics, he messed up in anything in France. However, why socialist economics and transhumanism ?

    No.png Bad

    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - Is literally inspired by total unrealism in wanting a so-called "islamic golden age" with a centralist, bonapartist, market socialist, and fascist republic. Also, homosexuality is an anomaly that can happen at any time, it has been proven many times in history, you confuse homosexuals with the LGBTQIA+/ community which gives them a bad image by destroying their reputation.
    • Beryism.gif Beryism - You are an assimilationist and you are too progressive, I disagree with a lot of things about your vision in government on social values, but at least you are against communism and socialism.
    • NeoArctoismIcon.png Neo-Arctoism - I am not an "ultra-reactionary" nor a "laissez-faire fanatic", because extreme laissez-faire in itself is utopian even when it is extreme, I am for some minimal regulations but really minimal and not total, it is a balance. Homever, it's good that you're anti-woke.
    • MATTball.png American Social Democracy - Fake capitalist, and the idea of supporting a progressive system is really for degenerates, especially on the idea of ​​supporting secularism, it is absolutely useless just to make people stupid.
    • XT.png XarTario Thought - Literally wants robots to co-exist with humans when technology can be better off without that stuff, you really are crazy for wanting so called "transhumanist rights". Extraterrestrials can exist yes but far from Earth, and we must always remain cautious in the unknown. You want Donbass and Lugansk to be two autonomous states, and you are to unrealistic enough to support the independence of certain regions in the world.
    • Vermaatism2.png
      - World federalism is disgusting, apart from your Capitalism, some of your ideas like ethnocracy are too utopian, ultra-progressivism is also despicable, I disagree with most of your political visions apart from capitalism.

    Mega No.png Cringe

    • Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought - You're just a common separatist looking for chaos in Europe, which is no wonder coming from a progressive like you. Moreover you are only a simple German, you are a German and not a Hamburger from your city Hamburg. You don't know the difference between anti-semitism and anti-zionism in any way, at least you are not at all educated on this subject. And don't say that my ideology is weird on diplomacy because i think that you doesn't know that this kind of government still exists today, Poland, Turkey and Spain soon in 2023 for example.
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - We are not all equal, God did not create us to be all similar, on the contrary no one will be similar to anyone else, including groups, he loves us with each of our differences. I support this so that each continent does not mix too culturally and genetically, and this is not inequality but realism. Each ethnicity must be in their continent of origin. I saw that you are a multiculturalist, which is disgusting because it is a concept that seeks to destroy every culture in the world as well as Europe, you are also a shame for your country which is Taiwan and the anti-communist ideology, socialism is a system that is quite allied to communism, right-wing tridemism is based.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought - Socialist and too regulationist on the economy, freedom can exist without the unions.
    • NguyenreichismIcon.png Cringestman Thought - Supporting a second failure for an obsolete system a second time, Karl Marx was himself a bourgeois.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Left-libertarianism leads nowhere, including progressivism and secularism. You are someone who is simply based on unrealism, just like socialism, syndicalism, and transhumanism.
    • Tomjaz.png Tomjazzism - You have a lot of similarities like the other guy just before, but with somes differences. Anyway, the libertarian left-wing ideology is a symptom of degeneracy.
    • Glencoeism - What's the point of demilitarizing the police? Apart from creating insecurity, that happens after a while, and I agree with the death penalty for the most serious crimes. But you are totally crazy for wanting AI in government, decision-making must be done by humans and not machines that will eventually replace us if this is the case after a while, technocracy is a lie because experts can also be wrong, the perfect does not exist and this is also the case for meritocracy. And you are not a socialist since you advocate free trade and some very present regulations which are a little majority can limit at some point the structure of the country in terms of economy. And a utopian thing, if you want to attack Israel or Palestine, other countries will show up as well as Russia and you will have declared a new planetary conflict, which then betrays your idea of ​​"intervening in a country that threatens the peace in the world".
    • Tomassciism-icon.png Tomassciism - Your ideologies perfectly sum up the stupidity of progressivism nowadays, paganism is useless because you don't believe in anything just except praying stones which are totally outdated in religious practice, and your economic system is inspired by capitalism in some aspects.
    • Duckf.png Individual Voluntaryism - Ironically wants an anti-democratic state with a utopian ideology which is egoism and above all kraterocracy being formed on a total fiction, I strongly advise you not to talk about utopia when your ideas are created for a sectarian unrealism and which does not react never in the news of the world, look at Europe, nationalization is on the rise and some regimes are still authoritarian and yet are treated as "Nazis" like Poland and Hungary and yet have no heavy reprisals. I know what I see as progressive and not progressive, avoid distorting for your valueless binarity.
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - Bruh, go touch some grass and go outside.

    How to Draw

    Official Flag of Xirlan Thought

    Flag of Xirlan Thought

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Make it dark navy blue
    3. Make the middle of the ball by making a circle with classic navy blue and adding white inside the circle
    4. Draw the symbol of Xirlan in the middle of the circle of the ball, representing a fleur-de-lis on it
    5. Draw the hat that Xirlan wore (optional)
    6. Draw eyes and then you're done
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Blue #131126 19, 17, 38
    Navy Blue #190f66 25, 15, 102
    White #f5f5f5 245, 245, 245
    Dark Navy Blue #090a47 9, 10, 71

    Xirlan's Personal Emblem

    Flag of Xirlan Thought

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Make it dark navy blue
    3. Make in each corner white on the ball
    4. Draw a white rooster on the center of the ball
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Blue #131126 19, 17, 38
    White #f5f5f5 245, 245, 245

    Test Results




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