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    Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era, commonly abbreviated as Xi Jinping Thought, is the ideology of derived from Xi Jinping, the incumbent president of the People's Republic of China since 2013. Xi Jinping Thought represents the rhetoric and actions of Xi and the rest of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the sole political power of significance in China.

    Much like other ideologies in the Dengist circle, Xi Jinping Thought proclaims itself to be a legitimate descendant of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism. This proclamation is considered very controversial in marxist circles, with some marxists supporting it, viewing its practices as a legitimate continuation of a socialist China, and others bashing it, viewing its governance as a fundamental betrayal of Marxism and socialism It is Also Extremely Racist.

    To those living beyond Chinese borders (and many within), the modern Chinese government under Xi is best known for its flagrant authoritarianism, which manifests in many forms, especially censorship of online media. It bans all regular Chinese internet routers from accessing almost every popular western internet platform, including but not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Discord. It also bans the mention of many sensitive topics, such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th, 1989, and the currently operational concentration camps in the province of Xinjiang, where Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities of the region are detained for re-education, among many others.

    Real-life freedom of speech in modern China is also severely restricted, with arrests being made swiftly on anyone the Communist Party of China sees as a significant enough ideological challenge to their power. All forms of news media, such as TV broadcasts and newspapers, are either managed or heavily monitored by the state. Religious expression is quite limited as well, as all churches/mosques/synagogues/etc. are required to comply with CPC guidelines in their distributed texts and oral discussions. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no social credit system in place in China. It was a proposal put forward by Wen Jiabao, a former premier of China, in a State Council meeting in 2011, that never saw fruition beyond small-scale testing.

    On the economic side, Xi Jinping Model more or less follows the Dengist doctrine of state capitalism, with the government commanding over and heavily regulating all sectors of a market-based economy. It is quite fond of monopolies, effectively granting them to individual corporations in many different industries, especially in the online sphere. The minimum wage is low, even when the cost of living in China is taken into account. Workers' unions are under state management, with strikes being illegal. Healthcare is universally available to all citizens in words, but actually, There's no free healthcare in China now. There is a progressive tax code, with the lowest bracket (<¥36,000/yr) being 3% and the highest (>¥960,000/yr) being 45%. The Chinese government has committed to certain reforms to combat climate change; most notably, it's subsidizing electric vehicles, as well as a public bike system run by several companies, already present in every major city and many smaller cities and towns as well. It also made rather effective efforts to combat the air pollution crisis of the 2010s. However, its sluggishness in diverting China's energy grid away from a long-running heavy dependence on coal has been criticized by many.

    On the cultural side, Xi Jinping Model is notably more conservative than its predecessors in the Dengist circle. It advocates for family values and respect for societal authorities. It opposes modern-day western progressivism, seeing it as a form of western imperialism. It bans the representation of not just all LGBTQ+, but all non-traditionally-presenting people (e.g. feminine-appearing men) in media. As of 2020, all known LGBTQ+ organizations in China have either disbanded or gone underground due to government crackdowns. It also supports Confucian Institutes and exporting China’s hyper-authoritarian state model to the overseas, including the techniques of China’s Great Fire Wall.

    Overall, Xi Jinping Model has attracted much controversy in the world over the past decade, due to its unconventional nature, its authoritarianism, and its governance over China, now the world's second-largest economic power. Supporters often laud the strong economic development of China under its leadership, its commitment to Chinese nationalism, and its secure, efficient mode of operation and standing up for itself. Critics and adversaries often point to its poor record on human rights, its very cryptic and authoritarian nature, and its opposition to many western-world values, such as democracy and progress.


    Fellow Chinese Patriots

    • Hobbesianism - We have a lot in common.
    • Anti-Satireism - I'm with you there, let us make those who called me Sager King disappear by my hand!
    • State Atheism - Religions and faiths pose a fundamental danger to my rule. However, Confucianism isn’t necessarily a religion, it is a philosophy that I could use to strengthen the legitimacy of my governance.
    • State Capitalism - State growth before capital growth.
    • National Communism - We will create a rejunevized Chinese nation.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - I’ll bring back traditional Chinese values to China.
    • 50 Centism - Good job defending my actions at home and abroad no matter what.
    • Atheist Conservatism - I'm an "unyielding Marxist atheist", but I'm also conservative on social issues for the most part.

    Business Partners

    • Mediacracy - You are all lying. But I could still use you to spread my propaganda in the west, such as the CGTN and Global Times.Just ignore that only 3 countries on earth have the great firewall.
    • Eco-Socialism - China will be the leading future for alternative energy and China is the number one country in the world of renewable energy. Plus, I love making electric cars. Just forget I'm also number one in coal mining as well and my polluting industries.
    • Illiberal Democracy - Consultative democracy is the best democracy for China. Just ignore that it's not real democracy and citizens don't have any real say in decision makings.
    • Conservative Socialism - What we need is to build a rejuvenated Chinese nation alongside socialism. But I just like your aesthetics and won't actually abolish the capitalist structrue in China.
    • Dengism - Made China great, but your control of the capitals is not enough. You also dismantled much of the welfare system and was not socialist enough.
    • Maoism - I and my father suffered greatly under the cultural revolution and I came to power through the arrest of Bo Xilai the Neo-Maoist. but for some reason, western media and the tankies seem to think I'm the next you. Still, I use your aesthetics to unite the people and avoid political polarization. Proceed to jail all leftists
    • Scientific Outlook on Development - Thanks for helping my rise to power but I'm afraid our alliance has come to an end.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - I like to say we've gone beyond your ideals but many in my administration Wang Qishan, Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, and Li Qiang openly support you. Also, I won't do anything about Foxconn and Shein. Still, international corporations must follow stricter regulations under my rule than before.
    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - The nationalists contributed in the Sino-Japanese War but the CCP was still the pillar of the war. You also betrayed and backstabbed us in Shanghai Massacre and then in the Second Chinese Civil War. That being said, your authoritarian conservatism, nationalism, socialism, and Confucianism are all based. Why are we so similar despite being from the other party?
    • Socialism - In 2050, China will become a socialist country. Just believe me. Though many of you hates me because I kept capitalism and the market economy around.
    • Brazilian Xi Jinpingism - Who the hell are you?
    • Marxism - Regardless of what people say, I AM a Marxist. Just ignore the Chinese billionaires and poor workers’ rights.
    • Tridemism - A great forthgoer of the Chinese national revolution as part of the Old Democracy and I am building the nationalism and socialism that you envisioned by 2050 trust me. But still, the CPC was the better choice as part of the New Democracy and Mao was the founding father.
    • National Bolshevism - I am not him Ignore Quanguo.
    • Falun Gong Theocracy - We're not so different due to our shared love for Confucian and Chinese culture and despise liberal degeneracy but I won't re-legalize your movement as that would lead to political polarization and we can't have that. Also, let's not forget you're backed by neocons to divide China along ethnic divisions.


    • Milk Tea Alliance - Free Hong Kong? It was "freed" in 1997. Also, you're part of the CIA. Even though I have no evidence.
    • Anarcho-Communism - How do you expect to build an ideal socialist society without a state, anarkiddie?
    • Huism - Dirty libtard reformist.
    • Jiangism - I was initially part of your Shanghai Clique myself but you were a really bad influence on China so I turned my back on you and your cronies after I became the new paramount leader. Accept that your term ended in 2004 and stop trying to hold on to power you dying toad.
    • Bo Xilai Thought - Purging you was necessary for my ascension to power, kleptocratic Jiang cronyist.
    • SJW - Baizuo!
    • Taiwan DPPism - Taiwan is an inalienable part of the REAL China, prepare to die!
    • Islamic Democracy - Same for you. NOW GET INTO THE CAMPS!!
    • Jihadism - Xinjiang is mine. Deal with it.
    • Men's Liberation - You're just a western imperialist who tries to turn our male population weak.
    • Liberal Tridemism - PRC IS REAL CHINA REEEEE!!!!
    • Left-Liberal Tridemism - A buncha Baizuo Right-KMT reactionaries.
    • Gorbachevism - Your policies collapsed the USSR, and I’ll do everything I could to prevent a Chinese Gorbachev from collapsing My PowerChina.
    • Modern Feminism - I banned Me Too in China and deplatformed feminist movements cuz they are degenrate western simps.

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