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    Xenogender Salazarism is an authoritarian, Culturally Right to Far Right (excluding LGBT issues), Imperialist, and Corporatist ideology. It can be any religion, but as in the original Salazarism, is usually Catholic.

    Despite several similarities, Xenogender Salazarism doesn't consider xemselves to be Homofascist as xe deem them to be a “godless heathen,” and despises SJW, as xe deems her to be nothing more than “Godless Caesarism." They do, however, tend to get along with other Homonationalists.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color it Blue
    3. Add a white square to the middle
    4. Draw a Blue Xenogender symbol inside the square
    5. Draw a Blue heart at each corner inside the square
    6. Add the eyes and you're done!



    Aurorism: Basically a secular, less authoritarian, and democratic (not to mention neutered) version of me. Still, thank you for the compliment on my aesthetic and on me in general.
    Neo-Calculustism: Xenogender? Conservative? BASED!
    Salazarism: Viva o Estado Novo!
    Lesbofrancoism: Nossa irmã.
    Corporatism - The only system worthwhile on this planet.


    Alt-Lite - Thanks for your advice but transphobia is a sin.


    SJW: Begone godless Caesarist!
    Hyper-SJWism: You're even worse somehow.
    Serbian Socialism: I don't care if you're pro-gay. You're a Godless, Socialist heretic. Where's Tarrafal when I need it?!
    Transmedicalism - GÊNERO NÃO É UM PAÍS PEQUENO!


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