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    Xemüg Theocracy is an Theocracy focused on worshiping Xemüg and the Ancient Ones. In postulates that due to the Big Bang (caused by the Galacta Confederates who also create every other religion) we bathe in a negative-emotion-rich environment every second and to escape this one must ascend using ADCD. it is based off of the Xemüg cult from Camp Camp

    Foundations and Beliefs

    There are 4 parts in this Theocracy known as ADCD (prounounced addict)


    This the belief that the purest souls must be sacrificed to acheive an eternal life with Xemüg. A lot of criminals and non-Xemüg worshippers are found to be very pure.


    This is the belief that one's psyche must be deconstructed to become more malleable to please the Ancient Ones. This is must commonly done through a combination of high-pressured steam and subliminal messaging.


    This is the belief that Non-Xemüg worshippers must convert to Xemüg worship usually ties in with Deconstruction. Post-Conversion converted peoples will wear only white attire


    This calls for the destruction of all other "heretic" religions


    Xemügians believe that due to the Galacta Wars between the Galacta Confederates and Xemüg the universe formed with a negative emotion-rich environment. The Galacta Confederates are also responsible for everything bad in this world.


    Xemüg Theocracy is constantly on the prowl for people to sacrifice or convert. He becomes extremely angered upon seeing other religion and will say " Your soul is pure let me lead you to ascension"


    Pure Souls

    • Posadism - The aliens may never come but Xemüg is close enough! Here Ill fit you for some white robes.
    • Gnostic Theocracy - this "Demiurge" you speak of is actually the Galacta Confederates!
    • Space Crab Theocracy - one of Xemüg's most common forms is a space crab



    • All other religions - You will burn in the pits of hellven
    • Max - My idea of self-care: killing Max!
    • David - How about watching your favorite camper lose his ever-fleeting grip on reality!
    • Anti-Deathism - Xemüg requires sacrifices!

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