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    Frontpix.png Frontiers of Human Civilization Frontpix.png

    • Supports KardaAccel.png Kardashev Accelerationism and Quan.png Quantumism
    • Transh.png Voluntary Transhumanism and Meta-Humanism.png Voluntary Meta-Humanism
    • (Theoretical?) Existence of Extraterres.png Extraterrestrials are probable, which humans have an opportunity to peacefully co-exist with each other.
      • Any Extraterres.png extraterrestrials that are a danger to humanity must be put into question, and then those extraterrestrials must be eliminated and destroyed
    • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Robots should co-exist with humans, not to replace them
      • Any POSTHUMANISMICON.png robots that are a danger to humanity must be eliminated and destroyed
    • Demtrans.png Transhumanist Bill of Rights

    Social issues

    • Opposes suicide, euthanasia, assisted suicide
    • Abortion should only be legal in cases of rape and saving a mothers' live and health
    • Evictionism, but my version of Evictionism doesn't believe that human life doesn't start at conception, but instead, separated into different stages of embryo formation and procedures will depend on the different stages.
      • Human life and fetal life are separate from each other, and fetal life starts when they reach a heartbeat.
    • End the War on Drugs
      • Decriminalize all drugs and legalize soft drugs
      • Free all non-violent drug offenders
    • Decriminalize and legalize sex work, but with these types of professions, they're extremely high predatory types of professions, so they must be strictly regulated, and crackdowns will become necessary in cases of sexual ethic violations, sexual abuse, etc. that are related, including privacy and worker protections and compensations.
    • Decriminalize and legalize polygamy
    • Establish a Digital Bill of Rights

    Property rights

    • FDF-Pirate.png Overhaul and reform the Intellectual Property law
    • Distributist.png Widespread distribution of property and the ability to Communalist.png share property nationwide
    • Establish nationwide squatters' rights

    Economic issues

    • Distributed market economy
    • SocDist.png Social Distributism, which can shrink down monopolies of all types of ownerships of the means of productions.
    • UBI.png Pro-Universal Basic Income
    • Pro-Universal Basic Services
    • Use Agorismf.png gray markets (and maybe, black markets) can also shrink down any monopolies and to step up against any type of overreach committed by any of the types of ownerships of the means of production.

    Government must contribute and participate within markets, since they already regulate and intervene within markets

    • Government no longer relying on just taxes to pay for their stuff, which is where the contribution and participation within markets comes from in order to become self-sufficient and multi-purposeness.
    • Their path towards self-sufficiency and multi-purposeness

    All types of ownerships of the means of production (More than just state/public and private ownership) also contribute and participate within markets

    • Increased competition and innovation
    • Regulation, intervention, distribution, contribution, and participation by all types of ownerships of the means of production.
    • For any self-managed anarchist operations, establishing squatters' rights enables these types of operations to stay around since they don't have to pay for anything to maintain it, and they can provide free services and free stuff, but they need to manufacture, grow their own stuff, provide, etc. in order for these operations stay around, etc.
      • Successful self-managed anarchist operations have chances to inspire operations under different types of ownerships of the means of production to transition into becoming self-managed anarchist operations.
      • Self-managed market anarchist operations' contribution and participation within markets will depend, which they adopt different types of market anarchist models.
    • Their path towards self-sufficiency and multi-purposeness
      • The paths can start during or after schools and prisons achieved self-sufficiency and multi-purposeness.
        • (The cost part applies to certain anarchist operations that adopted a model for market anarchism since they didn't use squatters' rights; For the mental health part, it happens to everyone, no matter what, which widespread of worsening mental health are creating more criminals and creating more problems within society) For what happens to anarchist free schools, under these plans long-term, they would survive for way longer due to the cost of living becoming lower and lower in response to these plans and mental health within communities would be higher, which mental health are one of the causes of higher crime rate, which criminals would absolutely take advantage of these new conditions that regular school don’t have.

    Political Issues

    • Semidirect.png Semi-direct democracy
    • Participatory democracy
    • E-democracy
    • Proportional representation
    • STAR Voting
    • Repeal the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 and raise the number of members of the US House of Reps.
    • New constitutional amendment - One US Senator per 100 US House of Reps.
    • Expand Anti-trust laws to political parties
    • Nationwide open primaries and ban closed primaries

    Energy and Infrastructure

    • Pro-nuclear energy
      • Supports thorium powered nuclear power plants
      • Supports development and funding toward pure fusion nuclear power plants
    • Pro-hydrogen energy
    • Modernize the electrical grid and establish widespread development of smart grids
      • Use blockchains and have more control over where electricity flows too, especially when you use certain appliances and electronics often or don't use often to save energy.
    • Supports more development and widespread use of personal energy generators
    • Support the use of large-scale 3D-printing to reduce the overall cost of living
      • Supports more development for large-scale 3D-printing and their applications, which they would be able to 3D-print with any material, able to use in mass production, making products, etc.

    Foreign and Domestic policy

    • Antiimp.png Non-interventionism
    • With the US buying out land from other countries, the US must agree to improving overall development on all aspects on the land the US bought and must maintain it or else they get their independence, or the US will have to bring it back to the original country that originally held onto that land.
    • UK handing over Bermuda, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the Cayman Islands to the United States
    • France handing over St. Pierre and Miquelon to the United States
    • Unite the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands into one
    • Unite the Country of Samoa and the Territory of American Samoa into one
    • Repopulating the United States Minor Outlying Islands
    • Recognize the independence of Somaliland, Western Sahara, Xinjiang, Tibet (as a republic), Scotland, Greenland, Catalonia, etc.
    • Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau should have its own identity, separated from China's identity. For Hong Kong, and Macau, their identities should also be separate from the British (HK) and the Portuguese (MO).
    • Support Unifying Ireland and Northern Ireland into one
    • Support reunification of the Korean Peninsula
    • Support official UN recognition of micronations
    • Support a Russia-Ukraine condominium of Crimea
    • Donbass (Donetsk and Luhansk) should become an autonomous region
    • Encouraging new US states to form, which increases the representation, especially within low populated areas.
    • Establish more Native American treaties, which all of these treaties, including older Native American treaties to be modified to also include in Native American treaty-right delegates to US Congress.
    • Allow US territories, including Native American treaty-right delegates to have representation within the Electoral College.
    • Support a two-state solution
    • Support an Israeli-Palestinian condominium of Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip

    Environmental issues

    • Ectrans.png Bright green environmentalism
    • Opposition to industrial farming
      • Transition away from it in favor of reliable alternatives


    Duckf.png Duck-Citizen - so you basically allow separatism, but what rules should autonomous regions obey?

    • XT.png XarTario - Autonomous regions have an opportunity for national self-determinization (Independence option), join in another country, become more part of a country (becomes just a regular province/less autonomy), adopt more autonomy, establish a condominium towards a disputed area with two or more countries, etc.

    Autonomous regions and provinces should conduct their own referendums without permission from the national government, but with unitary states, they might prevent them from doing so. For centralized federalism (not the same model from the US), more possible for allowing for independence of autonomous regions and provinces, but it depends on any country that has a unitary state.

    When autonomous regions and provinces gain independence, UN must be obligated to have official recognition to the independence of the autonomous regions and provinces (including micronations) or else they can take legal actions for violation of their national self-determination. For the UN to take action, they need majority worldwide support and requires unanimous support from the five permanent UN Security Council members, with the requirement of nine UN Security Council members in total for the decision to be made. They can keep fighting until either they become an autonomous region and province again or until they gain official recognition.

    Autonomous regions and provinces and with their independence movements, extremist activity should be strongly discouraged, which extremist activities are making their fight for independence for autonomous regions and provinces unjustified, and countries would be way less likely to give any autonomous regions and provinces any official recognitions, especially for ones that are associated with extremist groups that advocated for their independence.

    OwfBall.png Owfism - add me to relations

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