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    This page was a Self-Insert, but now is outdated.
    Wolframism is a Progressive, Socialist, and Globalist/Internationalist Ideology. It's main place of existence is conservative and religious countries. It's primary goal is to turn a Reactionary or Conservative and Religious community into a Secular, Progressive and Inclusive one.


    Wolframism acts calmly around most people, even around people he hates. He can get along with anyone if they share a non-political interest. He's slightly insecure but usually is comfortable in difficult situations.


    =Economic Beliefs

    Wolframism believes in a Socialist system of economics, with markets still being active. Workers will have many rights and lots of civil services such as Free Healthcare and a high minimum wage.

    State Beliefs

    Wolframism believes in a strong state that can carry it's people to better. It does not want to interfere with personal life, but poltically Wolframism is a statist ideology.

    Cultural and Religious Beliefs

    Wolframism is a classic progressive, which believes in equal rights for everyone. It's main place of existence is conservative and religious though, so it needs to work to make a "inclusive" society to exist. Here's how he does it:

    1. Take power (obviously)
    2. Become an authoritarian state
    3. Introduce several reforms to your country
    4. People might refuse, but continue.
    5. Stay authoritarian until people accept this new lifestyle
    6. Relax a bit.

    Wolframism is against religion, especially Islam. It's main goal is secular and sometimes even Laicite.

    Technological Beliefs

    Wolframism supports the expansion of technology, and wishes to accelarate it. But it wants to also reduce pollution, because he's an environmentalist.



    • Progressivism: Great guy, love him. But too much tolerance to actually try to do anything.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism: Too intolerant to make a stable society, but he's cool.
    • Social Democracy: Nice, but try a little harder.
    • Nordic Model: Beautiful, but you have it easy.
    • Socialism: Nice.


    • Progressive Conservativism: What?
    • Anarcho-Communism: Cool and all, but you wouldn't survive a week.
    • Other Anarchists: You guys are fine, but you'll not survive unless you couldn't be considered an absence of a state.
    • Communists: You guys are ok, but too tankie.


    • Islamic Theocracy: I will end you some day.
    • Islamic Democracy: You're eh.... something. On yourself you're not the worst thing in the world but you will always decay to Theocracy.
    • Conservatives: You're the worst you know. You're one of the only things coming between my goals.

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