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    Wilfreism is the ideology of Wilfre, the main antagonist of the Drawn to Life series. Its main goal is to remove all color from the world, defeat the hero, overthrow the Creator, then become the new creator and overlord of the Raposa World. He uses various tactics in doing so, such as violence, robbery, and most notably, treachery.

    Despite being monotheistic and fully acknowledging the existence of the Creator, Wilfreism is not happy with the Creator, and wants to overpower him, much like the biblical account of the angel Lucifer. Wilfreism's reason for wanting to do this is not what you might expect (SPOILERS!); it is actually to save the Raposa world, which the creator wants to destroy in favor saving Mike, someone who exists in the real world, you see, as the Raposa World is a manifestation that exists in Mike's head due to a coma induced by a car crash. For this reason, Wilfreism does not see his actions as completely evil.


    Wilfreism is very deceitful and a master of disguise. He uses these skills to trick others into doing what he wants, especially village leaders and those close to the Hero.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a blobbous ball-like figure with a dark grey outline. (Make sure this blobbous effect trickles upwards, and add two blobbous rabbit ears on his head.
    2. Draw some particles steaming off the body.
    3. Fill it black.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. (Optional) Draw the scepter that Wilfre uses in Drawn 2 Life: The Next Chapter.




    • Biblioutopianism - The Book of Life is a tool of the Creator, but it would be nifty if I had it.


    Further Information

    Drawn to Life Wiki


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