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    Notice: This ideology is no longer the active belief of Berry (user Nihilberry). It has taken a backseat as a pragmatic option if all others fail, and isn't taken up presently because of current life situations and material conditions. This is not actively practiced by any living being (as far as I know), nor does it reflect the ideas of other users. This is, at worst, simply my old and dead ideas, at best, a secondary option for when I can get into a position to utilise it.

    The difference between a soldier and a warrior is that a soldier fights for those who order him, while a warrior fights for those she decides.

    They say everyone can be replaced. It's true, anyone who is part of a system in which a human being has been reduced to being a human resource can be replaced. However, no human is a resource. Every person is unique. Every person has their own dignity. Every person is irreplaceable. In the system, they strip us of our individuality, cut us down to appropriate social norms, take away our free will, and create a mass products. But it's still up to you whether you want to be a product or you want to break off the leash and be yourself. FIGHT THE SYSTEM!

    Wild Anarchism is a set of post-leftist ideas essentially summarised as an extreme form of post-left anarchy, especially Insurrectionary Anarchism, Illegalism and Anarcho-Nihilism. It essentially believes that nobody is predisposed to any idea, and that insurrection will certainly not appeal the individuals to the masses; however, it rejects society in its entirety, and has given up on caring about the masses, seeing the absolute destruction of economy, industry, civilisation, society, hierarchy, privilege, and et cetera to be necessary for the individuals involved in insurrection to be truly free. Its rejection of hope for the masses does not necessarily mean it wants to kill them indiscriminately, but rather, it simply does not care, and while it will try to convince people to its side, it doesn't try very hard, and doesn't let it get in the way of insurrection.

    It believes that the absolute destruction through insurrection should be done through many methods, ranging from plain insurrection to illegal living, from industrial sabotage to simple living. It sees individuals as being at the core of this, seeing that they must hunt down and destroy hierarchy and privilege wherever they may find it, and in all its forms. It has an extreme distrust of other people, and prefers either incredibly close relationships or lone wolves as the cells of insurrection, and prefers to avoid interaction with other cells of insurrection unless absolutely necessary. And yet, it dreams of the day where all the cells put away their arms, settle into the wild once more, and find peace in the world, returning to indigenity and ferality for the rest of time, and carrying on the insurrection, although this time much more peacefully and slowly; a wild, healthy world built on insurrection, indigenous peoples built on being warriors and holding to themselves personal honour and ethics.

    Its primary focus in critique is on privilege, and how privilege creates hierarchies such as civilisation and government.

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