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    Whoism ? is the idea created from the user "Who?".

    Whoism ? have the same idea of the Absurd.png Absurdism but is more chaotic than the absurd.

    Like life itself, it's meaningless and crazy and believes the human should do the same things, seeing that creating meaning in life will be still meaningless even if we were immortal. Thinks the best way to live life is being crazy with no shame, responsibility and worries doing something that you like without any reason to doing this. The best model of living life for the Whoist? is the "The Mad Hatter" from "Alice in Wonderland".

    In a political context

    In a political context Whoism ? is an anarchist ideology that advocate for the individual to be free so that he can do whatever he wants, refute the logics and the Scientific method because he thinks: "EVERYBODY CAN BELIVE IN EVERYTHING". While he mostly has the same ideas of Ego.pngEgoism, he still believes that everyone can believe in their gods.


    Whoism ? thinks art shouldn't have meaning and that everybody can become an artist if they have a pencil and a piece of paper.

    Personality and Behavior

    Whoism ? is a crazy person, lunatic and extrovert that likes to do tea parties with his friends Absurd.png Absurdism and Ancomed.png Anarcho-Comedy. He rejects any forms of logic/imposed truth and does whatever he wants without any reason for doing this. He speaks in gibberish but he is fluent in english.

    How to draw

    1.draw a ball

    2.fill it with purple

    3.make a green line around him

    4.make two green circles whit whirlpools inside him as the "glasses "

    5.add one big red circle as the "nose"

    6.draw a big smile

    7.draw him a big green hat with a card write on him "10/6"




    • Existentialist Anarchism.png Existentialism - ha HA stoopid existentialist! How can you create meaning if the concept of meaning doesn't exist?
    • Ego.pngEgoism - you are not crazy enough
    • Annil.png Nihilism Nihil.png - you are boring with your talk about how life is meaningless why don't you just kill yourself?


    no one he likes everybody

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