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    Whoism is a (usually) progressive, (usually) anti-authoritarian and (sometimes) anti-capitalist ideology based on the somewhat inconsistent positions of the main character of Bri'ish sci-fi show, doctor who. The problem with making this in the first place is that the doctors positions depend heavily on the writers own politics, however it is accurate to say that it averages out to centre-left. It is also anti fascist for obvious reasons (bloody daleks).


    It also believes that there is "evil" in the universe, and that those who can should actively try to fight it, it deeply despises those that have the power to answer prayers, but do not. From this, it is (though this is less common) depicted as anti-capitalist, with the doctor often heading revolutions against capitalists.

    It is also pacifist, refusing to carry firearms, or any weapon of any kind, instead trying to convince their enemies out of their beliefs, whoism instead tries to convert them with words, speeches that work very well as emotional centrepieces of stories.

    It is most consistently depicted as having a fondness for democracy (of any kind) and a strong dislike of authoritarianism, which is the group the doctor is most often battling against.

    Well, that and alien invaders. little blue men with three heads, that kind of thing.


    The doctor has adopted many different personalities, all believe slightly different stuff. 1-6 may have the learned vernacular of the British upper class, but let not look at accents, shall we?(note: someone please add icons)

    1- somewhat culturally right, He's the kind of person who will leave his granddaughter on a planet alien to him at a time he couldn't steer the TARDIS. "Oh, that seems like a strapping young bloke who I have seen a few seconds of, good, Bye!" Sometimes depicted as a sexist, but thats just Moffat, the sexism is a very minor unintentional quirk of the sixties.

    2- sillier, very overtly Anti-Transhumanism, with his main villains being the cybermen, one time going as far as to say "I Hate computers and won't be bullied by them". Clearly inspired by chaplinism (he resembles the Tramp very intentionally).

    3- often described by some fans as the "pompous tory", very willing to work with the military and international government, even reprimanding companion Jo Grant for not respecting the military hierarchy., he is not totally uncritical of them. Is very environmentalist, but at the same time very pro-establishment.

    4- LibLeft when he shows any kind of political conscious, one time paraphrasing Marx, and often shown to hate authoritarianism, But is otherwise a strong raving monster loony party voter. Anti establishment more than anything.

    5- Five likes cricket. Try to establish a political thing out of that.

    6- Lib-Centre, will still dislike corporations, but will protect them when the greater good outweighs it. He opposes bureaucracy, one time berating the time lords, saying "Ten million years of absolute power! thats what it takes to be really corrupt!"

    7- Easily the least pacifist of all the doctors, very willing to commit mass genocide in order to save greater numbers, always has a master plan, and that plan is usually to topple some dictatorial regime or other.

    8- Inconsistent. There's the Charley era one that reads as authleft, (calling Lenin a "remarkable mind"), Theres then the Dark eyes one that reads as "new labour", probably because the Tv never established a proper personality, as he only had one story.

    9- leftie ex-military, reads like a typical syndicalist, very pro-union.

    10- I began thinking- is ten an anarcho-pacifist? His most famous line is "MAKE THE BASIS OF THIS SOCIETY, A MAN WHO NEVER WOULD!", then I realised it was 10 o'clock, but yeah, leftie.

    11- Textbook tory when honest. friends with Winston Churchill, basically. Influenced also by virginocracy, one time claiming to not know what sex was.

    12- As far from Malcolm -Fuckity Tucker as possible. I don't think you can get a doctor that is more staunchly against the likes of trump. He's ready to go on and on about the evils of capitalism, he's willing to educate his old grandad at the dinner table "no, you can't say things like that..."

    13- Despite her being northern, she has a very comfortable bourgeois vibe to her, with her being a shill for a massive corporation. She is, almost certainly, a TERF. Okay thats a joke, but you do get that feeling.



    • Anationalism - You could say that I'm a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman to boot!
    • Democracy-
    • Anarcho-Pacifism- Make the basis of this society, A MAN WHO NEVER WOULD!
    • Environmentalism - you need to stop this planet of yours from becoming one vast garbage dump only inhabited by rats.


    • Militarism - You can't, Thats just Murder! (Jo, since the brigadier is your superior officer please show him some respect.)
    • Leninism - Remarkable mind, Lenin... terrible at tiddlywinks.


    • Transhumanism - I would rather give up all of my remaining eight lives than be turned into a Cyberman.
    • Fascism - "WE SHALL BECOME ALL-POWERFUL! CRUSH THE LESSER RACES! CONQUER THE GALAXY! UNIMAGINABLE POWER! UNLIMITED RICE PUDDING, ETC ETC!" you can wipe out the odd civilisation, enslave the occasional culture, but it still won't detract from the basic fundamental truth of your own impotence!
    • Capitalism - The end goal of capitalism is the bottom line of profit, where human life takes a backseat.
    • Nationalism - "England for the english," man, good heavens!
    • Thatcherism- That woman terrifies me.
    • Oligarchy - Throughout all my travels in the universe I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators, I should have stayed here! The oldest civilisation, decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core, power mad conspirators, daleks, sontarans, ice warriors, CYBERMEN! They're still in the nursery compared to us, Ten million years of absolute power, thats what it takes to be really corrupt!

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