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    Not to be confused with White Nationalism.

    The White Movement was an anti-communist movement during the Russian Civil War, that opposed the Bolshevik Russian Revolution.


    Hardliners and Reactionaries

    • Monarchists

    The most obvious ones, Monarchists led the coalition. Unlike the other factions, the Monarchists still exist today. They are currently working to resurrect the Empire on some artificial islands off of The Gambia.

    • Orthodox Nationalists

    Orthodox Nationalists were an offshoot from traditional Republicans. These guys wanted an Orthodox theocracy, and furthermore, to unite all Orthodoxes in the country.

    • Pan-Slavists

    Self explanatory. The Pan-Slavists wanted to unite all Slavs under a single nation, preferably Russia.

    Moderates and Liberals

    • Republicans

    Republicans constituted a large faction of Whiteists. However, after the Civil War, they were almost completely wiped out. However, one could argue the current Russian government is Whiteist.

    • Liberals

    One of the smaller factions, the Liberals wanted to enforce Classical liberal policies and were the smallest faction among the Whites.

    Democratic Socialists

    • Mensheviks

    Menshevism were an Anti-Bolshevik faction, believing that the Leninists were illegitimate socialists, and that for socialism to succeed, a democracy has to be created.


    Bolshevik propaganda against the White movement

    In 1917, a man called Lavr Kornilov revolted against the Bolsheviks, creating the White Movement. Whiteism was born from this, as Whiteism would begin a fight with his main enemy, Lenin. However, the Whiteists would lose this fight, and would be forced to flee. Over time, their numbers would dwindle and dwindle until they were officially disbanded in the 1960s. However, Anti-Bolshevik Whiteist movements still exist today.


    • Semi-Schizophrenic
    • PTSD
    • Will overreact when Communism is mentioned
    • Pious

    How to Draw

    • Draw a Ball
    • Draw a Shield on the left of the ball
    • Draw a diagonal stripe running through the shield
    • Draw a Chi Rho on the shield
    • Add the other eye
    • You're done!




    • Mladorossi - It's good you are a Tsarist, but what's with this socialist rhetoric?
    • Menshevism - Together we will defeat those Bolshevik hordes! However you want socialism, and I would never let you!
    • Socialist Revolutionary Party - Same as above.



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