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    White Juche is an Economically Left, Culturally Right and Ultranationalist Ideology that believes in a European ethnostate that will be completely self reliant and isolated. He also wants to resist US as he calls "Cuck libtard multicultural" Imperialism. He is the wacky child of National Bolshevism and Modern Juche.


    Origins of Whitejuche and the File:Ruralpp.png Rural People's Party

    White Juche had it's origins in the US when a homeless Islamic convert John Paul Cupp got approval by the government of North Korea to form the "Sogun Politics Studies Group USA". Cupp had previously voiced support for Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot and Osama Bin Laden and had called JFK's assassin File:Oswald.png Lee Harvey Oswald an "Aryan hero". He was joined by Ziad Shaker al-Jishi a Palestinian American. John Paul Cupp traveled on numerous occasions to North Korea, and received their official blessing to form the Sogun Study Group. Cupp met Joshua Sutter, son of an Aryan Nations leader on a pro Khmer Rouge website. Together with Sutters girlfriend Jillian Hoy they formed the Rural People's party. The party was modeled primarily after the Peoples Temple lead by Jim Jones, The DPRK and Democratic Kampuchea. And despite the white supremacist backgrounds of it's founders, it preached racial unity. However in an attempt to take control of the RPP he made Hoy get with Cupp. Cupp wound up in a hospital, and he claimed that Hoy poisoned him, and Cupp and Ziad left the group. IT later turned out that SUtter worked at one time for the FBI as an informant on the Order of the nine angles, and Cupp alleges that the RPP was created by the CIA to monitor on pro DPRK Americans. The Rural People's Party appears to be inactive and their website has been archived.

    Current Whitejuche and the internet




    White Juche wants to establish a white ethnostate that is free from the influence of "inferior ethnicities". This ethnostate should be highly Isolationist and be made self-reliant. A strong military is also needed, both to defend the ethnostate from inevitable Imperialist attacks from the Progressive west and as a promotion of masculine heroism.


    Capitalism is thought to be a decadent Anglo-Saxon lie and the ideology of the Western world. This impure line of thought must be crushed to create his white utopia. White Juche therefore embraces State Socialism which will free the white working class from the hands of the international capitalist elite.


    White Juche believes that a self-reliant ethnostate is highly needed. He also has a love for nukes like his parent Juche and wants to nuke Western Liberal Multicultural Nations. He loves the Supreme Leader and will praise him daily. In general he wants to genocide minorities while seizing the means of production in a White Ethnostate. GANG GANG.

    How to Draw

    Flag of White Juche
    1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it red
    2. Add a white circle the middle
    3. Draw the Juche symbol but fill it black
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #EC0002 236, 0, 2
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20




    • Marxism-Leninism - You helped my father a lot. You were also pretty nationalist so that’s good but why do you want equality for all people (Except Capitalists)?
    • National Socialism - You‘re not fully Marxist Socialist and are an Ally of Japanese Imperialists, but still, your views on nation and race are based.
    • National Anarchism - Hey man, why do you hate the idea of totalitarianism so much!? Other than that, you have some pretty cool ideas.
    • Khrutu Power - A black revisionist. However, we do agree on some issues, and as much as I hate to admit it, an alliance between us would benefit both of our goals.
    • Mladorossism - Secret lost twin, I love you and all and being part of NazBol gang is very good, but why did you oppose the Nazis later on?


    • White Ilminism - My treasonous crapitalist pig twin brother! Nice ideas on race and nationalism though
    • National Shinto - You're sick. My brother and I have a common enemy, and it's you. Prepare to die you filthy imperialist! You views on race are super based though. And your work on nationalism is a good blueprint to follow.
    • Black Anarcho-Capitalism - What the fuck? Black+Christian+Anarchist+Capitalist+Conservative+Anti-Communist. Litterally my exact oppisite


    Further reading

    White Juche - The New Progressive NazBol Socialism
    This comments pretty much sums it up

    1. Koth was formerly a member of the KPDML a famously Hoxhaist organization
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