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    Weeb Fascism (also known as Neo-Showa Statism) is a totalitarian, economically third position, and culturally far-left ideology. Much like the original Showa Statism, it believes in fighting against western forces by expanding Japanese hegemony over Asia.

    Despite Weeb Fascism’s progressive tendencies, the ideology is staunchly ultranationalist and ethnonationalist. In addition, Weeb Fascism also believes in glorifying Japanese culture as much as possible through anime, especially the Meiji and Showa eras. It is hostile against other East Asian cultures and finds them as inferior. Outside of Japan, Weeb Fascism would have characteristics of cultural/ethnic self-hatred of their own country, seeing Japan as inherently superior.


    Weeb Fascism would be portrayed as an over-obsessed anime watcher, constantly talking about anime and hentai. He can also be portrayed as a weeaboo from the west over obsessed with Japanese culture and treats the island like the holy land. He gets easily angered, either from mentioning other cultures, interrupting him or not paying attention during his anime rants, or from the slightest criticisms of the nation of Japan. If angered, he immediately resorts to violence and pulls out any Japanese weapon he has on him (he always has at least one)

    Stylistic Notes

    Speaks English, despite being a Japanese ideology.

    How to Draw



    • Showa Statism and State Shinto- Japan #1!!!!!!
    • Trans-Showa Statism - Fellow progressive Japanese fascist. Please stop attacking some of my reactionary friends though.
    • Progressive Monarcho-Fascism - Literally me! I'll recommend her some anime later.
    • Animeism - A beautiful gift!
    • Peronist Animeism - he likes to watch anime and he likes to talk to me!
    • National Animeism - He gets me! Although you're pretty scary sometimes
    • Ingweeb - Just imagine if I can unperson everyone who didn't watch Kaguya-Sama Love Is War!
    • Gamerism - Typing slurs against w*stoids is based, and gamers sometimes watch anime as well.
    • Fascism - I take a lot from this guy. Too bad Mussolini was a w*stoid.
    • Manosphere - Anime waifus are WAY better than 3d “women” corrupted by feminism!
    • Transhumanism - An important step for making anime girls real!
    • Silver Legionism - Not bad for an americunt.
    • Alt-Right - Thanks for helping me defend Hirohito online. Wait, you watch anime too?! Holy fucking based!
    • Nazism - Thanks for calling us Japanese honorary Aryans! Wait, you called Chinese people that too?!
    • National Bolshevism and Strasserism - The only commies I respect because of Ikki Kita.


    • LGBTism - On one hand, all of my traditionalist friends hate you. On the other hand, yuri and yaoi is fucking hot.
    • Japanese Feudalism - A bit backwards, and keeps ranting about how I have "no honor", but lends me his cool weapons from time to time.
    • Japanese Communism - Umm, why are you a commie?
    • Marxism-Animeism - Same as above.
    • Buddhist Theocracy - A lot of people in Japan are Buddhist, but why are your followers so against me?
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - Denying those Japanophobic “war crime” accusations is based, but you’re too friendly to w*stoids.



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