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    The Watersong Model is the political model of Watersong, the first village you encounter in the video game Drawn 2 Life: The Next Chapter. It is a mayoral democracy with an "ornate nature and European style". Among this village, there are two sections: West Watersong and East Watersong. West Watersong exhibits mostly gardens and beaches, and East Watersong is where most residency resides and resembles a classical noble European town. The village is known for specializing in song and music.

    The mayor at the time of the Heros arrival is Mayor Rose, who has the "power of song," like every Watersong mayor before her; the voice that runs through the bloodline of her family which was perfected through every generation. The power of the song is what gives power to the spirit of Watersong.


    Watersong can be depicted as any or any typical resident of the Watersong village: Noble, usually wealthy and well-mannered. Watersong enjoys extravagant balls and walks through the gardens. Song and music are very popular with them.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it rabbit-like ears and some fluff on its cheeks.
    3. Fill it dark blue and keep a circular area colored apricot where its face would be.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. If your depiction is meant to be male, you may give it a top hat and a monocle.
    6. If your depiction is meant to be female, you may give it a fashionable rose fixtured on its head.

    You're done!

    Stylistic notes

    • Rather than coloring your Raposa ball dark blue, you may also color it orange if it's a female, orange if it's a young male, or grey if it's an elderly male.
    • You may draw the females with hair, even hair that's a different color from their fur.



    • Sorelianism - Cool national spirit thing.
    • Environmentalism - Please bring back the Watersong bird!
    • Thatcherism - You have beautiful hair Mrs. Thatcher. You're charm really is the crown to your thrown.


    • Democracy - OK. We are a mayoral democracy, but according to the lore, it seems like the the mayoral role is being gifted from generation to generation by the family with the power of song.


    • Wilfreism - You stole our color, your stole our mayor's voice, and you stole our pride!

    Further Information

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