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    Water Feminism is a feminist, environmentalist, and anti-arsonist ideology. She is the opposite of Fire Feminism.

    Water Feminism also wants all women to preserve oceanic ecosystems, and to fight against wild fires. Water Feminism mainly focuses on preserving the wellness of larger water bodies like seas and oceans, but also sometimes on smaller water bodies like lakes and rivers. She also wants the preservation and expansion of rainforests ashore, which puts her at odds with Forest Feminism, who finds rainforests too humid and tropical.

    Water Feminism also believes in mermaid supremacy.

    Personality and Behavior

    Water Feminism is usually happy and calm. She isn't as volatile as Fire Feminism, but as a warrior her mood can change very quickly sometimes. She fights with arsonists on sight by casting water beams and tidal waves at them. Swimming in natural water bodies is her favorite activity; she is an exceptional swimmer, and it also relaxes her a lot.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Paint it blue inside.
    3. Draw a large light blue drop of water in the center.
    4. Draw the eyes.
    5. (Optional) Draw a dark blue bow.
    6. (Optional) Make her hold a yellow trident with lots of horns. 7. You're done!




    • Forest Feminism - You always like me, but why do you hate rainforests?
    • Naturism - Some naturists don't like my new rainforest... :(



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