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    File:Warist flag.png
    Flag of Warism

    Warism, also known as Glorification of war, is an ideology based on a moral doctrine of "might makes right" specifically applied to war, international relations, and the "rightness" of a state's existence. As an ideology, or at least a written concept of military doctrine it has actually existed for about 100 years, however as an application to states it has existed for far longer, the oldest known example of it is ancient Sparta, however has remained in small circles for almost all of it's history.

    Formalized by Erich Ludendorff into a military doctrine called in German "Der totale Krieg" or in English "The Total War", it was used for a period of time by the German Empire during World War 1, although some warists today dispute it, claiming that because the German Empire refused to mobilize all of it's citizens, mainly including women, it can not be characterized as a "true warist state".

    Warism is often considered to be a reactionary ideology, due to it being considered a reaction to the French revolution. And whilst it certainly does not include the values of the French Revolution as it's official doctrine, "Liberty, Fraternity, Equality", there is nothing inherently prohibiting them to be to some extent applied in a warist state.

    An example of that could be: Equality of all people within a state to participate in war, no matter your sex, gender or sexual orientation, or potentially even race, so long as your prove yourself loyal to the state.

    However, without denial many warist circles today dislike the idea of ethnic equality, claiming that it is the safest way to ensure no traitors in the army. This inner ideological split has in fact existed on since ancient Sparta.

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