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    Northern Expedition Era

    At the beginning of this era, Wang Jingwei was a leftist KMT although he didn't like Communists. He joined the purge against communists shortly after Chiang Kai-shek did so.

    Japanese Regime Era

    Wang Jingwei betrayed the national revolution in 1938 and joined the Japanese imperialist fascist regime and established a collaborationist puppet government based in the Japanese-occupied Nanking.



    • Showa Statism - Long live the Japanese Empire and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. I am a very 'competent' ally puppet of you.
    • Fascism - "Several advanced countries have already expanded their national vitality and augmented their people's strength, and are no longer afraid of foreign aggression."
    • Nazism - "We in China [...] have heard too much about the 'national' and other flagwaving activities of the Nazis, and not enough about the 'socialist' work they are doing."
    • Social Corporatism - "integration of the working classes ... into the National Socialist state and the abolition of ... the evil elements of modern capitalism".


    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - We used to be allies and I helped you to purge the commies, but you had to work with the commies again to fight the Japanese. Even though I know the Xi'an Coup was the reason.
    • Left-Wing KMT - I like you, but some of you had to work with the communists.
    • Chinese Blueshirtism - We are rather similar. But can you be less anti-Japanese for god’s sake?
    • Tridemism - I am the real you! Stop calling me a nation traitor!


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