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    Waffleofthefuturism or вафель-из-будущего or for short Wafflism, Is a Russian nationalist ideology. It believes in an autocratic goverment held by a monarch. He believes that a nazcap society spanning the entirety of the Slavic nations is the only way for Russia to regain it's formal glory during the soviet and monarchal ages.



    Waffleofthefuturism is based of Austrian economics from Hayekian perspective, meaning a mix of empirics and praxeology. It takes a free market approach to the economy with limited social spending drawing a close example from the economy of Singapore. it supports a small flat tax to fund the military, police, and social welfare.


    Waffleofthefuturism believes the leader should be part of the dynasty that has absolute power to do whatever he wants. But his decisions should be influenced by an elite group of economists and scientists.


    Waffleofthefuturism supports minimal social spending. He supports a healthcare system like Singapore which combines aspects of medicare for all and private healthcare. He supports school choice with a voucher system. He also supports mandatory gun ownership for all male individuals.


    Waffleofthefuturism believes tradition is an invaluable thing and must be protected at all costs. He believes that abortion is murder and should only be done if the woman's life is in danger. That the nuclear family is the safeguard of society and must be upheld. He believes that regulating porn is important to protect from degeneracy.



    Waffleofthefuturism believes that communism is one the biggest threats to western civilization and believes that democracy inevitably leads to it, so the only way to stop is to not have democracy and safeguard against those who advocate it. They're should be no acceptance of those advocate communism and those that do should be physically deported into the ocean.


    Waffleofthefuturism believes in having a culturally homegeintic society. Borders should be completely barricaded and shut down. This being said free movement of goods and services should be allowed. The only reason some should come into the country is for tourism. Illegal aliens should be hunted down and deported. One important note is I'm not an ultranationalist, I don't believe that my race is superior, just that it will bring about a better nation with more trust.


    • Will bring up Singapore's model in every conversation
    • S̶i̶m̶p̶s̶ adores Pinochet and will make helicopter jokes against leftoids
    • Talks about how every other country isn't a state liberal hellscape and how other countries don't hate their cultures.

    How to draw

    1. Draw strasserist flag
    2. replace hammer with torch
    3. draw hat(it can be the nazi hat like I draw here or the Pinochet hat or really anything) with waffle and Ruble symbols


    SS Tier

    • Authoritarian capitalism - Everything you stand for is based. You are one hundred percent the best ideology, everytime you are enacted the country thrives. Also can I add Singapore is the best country policy wise rn
    • Absolute Monarchism - Monarchy is preferable to dictatorship.l Dictatorships sadly doesn't last. sorry .
    • Autocracy - Quick and easy reforms, I like it.
    • Monarchism - Lite communism.
    • Pan-Nationalism - A UNITED SLAVIC STATE! I LIKE IT!
    • Meritocracy - The talented should be rewarded.
    • National Capitalism - Your ideas are near perfection.
    • National Crypto-Capitalism - same as above but with competition of currency.
    • Orthodox Theocracy - Now that's my kind of theocracy. Боже, храни короля!
    • Tsarism - слава царю!
    • Monarcho-Capitalism - I'm sorry Tsarism, I love you but feudalism is an outdated concept.
    • Pinochetism - C*mmunists deserve to die. Also you brought prosperty to Chille after Allende. Everything you did was based policy wise. Deportation of illegals, barracading border, cutting taxes, cutting welfare, killing communists. спасибо Пиночет.
    • Hayekism - I'm gonna avoid the minarchism and just i'm more of Hayekian than Misian(yeah that's right A.K.A not a Misestard. m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶) And i'm glad you didn't pussy out on endorsing Pinochet unlike Milton Friendman.
    • Chicago school of economy - Emperics is based. Also thanks for him .
    • Austrian school of economy - Idk about praxeology idk but overall good economics.
    • Bobrovskism - Though I was a lolbert, My opinions are never wrong so BASED!
    • Authoritarian Pacifism - The state against violence gang.
    • Technocracy - Power should be centrallized in the king's hands but economic decisions should be left to an elite group of Chicago economists similar to the Chicago boys who ran the economy in Chile.
    • Gamerism - Play games, make games.
    • Capitalism - The best system for P R O S P E R I N G
    • Fujimorism - Idk much about but it seems you made Peru P R O S P E R plus you're like him .
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - I have a few minor gripes with your ideology that being said you are the only other nazcap on this wiki SO BASED!
    • Isolationism - CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS(but please stop advocating for tariffs it's kind of cringe)
    • Anti-Communism - killing communist with the vroom vroom since 1973.
    • Galactic Imperialism - Wholsome Elon Musk moment(also can you tweet about doge coin so I can make some money, pretty please)
    • Meritocracy - the best should advise the ruler.
    • Showa Statism - Japan but not cringe from him.
    • Tradwifeism - N O I C E.
    • Euroscepticism - the EU is LOTTERLKY 1985.
    • Capitalism - Allowing opportunity for everyone to succeed .
    • Silly Chimpism - Metbolism but more conservative and auth. Normal Metbolism is based but holy shit, damn this an upgrade.


    • Hoppeanism - H O P P E W A V E.
    • Duckism - WTF SUPER BASED!
    • Kinipkism - Misestard gang
    • Korwinism - Cool but proud anti-femboy. Sorry.
    • Transphobia - hahahaha forty percent, wait it's fifty percent now? WO-OH! WE'RE HALF WAY THERE !WO-OH ! (P.S stopping being and unban the comments.)
    • Homophobia - BoRn ThiS WaY.
    • Neoliberalism - great economics but stop shilling for proggesivism it will lead to the downfall of your nations. But overall thanks for him.
    • Kahanism - ?What the hell? I guess you're okay
    • Daveism - Socialism is a stupid ideal that will never work and primitivsm is only slightly better, That being said though his understanding of Russian culture and love of the король allows me to put him here plus you're a cool guy
    • EdPatrumism - Your not a big fan of capitalism but other than that great.
    • F.I.A.T - There's no much to criticize here other than not expecting capitalism which is just cringe.
    • National Bolshevism - What if ML wasn't shit.
    • Islamophobia - Everyone of them except for Bosnians.
    • Femboy Transhumanism - I too love femboys.
    • Authoritarian Catism - Cats are cool.
    • White Movement - You should of won. GLORY TO THE TSAR!
    • Metbolism - Anti LGBT gang

    A Tier

    • Nordic Model - You welfare and taxes are way to high. That being state I appreciate you believing standing to Milton Friedman's Ideas, Your continuous cutting of welfare ever since the ninties, and you are a good example of the benefits of cultural homogeintity. Also a lot of your roads are privite so that's interesting. You have a lot of good quilities and bad quilities so I'm placing you here.
    • Fascism - WE ARE NOT THE SAME!!!1! (I do like what you did to those filthy commies though). The state should used as a tool to the help the populace, it's not to be treated as a god you fucking bootlicker.
    • Socialist Peacedomism - Markets, cultrally right, nationalism good good...SOCIALISM!...barfs, но другой русский.
    • National Socialism- I am both Slavic and Jewish. How many of my people do you need to kill?!? BUUUUUUUUUUUT I like that goverment.
    • Classical Conservatism - Nice but Mercatalinism... REALLY... REALLY!
    • Reactionary Minarchism - Now that's my kind of Minarchism.
    • Korwinism - you're right Putin is one the greatest leader.
    • Anti-Enviromentalism - enviromentalists deserve to get the Choppie.
    • Welfare Chauvinism - These guys are cool.
    • Cryptocapitalism - Thanks for the shit ton of money during covid. Bitcoin to the mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!
    • Anti-Americanism - Americoids are the worst.
    • Lpyapersonism - Cult right neolib is based but too moderate and libertarian.

    B Tier

    • Mutual Libertarianism - OH GOD ARE YOU A DEGENARATE, but your economics are okay but even still too left wing so that's that I guess.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Anarchy will never work, GROW UP! Plus your memes suck. But atleast you're a free market capatlist.
    • Trad LibLefts - You guys can be cooooooooooooooooooooooool.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - Very shitty economics but atleast conservative. But if you allow me to add, POLAND IS BASED AS ALL FUCKING HELL!!!

    C Tier

    • Japan - THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY THE EAST(still you're better than these degenratesFile:American Model Icon.png )
    • Constitutionalism - get outta the way.
    • E-Girl Feminism - Hi Lilith Loveth.
    • Voluntary Minarchism - THe HarM pRincplE
    • Trumpism - STOP IT WITH THE DAMN DEBT AND THE FUCKING WELFARE! But thanks for bettering relationships with mother Russia. And your still ten thousand times better than Biden.
    • Georgism - Will you please shut the fuck up about landlords... PLEASE!
    • Social Democracy - Oh look it's with a shiny coat. NorWaY iS socIiAlisT. Atleast your a capatlist and a lot of your supporters so you can be cool as long your moderate like Destiny.
    • Civic Nationalism - "nationalism"
    • Dylanism - Cool but needs more auth and conservatism
    • PirateTailism - Way too proggesive but you like free markets which is based. Plus femboy power.

    D Tier

    F Tier

    • Antifa - CRUSH THE ANTI FASCIST MOB! The tranvalueation of all values throughout the west, The invention of even more victim groups, the spreading of affirmative action programs, and the relentless promotion of Political correctness has led to rise of an anti fascist mob. This mob is blatant violation of private property laws causing business owners billions. They are left to run wild by the ruling elite. They are in blatant violation of equality before the law and there must be a call from all citizens to have the police clear the street's of these communists.
    • Maoism- GrEaT LeAp ForWorD more like the great leap backwords. GOTTEAM!
    • Ingsoc - LITTERLY 1984
    • Democratic Socialism - "democractic" socialism. GET IN THE CHOPPER! DEATH TO ALLENDE!
    • State Liberalism - America's ideology.
    • Eurocommunism - Communism and western Europe...sounds like fucking hell.
    • European Federalism - why are you here twice.
    • Furryocracy - The upside to MMT is that furries won't survive hyperinflation.
    • Jihadism - WE WILL CRUSH YOU!!!
    • Lipostocracy - Yeah i'm a proud fat phobe, What are you gonna do about it. Obligatory America bad joke also.
    • LGBT - The left community online, particularly the LGBT community, is cancerous as fuck. If you are not an idiot, you will agree with me on this. People are hyper-fragile, there's a ton, and I mean a ton of mental illness. And you can't convert these people, they're not reasonable. These people are less than human to me. I have no respect for these people. These people are fucking disgusting.
    • Egoism - A communist anarchist who's super annoying... You're just asking for a helicopter right, aren't you?
    • Socialism - I'm gonna make the white terror look like A FUCKING CHILDRENS SHOW!
    • Neo-Airisuism - Get in the choppie Americoid.
    • Airisuism - Same to you.
    • Potashism - Same to you.
    • Progressivism - Nah.


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