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    Waffenikism, or Movement of February 26th, is  AuthLeft,and  Culturally Alternate Modernist to  Culturally Right,Authoritarian Democratic,Third Positionist,and ko-Shintoist ideology. Waffenikism perceives a nation as a community derived from its own religion, mythology, culture and common ethos, and from that standpoint is hostile to the Abrahamic religions as contrary to national independence.



    Ultranationalism is a robustly important ideology in Waffenikism. They emphasize the importance of extreme devotion to one's own nation, community, neighbour, or otherwise, without care to the individual. As such, Waffenikism could be easily argued to be a rather anti-liberalistic ideology, in fact extremely so, at least in vein of the greater society. However, his and his neighbours' ultranationalism is just that - "nationalism". It is based on a "live under the same roof" consciousness, the will that entrenchment is a healthy nationalism, which is a cultural and mutual value community, as distinct from reactionary ideas such as race and lineage.

    Pan-East Asianism(大東亜主義)

    I believes that the East (and sometime southEast)Asian region is inextricably linked historically and culturally, so the people of East Asia must unite to form an alliance.The regions in the East Asian pan-national include China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and sometimes Vietnam. In conclusion, ethnocentrism and (radical) separatist forces are irreconcilable enemies for waffenik.... At the very least, I consider and feel responsible for Japanese imperialism and its consequences "for deceiving innocent Asian peoples by claiming solidarity with the Asian peoples, a felony that deserves severe punishment and a betrayal to the Asian peoples, to our ancestors who once wished for solidarity among the Asian peoples, and to the Emperor".

    Social and Cultural Stance

    Waffenikism is neither biased reactionary nor revolutionary, but rather a synthesis of "Peiganian" traditionalism of Ko-Shinto origin and the radical modernism of futurism and progressivism (mainly in its technological aspects). With its emphasis on technology, un-individualistic,speed and agressive, it seeks a different interpretation of modernism from liberalism; Waffenikism's ideas can be described as a pragmatic combination of tradition and progress, or as an attempt to return to '"primitive" values through progressive technology and ideas, It combines the "best parts" to bring benefits and brotherhood to the community and rejuvenate the nation.

    Economic, government and social structures


    Social Media/Contact

    User Tests

    • Civic Axis
      • Egoist (-20)
      • Anarchist (-10)
      • Minarchist (-10)
      • Libertarian (-5)
      • Statist (+15)
      • Dictablanda (+30)
      • Authoritarian (+10)
      • Totalitarian (-10)
      • Orwellian (-20)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-20)
      • Direct Democracy (+15)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+30)
      • Representative Democracy (-15)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+20)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-10)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-∞)
    • Economic Axis
      • Communist (-5)
      • Socialist (-5)
      • Welfarist (+10)
      • Mixed (-5)
      • Liberalism (-30)
      • Capitalist (-∞)
      • Third Position (+20)
      • Non-Marxist Communism (+10)
    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (−100)
      • Dirigisme (-77)
      • Regulationism (-60)
      • Mixed (-50)
      • Liberal Economics (-25)
      • Free Market (+50)
      • Laissez-Faire (+100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Planned (-50)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • World Federalist (-20)
      • Globalist (-15)
      • Internationalist (+10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Patriotic (+5)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (+20)
      • "Ethno Nationalist" (-30)
      • Universal Nationalism (+30)
    • Geopolitics Axis
      • Old West(1945-1970) (-15)
      • New West(1970-Now) (-15)
      • Non-Aligned (+30)
      • Old Axis (+5)
      • Old East (1970-1992) (-15)
      • Modern East (1992-Now) (-15)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Revolutionary (+5)
      • Progressive (-15)
      • Reformist (-5)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Conservative (0)
      • Traditionalist (+10)
      • Reactionary (-20)
      • syncretic (+30)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (-20)
      • Primitivist (+5)
      • Pre-Industrial (-5)
      • Deceleration (-10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (+15)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+15)
      • Posthumanist (-15)
      • SyncreticAntrans.png(+50)
    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (-30)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-15)
      • Eco-Fascism (+20)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (-5)
      • Industrialist (-10)
      • Anthropocentric (-10)
      • Pollution (-20)
      • Planetary Destruction (-∞)
    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (+10)
      • Non-engagement (+20)
      • De-escelationism (+15)
      • Interventionism (-∞)
      • Irridentism (-5)
      • Jingoism (-10)

    Results =

    Personality and Behaviour



    左派ポスト・リバタリアニズム - Main praxis, And that in my neighbourhood.(私の実践理論。そしてそれは私の隣人においても。)

    "インディへニズム", ペルー国粋主義運動 - Do you want me to help you?(助太刀しようか?)

    民族分配主義 - All within the community, nothing outside the community, nothing against the community. And the whole thing is done in the name of the emperor and God.(総て共同体内に在り、全て共同体外には無く、共同体に対するもの無し。そして総ては帝と神の御名の下に行われる。)

    トランスヒューマニズム - Humans have finally got a "The Way of All Flesh", we should accept it.(ヒトはやっと、”肉体を統べる策”を得ることが出来たのだ、受け入れるべきさ。)

    ディープエコロジー,農本主義 - ...Of course, a return to a simple, traditional life, and value.(...もちろん、シンプルで伝統的な生活や価値観への回帰は必要だ。)


    貴族制, 孔子教, 職人官僚制 - As heroes of the people, they should not be far away from the people. He should not climb onto a high pedestal and settle in a place that is out of touch with the lives of the people. (国民の英雄たるもの、国民から遠く離れていてはいけない。高い台座に上って、国民の生活と無縁なところに収まるべきでない。)

    ヒズボラ/神の党 - Maybe you guys should moderate your Islamism already and become a patriotic leftist party.(君たちはもうイスラム主義を控えめにして愛国主義的な左派政党になった方がいいんじゃない?)

    革命的民主制 - Ethnic federalism is not bad, but I'd rather not be spared republicanism.(民族連邦制は悪く無いが、共和主義は御免被りたいものだな)

    アイルランド解放戦線 - I can sympathise with his anti-imperialist struggle, but aren't you going to reinstate him? I don't think we should...(反帝国主義的闘争には共感はできるが、彼を復権する気はないのかい?した方がいいと思うな...)

    サパティスタ - I'll support you, and maybe even help you one day.(支持はするよ、そしていつかは援助もね。)


    カトリック社会教説 - I don't believe in your God and I rather hate you guys, but I'm too influenced by you guys to hate you...(俺はお前らの神を信じる気はないしどちらかというとお前らのこと嫌いだけど、嫌うにはあまりにもあんたらから影響を受けすぎてるからな...)

    ファシズム - "It was too madness to be called a distributism. Autocratic, totalitarianistic, imperialistic, and far too rough. Indeed, It was a veritable...

    ...bundle of sticks."

    Just well... I can appreciate the direction itself.

    ("それは分配主義と言うには、あまりにも狂気に満ちたものだった。 専制主義的で、全体主義的で、帝国主義的で、そして大雑把すぎた。 それは正に...






    (probably won't use it.)


  • Neo-Majapahitism - Follow asian fascists.But the heathens... Well, it's been around for a long time.
  • also, Sinophobe is scary think. diriges proximum tuum sicut te ipsum. brotherhood and unity.

    ¡brotherhood and unity!

    • Pantheonism - ...You're incredible close to me. You and I are eerily similar, at least apart from diplomacy, culture and the social axis. but too moderete and open immigration. Just you are a globalist version of me. based.


    However, we cannot be critical of LGBT people. The "Shudou" is the way of the samurai, you know?

    • Hydra'ism - Oops, my racist analogue. A shame that you got banned. Ghostofinky, how many more centuries do you think it will take for him to come back?

    But ye are too ethnonationalistic, scary. Also, transhumanism or "To Shepherd the Flesh" is quite important, bro. Only through it can we become apostles of the old God and eventually reach deification.

    • Neo-Murba - your Solarpunk and Left-post-libatarianism(really post-lib?) is not bad, but cultural values are imbalance.We should blindly revere technology, reeling back to Archaic mysticism.

    Also, make no mistake, Proudhon, Sorel and Belloc are better than Marx and Lenin.

    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - Average Latin Americana Third-worldism. I don't share your bureaucratic ideology, but I do share, if not fully, the humiliation and hatred you and your neighbours have suffered at the hands of the US imperialists. ¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!


    • 琴吹...じゃなかったMugiKotobuki8814ism - follow weeb, but racist. also, nazi is degenerate. pretty average alternative right-winger, eh? フランちゃんかわいいよフランちゃん


    • National Fracturism - woar woar cultural values are imbalance. not good. Besides that you're pretty ok.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Heh, a Shintoist, anti-liberal, Asian people and a believer in Austrian eco− WHAT⁉︎


    • Great British New Left - I agree with you that there is a hatred of New Labour, but unfortunately you are too radical a progressive and class warfare can never happen in British society, nor should it.

    I thought cultures and societies progress by taking over some things from the past. And that New Labour is a small Conservative party? No way! Tory are not as scum as Blair‼︎ It's a far scarier monster than that. ... And taxation of higher income groups sparingly. Unless it is disposable income.

    • Meowxism - I don't think the cultural far left is very nice... I don't think it's a good idea to have a bias on the cultural axis. And you can't have a Democratic Centralism. But it's great that you support post-colonial feminism. Well, it's a bit like a typical leftist...
    • O'Langism - Indigenous nationalist, you say? Not bad.

    But how about being a bit more culturally ambivalent? And if I may give you some advice, under decentralised structures you are not immune to the emergence of new exploitative authorities. How about post-libertarianism?

    • Serbian Socialism - Woar, a Titoista? good,But why don't you restore the original faith of the Slavs?Well, at least you could be a good member of the NAM :D
    • Bourgeoisie destroyerism - Apart from racism, at one time I was very ... Similar to. And racism is not nice, it's one but the worst problem.
    • Meridionalism - Follow anti-amerikan and colorblindism. But the land belongs to the indigenous people, RETURN IT. Also, I find it hard to believe that you're a Southerner and yet you're a cultural leftist... I've never seen anyone like that. However, it's great that you support the NAM and at least you don't seem like a bad guy yourself.


    also,Creative. Racism. WHAT DE HELL ARE YOU???

    • Neo-humanism - average classical liberal, cringe. Economic interference undermines people's dignity, yes? Make no mistake about it.

    Besides, you and I both want small business. Trust is a felony, am I right? but there are exceptions, fair trade should be protected to some extent. and, you isn't focking "woke"ism. Also, your Self-insart page was easier to read than any other page I've seen. I think I'll copy the syntax a bit.



    (probably won't use it.)




    • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me?
      • WaffeniK - As much as I'd like to add to that, it looks to me like you've got nothing but images.
    • Serbian Socialism Add me?
      • WaffeniK - add it
    • Neo-Murba add me
      • WaffeniK - add it, ye add me?
    • O'Langism - Weird... A tolerable fascist... anyways, add me?
      • WaffeniK - add it, ye add me?

    Which part is weird, by the way?

    • O'Langism - That you're not homophobic or radically traditionalist/reactionary
      • WaffeniK - Not only me, but many fascists are definitely not reactionary. We embrace revolutionary enlightenment in a different way from immoral liberalism, in combination with good old traditions and communities.

    This is precisely why we call ourselves 'alternative modanity'.

    Homophobia is... Well, at least I don't have much. Neither did the Futurists.

    • O'Langism - Thoughts on catholicism?
      • WaffeniK - I don't think I understand the Catholic faith, and I definitely think the Crusades are a sham, but that said, it's also true that my ideology is very much influenced by Catholicism and the political movements influenced by it.

    Besides, I'm sure we can unite under a common, hateful enemy - Protestantism.

    • Meowxism - ayo add me comraade
      • WaffeniK - ok,thats it. you add me?
        • Meowxism - sure. im doing it rn along with other add rqs :].
    • Neo-Majapahitism - did you have discord?
      • WaffeniK - mr.waffenik ☜this?

    or... Tlahtoqueh#4956

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