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    WMS7588 Thought is self insert ideology of 7588.png User:WMS7588.



    WMS7588 hopes to install a Sec.pngauthoritarian Auto.pngautocratic Abmon.pngabsolute monarchy
    WMS7588 values individual freedom and freedom of speech highly. There would be minimal interference in both unless it's direct threat towards the government.
    The eventual goal is to have a pure asia consisting of what WMS7588 calls the east asian race.




    () is not in favor of conscription to army, but instead have basic training intergrated into the education system, and with that distribution of firearms to all citizens that recieved training in the education, effectively recruiting them into a militia force.


    The entire police force should be intergrated into the military, with existing officers having the choice to either go through proper training or quit and be replaced. This will create a new branch in the army which specializes in police work while equiped and traind as good as infantries (except for tactical units which would recieve more specific training)


    Foreigners and immigration

    Any immigration would go through a DNA test and only if they have combined over 70% of the accepted ancestry would they be able to go though the next process. Fluent chinese is not hard requirement but they must to be able to do so in 2 years after the immigration or the citizenship would be canceled and they would have 30 days to leave.

    Any pre existing citizen that don't match the 70% ancestry requirement who isnt of certain desent (example uyghurs) will have their citizenship degraded to a visa pass. They would be given a month for exange of their estates and other preparation to leave.

    Anyone who disobey their given time remaining in the country and stayed after the deadline or any illegal immigrants would be sentensed to death.


    • wip

    The reclaimation of chinese territories

    Outer Manchuria

    Outer Manchuria, now is a part of the russian federation, was for a long time a part of china. The goal would be to return the historical border before 1600s, fully uniting the manchurian region. This can either be achieved through diplomacy or force, and the choice would be on the russian hands.
    Depending on the process of annexation, the local population will either be displaced by the russian government or purged.


    • wip


    • wip

    How to Draw

    Flag of WMS7588 thoughts
    Color Name HEX RGB

    Personality and Behaviour



    • wip



    • Showa-kanmuri.png Showa_Statism - wouldn't lie, I learnt a lot from you, but in my opinion, you are the main reason why eastasians hate eachother, especially between chinese and japanese.


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    Political Test Placements

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    Further Information


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