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    Sup, I'm Vyktare, I am a libertarian who supports the end of all monopolies, the creation of independent agoras and the return to old religions, I oppose the "social contract", statists and abramahics (I also plan to be active in (I also plan to stay active on the philosophyball wiki :3)


    • most of them are empty cause I will elaborate on them soon

    An Objection Against Those Who Deny Property Rights

    Yes, I believe that each community can follow its preferred economic system, but I cannot help but put my notes and observations on the best possible type of economy.

    This is about you BSF and Charlotte!
    The world has scarce resources, such as land, fruits, wood, water and other items important for human survival, conflicts are initiated when two people or more try to get hold of a limited resource, such as Person A and Person B fighting over a space of land, if, for example, land were an unlimited resource, there would be no disputes over land.

    We therefore need an objective and blind way of resolving any and all disputes, and there is no alternative to this than the recognition of private property, the recognition that "he who first takes from Nature, keeps it" manages to resolve conflicts in a simple way, since it makes every act inviolable against something that is of the individual, your principle of "He who defends his property, keeps it" opens scope for authoritarianism, land invasions or banditry, is not an ethic capable of resolving conflicts.

    In your section of Economics, you argue that the Union of ipseists would have no problem with you if you as long as you don’t infringe on other individuals right, but know that it is impossible to keep the individual safe without recognition of private property, the capitalist ethic is the only one compatible with absolute individualism.

    Both of you can dispute my argument if you want, it would be an honor to have a short debate with one of you two pookies :3

    Anarchy, Good Old Anarchy

    I believe in a complete anarchy or a voluntary minarchy, not out of pure reverie of my mind, but because it is the only ethical[3] way to organize society, the soul is indivisible and we have reason and rights, which differentiates us from non-rational animals.

    Unfortunately, free people used their freedom to take over others, they used their family ties and economic advantages to get humans out of a state of nature that was "bad", that was the origin of the first leviathans.[4]

    The Leviathan is like a gang of criminals, as exposed by Rothbard, but it is different from other gangs in that it seeks ways to legitimize itself at all costs, it founds "social" movements, prints money to "help" the poor and creates "social welfare" programs, all these things to buy support from the most vulnerable.

    Fortunately, the free human by nature is indomitable! many people, even with so much brainwashing of the state and its institutions, have formulated theories for a better world, such as Bakunin and his anarchism and Adam Smith with his classical liberalism. but Bakunin failed in his theory that the individual is free only when he is recognized as free in society, and Adam Smith failed by continuing the economic aberration of the labor theory of value, it was only in the founding of the Austrian School of economics that we really had breakthroughs in search of a perfect theory for a free society. (we also took the opportunity to put the last nail in the coffin of Marxism) :3

    Praxis, Revolution And Revolt.

    What good is revolutionary theory if you don't know how to apply it? come on, participate in some anti-government protests, take some rubber shots, or even tear gas, remember to never show your face ;)

    participate in the destruction of the mainstream economy, buy from "alternative" places , practice civil disobedience, support decentralized information, anything goes.

    The Edge Of The Law
    Everything, without violating the universal principle of non-aggression, always acting within the compliant and taking care, a jailed activist would mean less voice against Le Leviathan.

    Free Organization And Association

    Long live the projects of Free Cities, we dream with the Balkanization of all nations, radical decentralization of all forms of organization and the voluntary choice of one preferred form of government, based on economy, culture, or even race, these communities could join in larger federations for any kind of purpose, but always maintaining the voluntary action.

    Eternal Reaction.


    Authority Of The "Self" And Monopoly Of Life.



    A Liveable Society

    • Apallagism - A walking W, you are just like me fr

    A Somewhat Okay Society

      I Mean uhm.. you are a neolib, and thats okay :)
    • WilliamCapo19 - Localist, environmentalist and communitarian are good points, but I would prefer Libertarian Distributism to the traditional strand but whatever, you look okay. :3
    • Ipseism - You are such a pookie, but your view on property has a serious problem (read the text above) >_<
      • - I only respect the private property of people who know how to defend it.
        • - Dont yvo think thats incompatible with incompatible with individualism? property rights also involve the recognition of your first property (the **Self**, your body), people unable to protect this property would be subject to slavery or murder
    • Charlottism - Without a doubt, you have improved a lot since your last self inserts, and apparently you are on your way to taking the lain pill? anyway, too bad you're not a pagan anymore..

    A Hard To Live Society

    • Neo-Rosism - Bogdanov would be proud, bio transhumanism is undoubtedly a better alternative to classical transhumanism, and I can agree with cultural nationalism and its progressive-conservatism, but I believe that its problem lies in the belief of a "social state", who would finance the welfare state? the state has no source of money, other than that which comes from the tax payers, if you really want to implement large projects, you could only do this by taxing the population more, at least you are anti-China and US tho
    • Aploism - Pro-life is good, opposition to immigration and nationalism is good too, but you fall into the same economic problems (Like , and ) as several others in this category, in addition to having paternalistic and restrictive views (seriously? ban prostitution?)
    • Evenoskyism - Distributism is chill, copyleft, nationalism and technogaianism too, the problem lies in economic nationalism and the welfare state, both ingredients together are a disaster, the perfect formula for stagnating a nation (maybe you should open your mind to laissez-faire) :3
    • ILunaticism - This is literally dictatorship of the cute proletarian this is literally the dictatorship of the proletariat over the employers, it is not necessary to punish employers for not ensuring fair quality of work for employees, since naturally, such employers are destined for bankruptcy, and do you also advocate social welfare for all people? where would the money come from to pay for all this? I believe that not even the largest of the inflated States could maintain this without breaking or corrupting itself in a few years pookie :3

    Grrr Place For Commies!1!1!1

    • Lycanthropy - Oh, I like the way you write, and you're open to the parchwork system, thats nice! it's a shame you're a communist and against the idea to conquer the stars..
    • Xenocommunism - you have interesting influences and also appreciate the LHP, but you will have to stay in thIS category for being an evil communist :3
    • Meowxism - Another evil commie, but a fan of technology, although you want to use it to turn people into furries? anyway, red love is awful, and so is your opinion of being against sex work..


    • Nurisk5 - "Much to comment, text will be prepared soon!"
      • I mean uhmm, i got a lot of points I'd like to point about you, I'm just too lazy to do it right now 🤭
    • ILunaticism - hello there can you add me?
      • suree
    • General Studios Thought - add me?
    • Charlottism - add me?
    • CHROMATISM - Add
      • Vyktarianism - You, Evenosky and the Bonaparte will be added soon! :3
    • Aploism - add me?
    • Evenoskyism - Add me please
    • Neo-Rosism - add me
      • I'll add you soon!!
    • Ipseism - ADD ME YOU LIBERAL
    • Charlottism - who collectivized the hoppean? also eco-cannibalism is interesting...
    • - Do you eat kids
    • - This you?
      • kinda
    • Marialice - Why is this page so disorganized? And why are you a cannibal?
      • I'm still creating the page pookiee and ill explain everything later :3
    • Lycanthropy - Please add me, thank you :)
      • Okay pookiee
    • Apallagism - Could you add me?:3
    • doneee
    • Charlottism - who is lain?
      • Search about Serial Experiments Lain :3
        • I understand, but why did you use the LesbianNrx icon?
          • cause of your recent interest for nick land and post-humanism (and I used the icon to represent lain, because she doesn't have one for her 👿)
    • Meowxism - add me?
      • kayy
    • Nurisk5 - add me
      • soon!!
    • Xenocommunism Add me.
    • Lilacist Democracy - Add me I'll add back.
      • ogeyy, ill add u soon

    1. I'm a pagan, I do not adhere to the Christian faith, but theirs literary and philosophical contributions are interesting
    2. Some few countries manage to save themselves, ironically, they are the countries that decided to follow liberalism instead of state socialism after their independence
    3. Following the principle of non-aggression, which is part of the natural law of Man, universal and individual
    4. Not to be confused with the canaanite pantheon xD
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