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    Disclaimer: This page doesn't reflect my ideology, this for some alternative History I making, whilst it is somewhat based on my ideology, its not based on it, entirely (also WIP, the notice doesnt appear for me, so yeah, just ask to change).


    Pre-Struggle Era

    Nerestumorya Settlement and Revelation Government (1634-1767)

    Diasporic Era (1767-1917)

    Russian Revolution and Vostokii SFSR(1917-1933)

    Struggle and Post-Struggle Era(s)

    Vostokii SFSR abolishment and WW2 (1933-1945)

    Death of Stalin and Power Struggle 1948-1950

    Bukharina Era and Reestablishment of the Vostokii SFSR (1950-1956)

    Stalinist Coup (1956)

    Rebellions against the and Masscres of the Malenkov Regime (1957-1962)

    Vostokiya Revolution(1962-1964)

    Ribbon Groups
    PinkRIBS.pngPink Ribbons
    MaroonRIBS.pngMaroon Ribbons
    RedRIBS.pngRed Ribbons

    Sibirstrukt 1 (1964-72)

    Sino-Vostokii War (1974-76)

    Sibirstrukt 2 (1976-1978)

    Blood Week (1980)

    Silent Era (1980-2002)

    Rise of Mirovaism (2002-)

    Tensions with the US rise (2016-)

    Death of Vostorov (2024)



    Governmental Structure




    Other Relevant Ideologies

    So this is mostly other made up Ideologies and Ideologies with the same name as Ideologies in OTL but are different.



    Пургаториик (Inbetweeners)

    • Ormarxf.png Marx - Quite a bit I like about you. Many of your theories are applicable, even to the modern day. I just feel like a Communist society, given the modern circumstances, isn't possible, not in our current lifetimes, unfortunately. This is not to say I am an Anti-Communist, I'm sympathetic to their cause. Also what's wrong with markets? They're not the best, but they've worked for us so far. also leave the jews alone (same for Proudhon.png Proudhon)
    • Orthlen.png Lenin - At least you recognised us as an independent and separate culture from Russians (unlike some milk stains Trumpism.png Mesocon.png Shapirocube.png Sralin.png), and decriminalising Homosexuality and the NEP was cool. Too bad Sralin kind of destroyed all of that. But you never understood our Gender system (or lack thereof), you relied on state capitalism a bit too much, and you did backstab a lot of people. Also ignoring the election was meh. Not sure really why Sablin.png Comrade Sablin likes you that much.

    Молокупятниик (Milkstains)


    Пургаториик (Inbetweeners)

    Пятниик (Stains)


    Пургаториик (Inbetweeners)

    Пятниик (Stains)

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