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    Vonsiatskyism is the ideology based off of the political views Anastasy Vonsiatsky and manifested in Vonsiatsky's various political projects like All-Russian Fascist Organization (created in 1933) and its successors, primarily based in Putnam, Connecticut USA, notably Vonsiatsky opposed Anti-Semitism and claimed that his party's only intention was "to form in Russia a truly democratic government".


    Vonsiatsky claimed that his party has the following goals:

    • *"With the existence of Germany and Adolf Hitler, as a fortified base, and directing center for all anti-Communist movements, the beginning of a war by the USSR with Germany can change with lightning-like rapidity into the end of International Communism and the victory of the Russian National Revolution."
    • *The Party "does not support either Germany's or Japan's ambition for hegemony in Europe or the Far East."
    • *"The Germans and the Japanese have never made clear their attitude toward a replacement of the present Stalinist rule by a Russian National Government.
    • *"The sole aim of our organization is to return Russia to a free people with a government elected by the people, of the people and for the people."
    • *"Our intention is to form in Russia a truly DEMOCRATIC government."
    • The Party "is not anti-Semitic."





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