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    Voluntaryism is a political ideology inhabiting the bottom right of the political compass, with no specific cultural implications, although considering it respects voluntary actions when there is no harm to another human it tends not to be conservative. It is one of the only Anarchist ideologies that doesn't call itself an Anarchist.

    In Benjamin Tucker's words after Auberon Herbet's death: "Auberon Herbert is dead. He was a true anarchist in everything but name. How much better (and how much rarer) to be an anarchist in everything but name than to be an anarchist in name only!"

    It is probably the biggest intellectual influence for Rothbardian Property Anarchism.


    It was created in 1897 and is probably one the first full theoretical seen way of achieving a society completely based on liberty and property rights (Probably only preceded by "The Production of Security" by Gustave de Molinari, in 1849), which fully influenced Anarcho-Capitalism.

    The term Voluntaryism was created by Auberon Herbert. The term was created first exposed in the book "The principles of Voluntaryism" in the 19th century, 1897.


    It originally believes that violence is never justified to be initiated in a non-defensive way, and seeing taxation as robbery it believes it should be voluntary (Basically that services are given by private organizations and it's voluntary to pay them, you pay them if you want to use that service).

    It also believes that the state is the monopoly of violence and wants to suppress them but thinks governments mean every kind of organization, not necessarily political.

    It believes that the only legitimate government, by the meaning that it has for most Lib-Rights, that isn't the same as the meaning of "State" (State being the monopoly of considered legitimate coaction over the individual), is a government based on voluntary human interactions without any un-voluntary intervention over the individual.

    It believes that it is never legitimate to start force against the individual. Whenever it is not done for defense purposes, and thus see taxes as a form of theft that goes along with you, until the last day of life. It believes although there can be a government to give these services, but it must be voluntary to pay those taxes and thus doesn't have a state, which leaves this ideology in the exact (Or almost) same place than Anarcho-Capitalism.

    This can be usually used for the same as Anarcho-Capitalism in most cases. Since some Voluntaryists think the term capitalism was first used and created by leftist philosophers in a pejorative way, and prefer to call it Voluntaryism since it represents better the philosophy of a society based on free association without coaction from un-voluntary organisms as a state in this case, and also was created for the precise same meaning that it has right now and with no derogatory connotations.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Voluntaryism loves everything (literally, everything) that is voluntary. Voluntaryism is obcessed with things that are voluntary.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Voluntaryism

    Drawing Voluntaryism is very simple:

    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a line in a lighter shade of black (#141414) vertically through the ball,
    3. Fill the space right to the line black and yellow (#FDFD00) to the left,
    4. Add the V of voluntaryism,
    5. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Yellow 253,253,0 #FDFD00




    Begone NAP Violators!!!

    Further Information



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