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    Voluntary Human Extinction

    Voluntary Human Extinction is a movement that advocates the extinction of humanity through willingly restraining reproduction ( Antinatalism) in an effort to make humanity extinct. Despite its goals, it rejects suicide, forced sterilization, or mass murder. They believe that humans have led to environmental degradation and therefore the entire human species must go extinct.

    The only movement that practices this is the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT (pronounced "vehement") for short.


    He acts schizophrenic because of what humans (other polcompballs) have done to the planet.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill in with white.
    3. Draw the VHEMT logo.
      1. Draw a large V.
      2. Draw the earth showing the Americas downwards on the V in green, with the oceans blue and the land green.
      3. Draw a curved rectangle on the planet.
      4. Draw the text "VHEMT" on the curved rectangle.
    4. Draw in the eyes.

    You're done!




    • Environmentalism - I want to save the environment, but why do you think human extinction is a bad thing?
    • Total Liberationism - Really based, although you should understand that human extinction is the only way to achieve your goal.
    • Jewish-Nazism & Anti-Japaneseism - Your suicidal attitude pleases me, but why limit the self-genocide to just two races?
    • Kakistocracy - He may not like it, but he's helping me achieve my goals.
    • Situationism - Usually I couldn't care less about human art but the Church of Euthanasia took influences from your movement, which is based.
    • Cultism - The Church of Euthanasia has done a fantastic job in opposing human reproduction and even has led to humans deciding to relieve the Earth of their burden but the rest of these fuckers are almost always natalists!
    • LGBT+ - At least "most" of you don't reproduce.
    • Homofascism - I... Uh...
    • Stransserism - Sure... but you're batshit crazy.
    • Radical Feminism - You are helping me achieve my goal, although you are too dumb
    • Manosphere - How about voluntary celibate? Also, you seem to hate me for some reason. MGTOWs however, are good because they want men to go single.
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - Pacifism is based, although you should believe in anti-natalism. Also, stop giving me that dirty look already.
    • Deep Ecology - Although animals should be treated as important, human is NOT equal to animals. Human is below them.


    • The other polcompballs - Since all of them are made by humans, death is upon you.
    • Jewish Theocracy, Christian Theocracy & Islamic Theocracy - Religious natalists are especially annoying.
    • Patriarchy & Matriarchy - Do I need to say more?
    • Conservatism - You are just another natalist who wants to increase the number of births. I will not let that happen.
    • Climate Skepticism - My archenemy. I'm going to stay around long enough just to make sure that you will die off.
    • Posadism - I said voluntary, not involuntary human extinction! Go f*ck yourself with your neutron warheads.
    • Eugenicism - There is no "superior" ethnicity. Not like I care about it anyway.
    • Esoteric Fascism - Your Lebensborn project is especially disgusting.
    • Ceaușescuism - My worst nightmare. At least you were executed.
    • Communitarianism - Community has no value. Also your almost every Nationalist variants are natalists.
    • Social Darwinism - You are causing suffering. You must die first.
    • State Liberalism - Forced transgenderism is not good at all, and also you're anti-environmentalist.
    • Humanism - I Will Kill All The Humans And You Cannot Stop Me!
    • Muskism - I'm not a 'Mind Virus'! Don't you get that all humans are virus on earth, you natalist plutocrat!!!
    • Myself - I was invented by humans and everyone who believes in me is a human. Enough said.

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