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    Voluntary Genocide is a umbrella term to refer to ideologies who support that people should voluntary allow themselves to be killed, murdered or genocides instead of struggle against those. Volunary Genocide is quite similar to Voluntary Human Extinction, but being applied into cultural groups, social groups, national groups, religious groups and so on.


    Voluntary genocide believes that if a group of people is being genocided by other group of people, the group of people who's being genocided should allow itself to be genocided and even to ask to be genocided/murdered by the ones who are doing the genocide itself.

    There are several justifications that supporters of voluntary genocide actually give to justify voluntary genocide, such as the nobility of being able to sacrifice oneself for the greater good. Some examples of voluntary genocide would include minorities allowing themselves to be genocided by majority groups.

    Other meaning of voluntary genocide, and maybe the most common one, is the idea of a country to put a genocide government in power and start to genocide its own people, as in case of Pol Potism, Burgundian System, Taboritskyism and Talibanism. Though the true volition of these states is certainly debatable.

    Voluntary genocides might also fall in line with eugenics, where people want to be genocided as to clear the genepool of their blood.

    Finally, Voluntary Genocides might be rooted in esoteric, Cult-like purposes, such as with Heaven's Gate, although that was more close to a voluntary mass suicide.

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