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    • A group of Technocrats form the Council of Technocrats (Upper House)
    • The lower house will be the Parliament, made as a form of checks and balances. It shall have one representative from each region. This representative will be called on like in jury duty, but they are allowed to decline if they wish - they shall have a placement for two years.
    • The Parliament can suggest laws and also has a veto on which it must get 50% support in a democratic vote.
    • The most specialised technocrat (MST) is given the role of Supreme Technocrat, the Head of State. They will stay until they recieve 3 law vetos (which would imply them not being specialised). If they pass 5 laws in a row then their veto progress goes down, e.g. if they've been vetoed 2 times but then pass 5 laws in a row successfully, it's like they've been vetoed 1 time.
    • The Council proposes laws, the MST can veto them, but the Council has a counter-veto which they can use in order to have the law be voted on by the Parliament.
    • Federal regions of the nation use direct democracy, voting on the laws given by the Council of Technocrats which they wish to have applied to their nation.
    • Popular campaigning can be a way to suggest laws, although it is not an official process in the system, it can allow for recognition.
    • These are the requirements for any member of the Lower or Upper house:
      • Above the age of 18
      • Below the age of 79
      • Qualified in at least secondary education
      • Swear an oath to the public called the Oath of Loyalty
      • Have lived in the region they are representing for at least 10 years


    All corporations, it is their purpose to serve the public with high quality, well-priced goods which shall satisfy their needs. This is why all corporations shall have an "implied contractual relationship with the public". Corporations will also be nationalised i.e. there to serve the nations and shall follow regulations set by the Upper House which are made to ensure high quality, well-priced goods which satisfy public need.

    Religious Criticisms


    I condemn false prophets, I condemn the effort to take away the power of rational decision, to drain people of their free will—and a hell of a lot of money in the bargain. Religions vary in their degree of idiocy, but I reject them all.

    Gene Roddenberry




    Ideological Criticisms

    Social Democracy


    Social Capitalism

    Third Way

    Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.

    Ginetta Sagan

    Liberal Democracy

    Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.


    People call democracy "tyranny of the majority" but thats quite problematic because it says that the tyrant has approval from a majority of the citizens when this is not the case. The tyrant has the majority approval from the plutocrat scum who represent 1% of our population. Small parties who stand for actual change, for the many not the few are underfunded and criticised by media because of course they are, the media is run by the same plutocrats who these small parties threaten to take down. It is the will of the common folk for these plutocrats to be gone, it would improve the lives of the 99%, but these plutocrats do not care about the 99%, they care about themselves and themselves only.
    Democracy should be rule of the people - if it doesn't even represent those people, it is definitely not democracy.

    Political Books I've Read (2024-)

    Karl Kautsky

    Andrew Flood

    Karl Marx


    Friedrich Engels

    The Principles of Communism (Friedrich Engels)

    Unknown Author

    1. Note: For religions, I do not hate the believers in any of them, I consider the believers in these religions to be enslaved by false prophecies.
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