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    Virus Totalitarianism is the government's use of a perceived threat to seize control, accompanied by the citizen's willingness to hand it over. Although it gets its name from the 2020 COVID pandemic, this is not the first time it has occurred. another example would be the PATRIOT Act after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    Virus Totalitarianism is characterized by widespread public support and propaganda.


    Virus Totalitarianism is a malevolent and power-hungry individual seeking to exert his will across everything in existence. Virus Totalitarianism generally acts without showing much emotion and has a cold and clinical manner of speaking. The only exceptions are when he is talking about an exostenial threat, in which case he will be somewhat enthusiastic.

    Like in real life, Virus Totalitarianism will constantly rewrite facts, even doing so mid-sentence at times. In many cases, Virus Totalitarianism genuinely believes in the lies and contradictions he himself makes up.

    Virus Totalitarianism has no tolerance for dissent in others. Should any character contradict him or slight him in any way, Virus Totalitarianism will 'cancel' the offender and they will become unpersoned. Commenting on the disappearance of said individual/s will also result in being unpersoned.

    How to Draw 

    1. Draw a ball outline with black
    2. Fill ball in with a lighter shade of black (#202020).
    3. Draw a wite V-shape with white, cap off both ends with an arrow.
    4. Draw 2 (socially distanced) figures, also in white.
    5. Draw one football-shaped eye, add a pupil, and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 32,32,32 #202020
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF





    Further Information

    Department of Justice

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