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    The Villager System is an anarchist, market socialist, agrarian and culturally ambiguous political system used by the Villager NPCs in the video game Minecraft. It supports a non-hierarchical social system without central governance (albeit with kakistocratic elements), worker ownership of productive property, property norms based around occupancy and use and organisation around regional biomes, with dress and architecture in villages differing by biome.

    The Villager System follows a market economy based off the emerald standard. Infrastructure is often built in the worst places possible which makes traversing any village difficult, intended as a defense strategy to confuse and slow down invading zombies. Individual villages will not usually leave the confines and having no relations with members of other communities, but they don't have any problem trading with outsiders. Villages utilise Iron Golems as a means of protection, co-operatively building Golems that will altruistically defend their village from any invaders. The Villager System cannot be clearly defined as socially progressive or conservative due to the limited information provided in the game, but it is worth noting that distinct gender roles do not exist in Villager society.

    The presence of churches and priests in villages indicates heavy religious influence within their societies, although the exact nature of said religion is unknown.


    • Constantly trying to rip you off with deals like 22 emeralds for leather pants.
    • Constantly flaunting its eyebrows.
    • He hates being forced into a basement.
    • Will run in front of you while you're breaking stuff in hopes that you'll hit it and get killed by the iron golems.
    • Will have a seizure at the sight of a zombie and get killed by it because of that.
    • Entire village will eventually die because they're too stupid.
    • Mates with females that look like dudes.
    • Despite its gargantuan skull, is actually very dim.
    • "HRRRMMM"



    • Minecraftism - Without you we wouldn't be here.
    • Agrarian Anarchism - We tend to our crops and follow no governance.
    • Bioregionalism - Our culture is greatly shaped by our home biome.
    • Kakistocracy - The average villager is not very intelligent.
    • Luddism - Even if crafting and swords are better, we're staying with wooden houses and iron golems, thank you very much.
    • Market Anarchism - Market without a basement!
    • Anarcho-Pacifism -We close our arms as a sign of peace and refuse to open them even to work. Why has the job gotten harder since then?
    • Religious Anarchism - We can have churches without a state.
    • Mutualism - You're the closest real-world equivalent to our economy.
    • Anarcho-Distributism - Who has brought this mirror?(//)



    • Pillager System - You are absolutely evil. If only there was a person with functional arms who could save us!
    • Satirism - No moron we don't have stunted arms!Forget what we said above.
    • Social Darwinism - Stop saying our stupidity inevitably leads to our extinction! My glorious unibrow wards away all pains!
    • Gamerism - We are not going to work in your basement!
    • Propertarianism - Basement lover...
    • Avaritionism - Stop placing TNT around our villages and stealing our haybales!
    • Herobrine Occultism - OH NO! It's real!

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